eBay apps not working, site down in UK


Right now eBay is down across most of the UK and around Europe, it looks like the Android and iPhone apps are also not working. There hasn’t been any official confirmation, but we’re seeing a massive number of reports from users of the auction site and this could be one of eBay’s biggest outages in some time.

On the likes of Facebook and Twitter, you can see a hundreds of comments every second reporting that eBay is down today. The exact problems haven’t been confirmed, although we tested the popular app platforms and couldn’t sign in to eBay.

What was strange is the fact we had no issues at all with the online website, although it is clear a lot of people are seeing the eBay website as offline today.

This story is developing and we will have more in the coming hours.

Update: The official eBay support Twitter account has confirmed the problems with apps and their website, but at this time they don’t know exactly why there’s an outage. You can see the official tweet below.

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5 thoughts on “eBay apps not working, site down in UK”

  1. Michelle N Daisy Cantillon says:

    ebay been down for 3hrs or more… finally got on it and checked the notices

    12 August, 2014 | 10:16AM BST


    Due to a technical issue, some eBay customers may notice a problem with key areas of the eBay site . We’re working to solve this problem and apologise for any inconvenience. Please try to complete your transaction at a later time.


    The eBay Team

    1. Petale says:

      my items were finishing in the midst of this- I could not access my ebay – and still cannot been down for 5 hours. Yet my inbox states I have sold items – how can this be I had lots of watchers and they could not place bids

      1. Michelle N Daisy Cantillon says:

        my items ok, only listed at weekend and on for 10days but i have missed out on an item i was watching that i may have bidded on if the price wasnt too high… ebay said technical issue -that was 10.15am uk time, it was down for at least an hour before this, latest update about 1,30pm uk time said all ok, i managed to get on about 12.30pm uk tme

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