Nokia N Arc is the perfect N9 replacement


Despite now having new owner’s Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia has long had a hardcore set of fans that love the handsets they provide, even if the operating system has disappointed in the past. Today we have a Nokia N Arc design that is the perfect N9 replacement.

The Nokia N9 was a much loved handset among fans of the company which never got replaced with a Nokia N10, but today we have a concept design courtesy of Deviantart user Timblaer. The designer was a big fan of the Nokia N9 and with that in mind has created the design that you can see on this page.

It is called the Nokia N Arc and features a 4.95-inch 1080p touchscreen display with ClearBlack technology running MeeGo Harmattan 1.3, which is the replacement for the operating system that came with the Nokia N9.

Other features include a 21-megapixel rear camera that is capable of 4K video recording with Carl Zeiss lenses. As you can see the bezels surrounding the display are very small while the new OS has improved security with a swipe based UI.

Were you a fan of the Nokia N9?

Source: Deviantart via Concept Phones.


2 thoughts on “Nokia N Arc is the perfect N9 replacement”

  1. Chechi says:

    I always loved n9 and megoo and today as WP 8.1 user can say that Megoo is even today a ten years infront of any os on a market, Microsoft kill it just to put its own OS, but the thing is they was just scared what would be happen if they put a dual Core or today quad core proc. In Hartam Os. Lumia 800 vs n9, hartman is better in everyway..except in fluidness. N9 from today standarts is side by side with 920,925 and even 825, even by its dimensions 3.9inc it was just perfect and seriosly it was better than iphone 3gs.4,4s and n9 stands in front of 5, but its proc was to slow for that perfect operating system. Only problem was Bill and his killing devloper and store of megoo..just to open path for Wp. I was very sada in every way cause in a same day i bought N9 and Lumia 800 and seriously i was inlove with both phones, both OS even i was thinking to married with MeGoo,hahah, joking. In the end take hartman pr 1.2 and put it in any new Lumia hi end 920/925/930 even in HTC One or Samsung S3,s4,s5 and u will be see a new winner of the Wordl Os, while Wp and Android will be sinked like Titanic. MeGoo is so good, so revolutionary.
    I really hope that somebody going to take Hartman rights and just start from the day they stop development and u got the world winner with dual or quad core proc.

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