iPhone 5 recall, iOS 8 battery drain and iPad woes


These will be an exciting few weeks for Apple device enthusiasts and now that we have entered the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 release month, we thought an article looking at recent developments would highlight some of the news our readers might have missed. This includes claims of iOS 8 battery drain, Apple’s confirmation of an iPhone 5 battery recall and new iPad battery life concerns.

There have been complaints highlighted about various issues for some time. One of the problems we hear about most from our readers’ concerns battery life on their devices, and this is something that crops up time and time again. A few days ago we told how Apple has opened its iPhone 5 recall program for battery replacement after acknowledging that some units were supplied with faulty batteries. There has been a long-running saga about battery drain for the iPhone 5 so owners of this handset will be pleased to know that something is finally being done.

Many will be hoping that battery life problems on various iOS devices will finally be fixed when the iOS 8 public release arrives. At the moment the next major upgrade to the mobile operating system is still in the beta stages for developers, and recently we discussed mentions of battery drain in iOS 8 beta. A look around various forums finds plenty of mentions about iOS 8 beta 5 and the severe battery drain that some users are noticing, even when features that may be particularly ‘draining’ are turned off.

This will be a concern to the many people hoping that these problems would be fixed once and for all, but of course we should remember that this is not the final build of iOS 8. Recently we’ve also seen a growing number of reports from iPad users about battery drain on their tablets. We’ve embedded a couple of tweets within this article from iPad owners who are a little concerned about battery life on their devices.

The iPhone 6 is expected to be unveiled at an Apple event on September 9th, and that’s when we also anticipate that the iOS 8 Gold Master release will be ready for developers. It’s then likely that iOS 8 will be available for end users just before the iPhone 6 release, expected later in September. We can only hope that problems with battery life on iOS devices and the new iPhone for 2014, is not something that rears its ugly head again once the final build of iOS 8 arrives.

Are you an iPhone or iPad user who is still being plagued with battery life problems for your device? Are you counting on Apple finally fixing these issues with the release of iOS 8? Send your comments to let us know.


4 thoughts on “iPhone 5 recall, iOS 8 battery drain and iPad woes”

  1. Martyn says:

    If ios 8 doesn’t solve the battery drain issue, I’m done with Apple. Love the design and image but just as important to all users is the experience of using the phone. At the moment Apple are saying we can make a great looking phone but it wont work properly. Samsung has double the battery usage of the Apple 5S, so its not impossible. Apple stop promising great phones with lousy user experience. Get your act together or lose business! Simples!

    1. matt says:

      here you are complaining about apple iPhones not working properly. you do realize that a majority of android phones. even ones made by samsung GET NO SOFTWARE UPDATES AT ALL. if your phone is AN LG or a phone thats maybe a year or two old you CAN FORGET ABOUT EVER GETTING SOFTWARE UPDATES FROM ANDROID.

      the iPhone 4 has had 25 something software updates in the last 3 years. LG PROMISES ONLY 1 MAYBE 2 updates. and if an android update does come out, you can either ROOT the device or WAIT for your carrier to release an update. if they ever will.

      I’m running iOS 8 beta. its very beta. heh

      everyone loves android and hates apple. yet android’s security is a joke and is no better then windows xp running internet explorer.

  2. Hockey67 says:

    Made an appointment online. Followed directions to turn off Find My Phone and wipe all information from the phone. Got to the store just to find out they don’t have any batteries and was asked to make another appointment! No solution, no apology, no sympathy.

    Apple got too complacent, no respect for customers anymore. I’m getting my new battery and switching to Android when my cell contract ends in 3 months.

    Wiping the phone is not necessary for this process.

    1. matt says:

      i’d be careful about that. wiping your android phone DOES NOTHING. if you don’t encrypt your phone and you lose your android phone you are screwed and anybody can steal your data.
      if the android phone is not encrypted, erasing the phone securely can take 2-4 hours.
      this is a serious flaw with android. add to that the fake apps and trojans and issues with app permissions with android. if i were you i would wait to see what the iPhone 6 looks like before jumping the gun and getting an android phone. only to regret it later.

      wiping an iPhone is secure. there is no way to get back anything after you wipe an iPhone because iPhones feature hardware encryption.

      to be fair and unbiased. i went to the apple store this week to replace my iPhone. i bent some pins trying to get a piece of rice out of the lightning port! i have a $50 deductible from square trade. they offered to next day me a new iPhone but i went to the store. since my iPhone is a 64 gig verizon model no one had any in stock. so i have to come back in a couple days. they want $269 for the replacement minus the $50 deductible. i was just about to turn off find my iPhone when the genius guy said to come back haha

      i think square trade offered to pay the apple store directly but i haven’t looked into that part yet

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