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We’re now only 5 days away until the release of the iPhone 6, and many people have already pre-ordered this smartphone. Some will also be thinking of how to protect it and may be considering iPhone 6 accessories. With that in mind we have some information about a BuQu Tech iPhone 6 battery case.

The PowerArmour Battery Case for iPhone 6 from BuQu Tech is not yet available, but interested buyers can now register to receive an email notification when it becomes available. The price is $79.95, which some may initially feel is a lot to protect their new iPhone. However, when you consider the price of the iPhone 6 it’s worth some extra investment to keep it at its best, and of course this case also has an added benefit.

This battery case has a 2500 mAh battery that will double the running time for your iPhone 6. As the new iPhone doesn’t have a removable battery this kind of case can be a good option so that you don’t have to worry about running out of battery life at inopportune moments. The case also has a power saving on/off switch to conserve the battery and an LED fuel gauge so that you can easily see how much battery power you have left.

iPhone 6 battery case b

The case has a lightweight unibody shell with superior protection for your handset, and it offers easy access to all function buttons. It features a slide-lock connector for an easy secure fit. In the box you’ll also get a microUSB cable for charging as well as an audio adapter cable. You can see more about the phone or register for availability at this BuQu product page.

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