Nexus 5 problems since Android 4.4.4 update endure


It hasn’t been plain sailing for some since their LG Nexus 5 received the Android 4.4.4 KitKat update with problems seeming to endure, so as you can imagine we’ve received a lot of complaints from Nexus 5 users with email sync, lock ups, overheating, Wi-Fi issues, random freezing, and in some cases battery life drain.

There’s been select Nexus 5 problems before the current Android 4.4.4 OTA update, but now we’re hearing about new and existing issues after the update. Our readers have contacted us directly by email and within our comments in regard to problems they have since updating, so we listed a few of these below and we’d love to know if you’ve also experienced any of them.

One of our readers explained, “I’m facing many problems with the Android 4.4.4 KitKat update and hope Android L sorts these issues as soon as possible. On some days my phone won’t die all day after a full charge, then on others it will drain within 4 hours. The only solution I found was to pay for an external wireless charger dock, so my phone keeps charged everywhere I go”.


Another explains, “My Wi-Fi is locked into the off position and I don’t know how to fix it. I’m also seeing bad battery life and keyboard lag”. We’ve seen a number of other Nexus 5 issues being reported in forums with 3G/WiFi connectivity, random reboots, and lagging being the most common.

Please share a comment if you’re experiencing any of the Nexus 5 problems mentioned above after installing the Android 4.4.4 update? It is good to also remember there’s a lot of users enjoying this update and a recent review didn’t highlight any issues.


55 thoughts on “Nexus 5 problems since Android 4.4.4 update endure”

    1. Martin Lewis says:

      My Nexus has been excellent since day one December of 2013. Probably like you said conflicting apps; people need to spend more time learning the operating system and exploring the tools used to identify what is draining their battery or what could be using up all your data. My advice for people having problems is to look at what apps were installed before the problem started, and exploring the tools built into Android to fix the problems. Android 4.4.4. gives you a lot of insight into what apps are using which resources and when.

      1. dowdie says:

        Simple tweaks – Change from dalvik to art runtime (settings – developer mode) and you’ll get double the battery life. Run battery doctor for more savings.

  1. priyanka says:

    The battery drians down so fast, which was not the problem before the update. The software freezes many a times. WiFi doesn’t work properly. Waiting for the updates which can solve these issues.

    1. Martin Lewis says:

      Go to Play Music app/ click on Settings/ then click on equalizer, you can change your settings on the equalizer to get better and louder sound not just playing music but all throughout the phone.

  2. Charles M says:

    My Nexus 5 battery drains so fast, I sometimes have to charge it 2 or 3 times a day and sometimes the phone gets so hot, I have to put it down and let it cool off before I can use it again.

    1. Rose says:

      My nexus 4 phone battery life is non existant…dies out in 4 hours or less and it gets super hot. Very disappointed in KitKat 4.4.4.. Have tried factory reset but same battery drain. Have turned off wifi, bluetooth , location and screen brightness to a minimum. Thinking of dumping this for a phone with a decent battery life that allows you to have peace of mind that it won’t be dead in 4 hours

  3. Prashanth says:

    There’s some kinda issue with the dial pad in my mobile. Whenever i try to open it to enter a number it simply shows a white black screen. Am facing this problem after the recent update.

  4. Vikram Bajaj says:

    I don’t know what to do!
    This update has really ruined my battery life!Its draining at the rate of 1% every 2 minutes!Nothing except the WiFi is connected.Location is off,brightness is auto,data is turned off.
    I am also facing WiFi issues.Sometimes,it doesn’t connect,or shows up with orange bars(signalling a network issue,even though other devices at home connected without any issues).Sometimes, when I turn on the WiFi outside,my home WiFi still shows up as available,and nearby WiFi s don’t show up.
    I thought the update would fix issues, clearly I was wrong.

    1. Marty Despodov says:

      I also have have your wifi issue of a stuck list. I see my network outside, but actually the list refreshes when the phone catch up another wifi network.
      I really don’t see so much issues in my phone after 4.4.4, only little ones, related to the player, sometimes with apps crash even google ones, but very rare. But i really think the company must check the system processes, even surfing in the net causes the phone to overheat, as the battery loses much power. It could be a cyclic process.

  5. Ashwinms13 says:

    Solution to Battery Drain is simply to reset to factory settings… My batter used to be draining within 4 to 6h. But i didnt believe the Factory reset would work. But after the factory reset my battery last almost 2days with normal use…

  6. The Voice Of Raison says:

    Google maps crashes after 30 minutes use, unreliable wifi connection, dial pad not showing unless the relevant part is pressed three times, battery life is gradually getting worse, and the camera quality is degrading with each update, overall, I regret buying this phone as my old Galaxy S3 was way more reliable.

  7. georgewash says:

    Terrible battery drain for a few days. It would be 1/2 full I’d go back to it and the phone would be dead and unresponsive. No battery icon upon charging. I’d have to follow google advice re charging for an hour remove cable then reattach to get the battery icon. So battery must be well and truly mullered. Seems to be better now and battery lasts a day.

  8. Mitroi Vlad says:

    I don’t have these problems with my nexus….i just check battery stats when i see a drainage and close that app or just uninstall it…

  9. Meet says:

    I dont see any problem with the update.Strange that many are receiving problems.
    I checked the battery stats and also observed the battery life.Seriously i dont find
    Any difference .PS i have compared the battery life before and after the update genuinely

  10. AviEmails says:

    I not facing any kind of problems. My phone is installed may minimum no of external apps (other than which comes with default KitKat). May be some of apps might not be going well with the update.

  11. #stayparanoid says:

    Just man up and flash a custom ROM guys everything’s reversible if you want to sell it, its easy and quick and increases functionality performance and customizability to no end. Its what this phone was designed for what are you still doing on stock firmware lol

  12. aky says:

    random re starts, battery drains out in 2 to 3 hours i ve to plug it with my laptop all the time in office in order to use it especially where i ve no games, location is always off and brightness is always dimmest after all these issues i ve rebooted my device to factory shipping but even that doesnt help. i love my nexus but i am really pissed these days

  13. levi says:

    Android L developer preview solves the battery problem. If I forget to plug my phone in at night I still have charge in the morning. The sleep mode is much more efficient and when it reaches 15% it dramatically reduces performance so you can get an extra few hours. Android L is spot on but be wary that the dev preview has bugs of its own

  14. urvi says:

    Well, I purchased my device back in june, but I’ve been noticing this new glitch since a week, which might be the cause of kitkat 4.4.4. It takes forever, like a zillion years to charge the battery. On some days, it takes the usual time, but sometimes, even 6-7 hours are not enough for a full charge. Its quite annoying when you’re on the go and the phone won’t charge quickly.

  15. C Eismann says:

    My nexus 5 now has no battery life….drains halfway through the day with only minimal use, my data won’t work unless Im hooked onto my home WiFi and my email won’t sync. Also,I keep getting error messages that google+ has failed and then everything shuts down. This phone was awesome… Now it kinda stinks.

  16. peds4x4 says:

    No issues as described with mine. Had it one mnth. Immediately i put it on my wifi when new before adding my sim . it updated to 4.4.3 then 4.4.4 everything works fine for me.

  17. jj singh says:

    wifi issue is real, i am also facing this. wifi switch is fixed to off position. i am not able to turn it on or scann for wifi nearby signals.

  18. jennifer says:

    Nexus 5 update. I have experiencedmy phone freezing twice. One it randomly drained the battery and then after charging for several minutes was able to power up. Also completely froze and couldn’t even turn off. Called T-Mobile the support and using hardware keys was able to delete cache and reboot phone. Otherwise like the phone..its fast and does everything I need

  19. mathan says:

    Faced issues sometimes like phone get more heat if videos are played continuously.
    speaker has some issues sometimes audio doesn’t work. Not sure whether that is because of android update or not. But recently not facing audio issue in my nexus5. Looks like happen sometimes. Glad to hear advice on maintaining without issues.

  20. Martin Lewis says:

    Alot of these problems can be attributed to the apps installed on your phone. Even when you’re not using these apps (especially the free ones) they are constantly working in the background using your battery, heating your phone up and using your data. When you switch to wifi mode all of your apps go into extra data usage mode that they normally are not in on cellular. Also your phone case could be a lot of the problem with your devices getting so hot, and your battery draining so rapidly. The hotter the battery gets the less effective it becomes. Instead of trying to relate all your problems to the Nexus device or KitKat try examining the apps that you have installed or transferred from your last phone.

  21. Martin Lewis says:

    Also it would be wise to purchase a good anti virus and anti malware app. Personally I have been using AVG since I’ve had an Android (way back when Galaxy S2 was new) it’s only a one time payment and I’ve transferred it between three phones now. If you do have spyware or malware that could explain a lot of problems.

  22. GabeBrady says:

    Mass battery drain, takes forever to charge post 4.4.4 update. The Nexus 5 was the best phone I ever owned until this happened… What’s going on GOOG? I hope you’re not turning into MSFT, beta testing using the final product.

    1. Devroop Banerjee says:

      Yeah, I’m getting the heat up issue as well. My nexus 5 is heating up, draining the battery rapidly and the bluetooth slider won’t turn on.

  23. laura says:

    Only problem I have had so far is that apps refresh when you switch between them. For example, I go from a game such as candy crush to chrome then back to the game and it restarts the app therefore losing my progress. Never had this happen before. Same thing happens in chrome.. Go to a different app and the page refreshes when I go back. This becomes especially problematic when I am in a hurry with slow internet.

    1. laura says:

      Also forgot to mention: I’m seeing some glitchy things such as going from an app to the home screen and the home screen being blank and taking a few seconds to “load” all the icons/widgets

  24. Nexus 5 says:

    True, after updating with 4.4.4 my nexus 5 drains battery as fast as possible. Switch on 3G and see, you will be lucky enough if your phone battery lasts for 3 hours. More over, the problem of heating is increased.

    Hoping to get a new update that solves these issues, ASAP.

  25. Nexus 5 3G heat issue says:

    I have started using Nexus 5 on 3G recently and i have been encountering heating issues since then. As soon as i turn 3G on phone will start getting heat up and then due to that I face lagging issues too. Even games like Subway Surfer start to lag at times. I will be going to customer center to figure this out soon.

  26. Devroop Banerjee says:

    I have a terrible battery life. Ever since the Android 4.4.4 update, I have to charge my nexus 5 atleast twice everyday! Seriously annoying!!!! Also, my bluetooth doesnt work anymore. The slider moves to the on position and greys out and then moves back to the off position,

  27. a person with a nexus 5 4.4.4 says:

    My nexus 5 doesn’t change the ringer volume on home screen. If I go into another app like settings, I can fix it from there. Not a serious bug, but is very annoying.

  28. asta says:

    I have a nexus 5 and since the update I have had to charge it 2-3 times a day. Recently it started overheating when charging and won’t take the charge some of the time… When on “silent” or priority it still vibrates and that keeps me up at night so I have to have it on none… bugs the hell out of me!

  29. gourav says:

    Nexus 5 after update has shown it worst performance after paying so much yet I m not satisfied by it … Really google has to look after it even shown on service center dey r unable to fix it …

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