Moto G2 specs revealed as the Motorola XT1063 Benchmarks appear


The Moto G was an extremely popular device when it was released, and it most recently made a splash in India on FlipKart where it sold like hotcakes. We assumed Motorola had a successor in the works, and today we got our first look at what might be the Moto G2 specs thanks to a benchmark leak.

A device with the model number XT1063 has shown up on GFXbench, and it could very well be the follow-up to the Moto G. The Moto G2 specs show a handset that’s a little bigger than the Moto G, but everything else seems to be a mild refresh at best. The benchmarks show a 5-inch device with a 720p display, and a trusty Snapdragon 400 under the hood. You’ll have 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage as well and like the original, there’s no mention of an SD card slot.moto g2 specs

Aside from a bigger display, the thing that sets the Moto G2 specs apart from the Moto G is the camera. The original had a 5MP/1.3MP combo, but the XT1063 has kicked things up to an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front-facing snapper. We don’t know about the battery yet, but it will run Android 4.4.4 out of the box.

moto g2 specs

Obviously, nothing official has been confirmed so the XT1063 could be another low-end device from Motorola instead of a refresh of the Moto G. If the device shown turns out to be the Moto G2, it’s not much of an upgrade and you’re better off waiting to see what the Moto X+1 brings to the table.

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3 thoughts on “Moto G2 specs revealed as the Motorola XT1063 Benchmarks appear”

  1. Mike says:

    Moto G2 ABSOLUTELY needs to bump up the Battery 33-50%. Current one was poor to average battery life at best. All the other spec bumps are OK, but a 2800-3000 mah battery is the MOST IMPORTANT!

    1. Marc Perrusquia says:

      The moto g had really good battery life i have one as a running companion since i don’t want to damage my nexus 5 and it easily gets 5 hours of screen on time at full brightness.

      1. Mike says:

        Long lasting devices will go about 8-9 hours. 13-16 hours normal usage. My HTC One lasts about 14 hours. I can leave for work at 4am and not put back on the charger til 6pm. The NEW G will definitely need a bigger battery. Motorola can use the same battery as it’s MAXX devices.
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