Nokia Lumia 930 problems emerge


Modern day smartphones have become very complex devices as specifications and features improve all the time, but that’s not to say that sometimes these handsets don’t have any early teething problems as some Nokia Lumia 930 problems emerge.

The Nokia Lumia 930 has been reaching more regions but it seems as if some users are experiencing some early teething problems with the device. Some users on the WPC Forums have complained about having a purple hue on the display, but more worryingly there have been complaints of the handset getting very warm.

One user first noticed this during the set up process of the device but it continued while surfing the Internet or even sending a text message. More users have complained of the issue while others have stated it is no different from other Nokia Lumia smartphones.

There is a train of thought that the aluminium body is more noticeable when it starts to get warm when compared to plastic, and some have found a factory reset cures the problem. A firmware update is currently being pushed out to the Nokia Lumia 930 that could address battery drain and heat issues.

It seems that some users have not had any problems while others have but until more consumers get access to the device we won’t know how widespread the issue is.

Have you had issues with the Nokia Lumia 930?

Source: Windows Phone Central.


11 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 930 problems emerge”

  1. Bj Dinky says:

    Have had my 930 for 2 days now. Great camera (why I changed) having a bit of an issue with syncing email but prob something silly I’m doing. Also ph def heats up a lot more than any of my previous notes and blackberries. Should I be worried?

    1. Kevin Caldwell says:

      I think they were having syncing issues with Hotmail/outlook for the last week or so, as I had the same thing on my Lumia 920 with contacts and calendar not syncing correctly, and it happened when I got my Lumia 930 initially, but now it seems to have all be resolved =)

  2. Joseph says:

    I feel I have literally every problem possible with this phone. Battery drains like crazy on basic use such as internet browsing or pretty much whenever my screen is on. I.e. It drains up to 20% (or even more) per hour. As such, it overheats like crazy and I can really feel the burn on my palm. But the worst we last night when I unplugged my phone after charging at 100% and for some reason when I woke up 6 hrs later, it dropped to 4%. That’s insane. ON IDLE USE.

    I have also intermittently observed a purple hue on the screen.


    1. Kevin Caldwell says:

      Have you tried doing a hard reset? If it fails after then, it most likely is a hardware issue. My friend’s new Lumia 1020 did this when he first got it, and was acting very odd, however after a full reset it worked perfectly. Not sure why these things happen =/

  3. Michael says:

    Had my new Lumia 930 for 2 weeks and it drained its battery on Saturday and will not now turn back on, having to get a new one to replace it.

  4. Colin says:

    Dissapointed with my 930 as I can’t tx or email due to only being able to type one word then after the space nothing works not even delete. Please help before I go straight back to apple forever!!!

  5. chrisouth says:

    I purchased a brand new Nokia Lumia 930 from Singtel Singapore on a contract. The phone would heat up during normal use (making phone calls, checking email, browsing internet, etc..) after two weeks the screen starting showing signs of heat damage.

    I would have expected a nokia phone to have lasted longer than two weeks!?

    On the recommendation from the Singtel retail store I handed my phone into Nokia Singapore (Harbourfront) to be repaired under warranty. Although I would have really expected a replacement handset given that the phone was only 3 weeks old at this point. Apple seem to provide this service all through their warranty period.

    After three weeks and I was still waiting for my phone to be repaired. I tried calling the service center over 20 times, yes over 20 times and with no reply. I also tried calling Nokia support and it is so automated that there is no option to talk to a person regarding my service request or just in general (it has now been changed). I also tried re-visiting the service center where I dropped off the phone and it had closed down! With a note to call Nokia AKA the same I tried before which is (was) useless to a human being.

    When I did finally got hold of a Nokia rep over virtual chat, they were helpful in answering my questions and providing an update but with no real result. I was told that the service center are waiting on an important part to arrive but without a date when it might arrive.

    Well it’s now been over six weeks that Nokia Singapore has had my phone. Apparently the parts are still on their way and the delay is due to bulk shipping them… really? from where the moon???!

    The Nokia rep was pretty much useless (again). In that he couldn’t provide a timeframe or even escalate my call other than add a priority to the repair once the part(s) arrive, whenever that might be.

    According to Nokia’s own Limited Warranty, “During the warranty period, Manufacturer will, in a reasonable time, remedy the Defect free of charge by either repairing or replacing the defective Product or the defective part of it at its option provided that you have informed Manufacturer of the Defect before the warranty period expires.” Anyone with an iodate of common sense would determine that 6 weeks for a phone repair is beyond a “reasonable time”.

    Surely it must be cheaper to just provide a replacement phone than ship parts over to Singapore??

    I purchased this phone from Singtel and its just money wasted as far I’m concerned as what is the point on owning a phone without being able to use it?

    Nokia Service in Singapore is absolutely atrocious and non-functioning, compounded with an unannounced service center closure I don’t see a future for Nokia here.

    Also given my recent experience this will be the last Nokia phone I’ll be getting, back to HTC or even Samsung for me.

    The whole experience has been utterly frustrating.

    Shame on you Nokia!!

  6. ibeenlumied says:

    My 930 is one week old and i have 2 main issues. Firstly the heat issue and secondly. The tiles and background have changed colour to black in spite of me trying to change the theme. It allows me to change the theme in settings but when I go back to the main screen the start picture is just a black screen with the time and the tiles are still black with a white frame

  7. dar127307 . says:

    Contracted this Nokia Lumia 930 phone 01Feb2015, just over 2 months later after numerous problems like overheating, speaker phone did not work, very poor battery life, minimizing, vibrating, shutting off and having to wait until mobile cooled and try to restart I took it to place of purchase to be told the mobile would have to be sent off for assessment and the usual handbook of what could be causing problems – “water damage” – always a good comeback from mobile phone suppliers for anything and everything that is causing problems. Mobile came back with report main board replaced, performed software upgrade self test, network RF test, charging and battery current test, audio loopback test and camera photography test, phone finally QA tested to manufacturers specifications. Mobile continues to vibrate and shut down, heats up to a point that I can not hold in bare hand, battery life goes from 100% dropping to 84% after 30 minutes and that is happens when not in use. Very disappointed with this Nokia, would not recommend and will never get another Nokia when this current contract is up.

  8. Omgstfu! says:

    Got mine today, it doesn’t even turn on, microsoft home logo keeps on blinking, tried soft and hard reset still didn’t work.. Prolly phone is defective, sad, I’ve waited for it for 2 weeks >.< I think this phone's not for me 🙂

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