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Every now and then there’s an app that attracts a lot of interest and one of those at the moment is Godus by DeNA Corp. This games sees its players acting as GOD, enabling users to sculpt the worlds, inspire their followers, discover new peoples and lands, and use incredible powers. It has proved hugely popular but at the moment there’s a Godus game for iOS without an Android release.

One thing we hear time and time again from readers regards the amount of apps that arrive for iOS device users while Android users have to wait. Once again this has happened with the Godus game for iOS, and it’s worth noting that it’s also available on Steam. Godus will come to more users in time but unfortunately there’s still no official Godus Android release date, so please don’t be caught out by hoax apps.

Product Reviews points out that if you head to Google Play you’ll see there are a number of different Godus apps, that look as though they could be official. These include guides with tips and strategies and one that is actually called “Godus 3D game.” However, user comments and ratings on the app description make it quite clear that this is not the real deal.

Godus app for iOS b

In the meantime if you want to check out more about the game or download the Godus game for iOS, head to iTunes here. This is a free app compatible with iPhone and iPad running iOS 7 or later, and its popularity is evident as it has an exceptionally high customer rating.

Do you like the look of the Godus game? Perhaps you’re one of the many device owners frustrated at the current lack of an Android Godus app? Drop us your comments in the box below.


4 thoughts on “Godus game for iOS without Android release”

  1. Typical, no development for android, I was looking forward to playing this on my channel with my subscribers, I followed it since the mention by Peter and all that anticipation for nothing…yet.

    1. You’d think that the new Nvidia shield would place android on the development books as that is the best gaming tablet so far but no, developers ignore this OS, I can’t blame them because Android has its faults:
      When you uninstall an app, the data doesn’t delete alongside it, the user has to manually delete it, I cleared 3.50GB of old data last night.
      Another thing is overtime the system gets slow and your device seems outdated with the new games, however this isn’t actually the case and the device needs some space cleared.

  2. md sadiq says:

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  3. coolguy says:

    I have an android. If they already have it on ios then why can’t they just simply add it to android or windows? it is just stupid. I still love the gameplay vids though…

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