Fire Phone AT&T price drop before iPhone 6 launch


Earlier today we told you about Amazon’s plans to expand the reach of the Fire Phone. Turns out, that wasn’t all the company had planned as a Fire Phone price drop has been announced one day before the iPhone 6 launch date.

Amazon has done well for themselves in the gadget world with the original Kindle and its next-gen counterparts. Many were surprised when the with the price of the device, but a Fire Phone price drop has brought things down to a more manageable level. The Fire Phone price with AT&T Next is now just $0.99 with a new 2-year service agreement. Think Amazon is trying to get out ahead of the iPhone 6 launch date?

The Fire Phone price drop is as much of a surprise as the price on the handset was when it was released this summer. It’s a little early for a sale considering the device is only a few months old, and it adds fuel to the fire that the Amazon Fire Phone hasn’t sold very well. Putting the smartphone out as an exclusive certainly didn’t help, but the drastic price cut on Fire Phone price with AT&T Next should help to move a few units.

Amazon’s smartphone is a nifty idea, but the timing and pricing are all wrong. The handset has respectable specs and the 4-camera 3D effect, but the iPhone 6 launch date looming has to be on their minds. That, and all those new devices that were shown off at IFA 2014 last week.

Do you think that the Fire Phone price drop will be enough to attract new customers or is it too little too late considering the iPhone 6 launch date?



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