Amazon Fire Phone review gives mixed picture


After many moons of rumors an Amazon smartphone was recently launched. The Amazon Fire Phone has recently arrived for sale, and as well as having decent specs it also has some interesting features. Today we have an Amazon Fire Phone review that will give you a good idea of what it offers.

We previously gave full specs of the Fire Phone in our launch article on it here, and if you want to see availability and price details on Amazon and AT&T you can see those here. The review of the Fire Phone that you can view at the bottom of this story comes from Pocketnow, and it gives a great overall perspective on Amazon’s first smartphone.

The YouTube video review begins with looking at the hardware before moving on to the software including the Dynamic Perspective 3D UI feature, which uses four cameras to give a 3D effect. This may be a gimmick but it’s described by the reviewer as, “the best handheld 3D effect we’ve ever seen.”

Amazon Fire Phone review

The Amazon Appstore is also discussed, although this is a little lacking when compared to the Google Play Store, and there’s also a look at Amazon’s Firefly app. The review moves on to cover the camera, voice calling, network coverage, gaming, and battery life.

Overall, although the phone is seen as “predictable,” the interface gets a real thumbs-up. The ecosystem is seen as a real stumbling block though, along with the price. Ultimately it’s felt that although the phone could be a good buy for a select few users, most buyers would be better off by choosing a major platform handset.

Have you been thinking of purchasing the Amazon Fire Phone? If so, are you still considering it after you’ve watched the review video below?


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  1. Mombassa Ridge says:

    I love my Fire phone. Easy to use, does everything my old Galaxy did and several things are better. Only one app I really wanted isn’t on the Amazon store, but turns out a different one is even better. Within 4 days, the banking and photo edit apps I had used with Google appeared on the Amazon app store after I got my Fire phone. Firefly does so much more than mere shopping for people who bother to get creative with it. The camera has a lenticular option to take your own photos with dynamic perspective – practice has given some cool results. Action shots are super easy and require no extra steps. The phone connects with Ford Sync with zero glitches as well and there are several built in functions that I no longer have to have apps for at all. World clock and weather for example.

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