Candy Crush problems persist, app fix required


There’s no doubt that the Candy Crush Saga game has taken the world by storm, with millions of fans always eager to reach the next level. However, at the end of August we reported on some problems we had encountered after an update, and looking at the App Store and Google Play we soon discovered that many other players were also affected. Today we’re discussing persisting Candy Crush problems and how a fix is required.

The issues that many players have been encountering with the iOS and Android Candy Crush apps, mostly revolve around Facebook login, either continuously being asked to login or not being able to log in at all. This also affects players who don’t even have a Facebook account. After we first wrote about these Candy Crush problems it soon became evident that we were certainly not alone. We received many comments and emails from readers to say they were having similar difficulties with the game.

We hoped that the issues would be solved with a swift update, but both the iOS and Android apps have both been updated since. Although the problems were were noticing on our iOS version of the game seem to have been resolved, we are still noting comments from readers within the last few days who continue to face glitches.

For example two days ago one reader said, “I’m in the same boat as all the other players. Am surprised with so many negative comments that the producers of the game haven’t got the curtesy (sic) to give us an update as to what they are doing to rectify the problem. Will never join facebook so that will be it for me.”

Candy Crush problems persist

Another commenter wrote, “Can’t get the daily booster wheel as it keeps saying connection failed your FB session has expired BUT IV NEVER BEEN ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrggggg!!!!!!!!!” Another reader two days ago said, “So annoying. Haven’t been able to play for a week now. Keeps saying ‘cannot connect to store’ Needs to get fixed or deleting.”

It’s obvious then that these issues are causing plenty of frustration. Looking at user reviews on the Google Play Store also shows recent comments about issues with Candy Crush. For instance only today one player wrote, “Another update and STILL no Facebook fix… It’s obvious that it’s a problem devs and tons of people have spent a good amount of money and now we all can’t play!! It’s really kind of pathetic…”. Yet another said, “Fix the fb Love the game but can’t play cause for over a month the updates won’t let me connect to Facebook if its not fixed soon I will just delete the app.”

It’s clear that not everybody is still having problems with the apps. However, as it’s obvious that these issues have still not been fixed for some, we would have expected the developers King to have got to the bottom of it by now. We’d like to hear from readers who have noticed Candy Crush app difficulties themselves.

What is the nature of your problem with the game, and are you using the Android or the iOS version? How do you feel about the Candy Crush Saga issues still not being fixed? Send your comments to let us know.


196 thoughts on “Candy Crush problems persist, app fix required”

  1. Steve Lloyd says:

    My problem is on the play page i cant send lives to (send to all) i click on the button it turns grey but nothing is sent, consequently my friends are not sending me lives. I’ve googled to find a remedy, but can’t find anything relating to this problem. I have deleted the game and reinstalled but the problem still persists’ Can anyone suggest what i shoud do.

  2. Paul says:

    I can’t connect to store or spin the wheel. I’m an iOS user. No FB account and will never get one. I’m at level 651 and would be dissapointed if I had to delete this game because of some idiotic facebook issue. Is King aware of this problem?

  3. Lucy says:

    I am on an android device (Kindle fire HD). When I try to spin the wheel it tells me that my Facebook connection has failed. I’m not connected with Facebook and don’t plan to be ever. When it tries to contact the store it also always fails. I was up pretty high and started having issues with it so I just deleted and reinstalled (not a big deal to me because no one else knows where I’m at). Then I started having these issues. This morning it showed it had been updated but nothing is different.

  4. MaggieMae says:

    I HAVE NEVER posted on any discussion boards so the fact that I am should tell you how mad I am about this issue. I have spent a good amount of money. I don’t have facebook and NEVER will. I can’t believe that King has not rectified this issue. If it has to do with facebook then, if I were King, I would remove my association with facebook and call it day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bamadog says:

    I use Android and my phone will only load via FB if I’m on wifi. Once I move over to 4G/LTE, it will not connect via FB. I tried wifi-ing to ANOTHER 4G phone via tethering and that did not work either. It must be a true wifi source for me to connect my phone to CC via FB. It’s pretty frustrating also that the worlds on actual FB and my phone aren’t the same. By the time an update happens on my phone app, I have already passed that level on my PC. Hopefully they’ll fix soon.

    1. Greg says:

      I am having the same problem with you, My Facebook only connects when I am at home near my wifi, but away it keeps saying Failed, I been experiencing this for the past week now.

  6. Loucat2 says:

    I play on my iPad and have never played through Facebook. I haven’t been able to use the wheel for over a week or connect to the store. So frustrating!

  7. Frustrated says:

    Unable to get my daily boost, it keeps saying login to Facebook failed but I have never used Facebook. And if I fail the level, it won’t connect to the app store to give me the option to use the gold bars to continue playing.

  8. steveinpa says:

    Facebook issue was resolved with the last update, but my wife who is not on facebook can’t buy lives or entry to the next saga and can’t spin the wheel. She gets the same message as everyone else with the problem. Can’t connect to the store.

    1. Mishka says:

      If your wife is playing on iPad she doesn’t have to buy lives. It is so easy to have indefinite lives.
      Go to ‘general’ set the date 1 day ahead, go back to game you will see 5 lives. Important DO NOT play, go back to general put the date back and then PLAY. To play next episode if she can’t buy the ticket, finish all 3 mystery guests and this will enable her to pass it.
      Still no purchase can be made anymore. 🙁 s.

  9. Bones says:

    Exact same problems on iPad ….
    Failed to connect – both the APP and King in not fixing these problems
    2.5 weeks
    Beginning to think King took all the $ from IPO and ran.

  10. Christelle says:

    My issue as many is Candy Crush continuously failing to connect with
    Facebook on my Samsung Android phone!!!! I re-installed the app and now
    it brought me back to stage 1 instead of 383!!! Went back to my
    Facebook account and allowed the app to be sent to my phone and still,
    CCS failed to Connect to Facebook at this time. Now I am stuck on Stage 1
    on my phone!!!!!! 🙁 …smh

  11. Annoyed says:

    I play on my iPhone, have played, with no issues. However, on my Kindle I’ve played to level 311 and for the last week can’t get my daily spin. Says, “connection failed…your Facebook session has expired”. I don’t use FB. Never have. So annoying!!

  12. taz says:

    I’m at level 425 and can’t move on to the next episode. And when I’ve tried to buy in-game boosters during the past two weeks, it says “failed to contact store.” I don’t go through Facebook to play Candy Crush and I never will. I will delete the app if this persists.

  13. devgayle says:

    I’m just on level 102. I have.MS and my hands shake alot but I really enjoy playing the game. For the last week or so I have been getting the same run around error message that won’t allow me to access the daily booster wheel. It tells me that my Facebook session has expired. I don’t use Facebook to access the game. My daughter uses another version of Candy Crush Saga on her smart phone and she has never even seen the daily bonus booster wheel. So— what’s up with these 2 issues and when will they be fixed???? And will anyone even bother to notify us? Very, very frustrating to say at the least……..

  14. karen says:

    i play on my kindle fire, i’m on level 652, been getting the “unable to connect to store” message and “facebook session has expired” message for the last few weeks – i’ve never connected/played on facebook! it’s so annoying and surely from king’s point of view they are losing revenue! fix it please.

    1. Mishka says:

      They ( King etc) are not losing anything , they already have billions and do not need my £ 0.69 for the ticket or boosters £ 1.49 or 1.99 . Still shame on them. Have they done it straight from the begining it would have been, a kind of ok, but at this stage of the game ( I am level 650 reality Nd 382 Dreamworld) it is very unfair 🙁 s.

  15. Geralbc says:

    Just downloaded latest update, still cant spin the booster wheel, keeps telling me my facebook session has “expired”, but i have never connected to fb, nor i ever want to connect through fb! Its getting annoying.

    1. Mishka says:

      You will never be able to do what you used to do, spin the wheel or be able to’make any purchases unless you open FB acc, what will, by the way , bring you straight to level 1 !!
      Annoying and even more as I ‘ve never read anywhere a single word from King , not explanation let alone apology.
      Sending them a mail is pointless as you get automatic reply which has nothing to do with the issue. I need their phone number or adrdress where I could go and speak to somebody 🙁 s.

  16. Mishka says:

    Finished level 650 but can’t pass it because I can not be connected to uTunes store to buy the ticket. Obviously not playing on FB and obviously King is forcing me to open FB account. Does he have a right, according to the law, to do something like that. Very frustrating I’ve spend a lot of money and time and now I can’t play at all 🙁 s.

    1. karen says:

      i got passed 650 by playing the “quests” they were actually easy ones but of course took 3 days to complete. i would normally have just paid for the ticket, so again king lost my money. i know it’s only 59p but king got rich of all our collective “59p’s”, how dare they change the rules now!

      1. Mishka says:

        Thank you Karen. I have started playing mystery guests, passed first game but now I am stuck. Not easy without boosters or extra moves. Hopefuly I will eventually pass it. Still frustrating, 650 in reality and 380 dreamworld – I am forced to play some ‘mystery guests’ !! Silly and sad at the same time. 🙁 s.

      2. Mishka says:

        I’ve done it Karen ! Playing level 651 OMG !
        Still it is difficult way ahead as I can’t make any purchase which means I really have to pass every level without any help. It does not make me feel better knowing that King is actually saving my money 🙂 s.

  17. tilly says:

    It will not let me into the kingdom only if I go Wi-Fi which I have never had to before since I have internet on my phone.. so weird and annoying. I’m on level 461 I will be pisses if something happens.

    1. Mishka says:

      Can’t help you Tilly as I’ve always played it on iPad but I know how you feel.
      I wish if King could explain why they messed up things now. But no word from them so far. Unacceptable. 🙁 s.

  18. Gabriele irwin says:

    I have the same problem. Updated last week and since then cannot spin the wheel or buy extra moves. I have been playing on my iPad all along and have never connected to FB. I am on level 519 and it is beginning to look as this may be the end for me.

    1. Mishka says:

      It is not exactly the end you can still play but without any boosters unfortunately meaning that it will take ages to pass the level and very frustrating too. I am level 652 , can’t pass it. The other day I needed one more jelly to destroy and normally I will buy hammer. Basically if we want to play we have to get used to this – no more boosters.
      Very unfair, but you are not the only one, read comments below. 🙁 s.

  19. Sunnyr36 says:

    I don’t get the daily booster wheel anymore. It suddenly stopped loading and told me I had to reconnect to Facebook, but I have never logged onto Facebook and played candy crush. I then installed the 9/20 update and now the daily booster wheel is completely gone.

  20. skutchinski says:

    I’ve been playing on my android device for a year and a half now, making it to levels 665 in the regular game and 363 in dreamworld. Im experiencing the same issues with facebook connection error even though I’ve never connected to FB with the game before and refuse to do so now. Whats worse is I’ve got gold bars that I paid for but can’t use to purchase boosters because doing the trade just gets me a FAILED TO CONNECT TO STORE error! If the bars are technically already in my “bank”, why require a connection to the store AT ALL just to trade those in for boosters! Seems like in game programing should be able to handle this and require a store connection ONLY when real money is being spent. I now have 40 WORTHLESS gold bars that i cant use because of these new updates and shitty programming!

    1. Mishka says:

      You are absolutely right, everything you said is ‘spot on’.
      But does it change anything – NO !
      Where is the King with any sort of explanation n- NOWHERE !
      Does he read our comments – I bet he does.
      I am 652 reality and 382 Dreamworld . I can live without booster wheel or gold bars ( I have 32 which I can’t use ) but it is hard without any boosters like extra moves or lollypop hammer when you need one more move only or one more jelly to destroy , specially in levels described as ‘insanely hard’.
      The question is : why this has all happened and why doesn’t King let us simply enjoy in playing ?
      On the other hand there are 2 similar games : Cookie jam and Panda pop so I think we should move over there and say goodbye to nasty King. 🙁 s.

  21. BigC says:

    I am not on Facebook and will not ever be and have not been able to connect to store or use the free spin wheel for weeks. I am on the 2nd to the last episodes in both the regular game and dreamworld and I agree with other readers it is no fun not getting the free spin or being able to use the gold bars. Will this ever be fixed for non Facebook users, I wish I could find out so I can’t decide if I should quit. The good thing is I can’t spend any money!! I play on my Ipad

    1. Mishka says:

      Looks like it will never be fixed.
      I think it is not the matter of fixing it . It is what King has decided. the question is WHY ?
      It is true we can’t spend any money but it is very frustrating when you are down to 1 jelly and have no other choice then press ‘end the game’
      It is also true that every level can be passed without boosters though it is boring playing the same level for weeks or even months on end. 🙁 s.

  22. Mishka says:

    Strange, for several days booster wheel vanished.
    It is back again but sadly not working for non FB players.
    What is the point for bringing it back ?? 🙁 s.

  23. Nonplume says:

    I play candy crush on an iPad retina, and an iPad mini air both now on ios8. Yesterday (24/09) I lost the ability to connect to store and get my daily boost on my std iPad but can still do so on my mini air ipad. I upgraded the iOS this week. I also got a Facebook message but I don’t have an account and don’t want one.

  24. Casual game player says:

    Frankly this glitch almost looks like sabotage since the game was working on my Kindle Fire perfectly before. It’s costing King money because I can’t access the store. I am losing interest and I know that I’m not alone. Time to give this stupid mess the boot and go play something else.

    1. Mishka says:

      iPhone, iPad or whatever, if you are not on FB – that is it !
      The end of boosters or Candy Crush alltogether. The choice is yours.
      Help is not coming. At the very beginning I was hoping the problem will be sorted out. Now I know ; for us, players it is a problem, for King it it the decision.
      Why did he do it we may never find out. 🙁 s.

  25. Scully says:

    I haven’t been able to play candy crush for several weeks, ever since I needed to buy a new episode and couldn’t connect to the store. The booster wheel doesn’t work and I can’t buy a new episode. I don’t go through FB and I never will. I’ll delete the app in another week if the problem hasn’t been resolved. The game takes up nearly 1 GB of memory on my iPad. I’m level 429 so I’ve put a lot of time and money into candy crush in the past but this isn’t worth the bother. I’m losing my addiction to candy crush.

    1. Mishka says:

      Read what I said Erica to do . At the moment that is the only way to get to the new episode as you are unable to buy the ticket. At least you can carry on playing but without any hoosters 🙁 s.

  26. Erika says:

    Same problem my mom is having…she never has used FB and can’t spin wheel, make any purchases or connect to store at all… when she reaches next episode she won’t be able to pay to continue.. Is there ever going to be a fix for this, as I’ve seen cc updates since then but none of them has fixed this issue…:/

    1. Mishka says:

      Read Paul’s comment it looks like they will fix it.
      In case they do not, when your mom reaches new episode all she needs to do is to play mystery guests, finish all 3 games and fairy will take her to the next episode. That’s how I did it.

  27. Paul says:

    I’ve got the same problems as most on this forum. I came across this message from one of the moderators on the King website forum. Here’s a copy or go to the King website forum.

    Hi Candy Crushers,

    I am really sorry that these issues have not yet been resolved and I can understand your frustration.

    as you are aware, an update to the mobile game app caused a lot of
    issues and the fix to resolve these problems is taking longer than we
    initially expected. I can assure you that the relevant teams are working
    hard on a further update that will resolve what has happened.

    expectation now, is that the issue will take at least a few weeks to
    resolve. Unfortunately I cannot provide you with a more specific
    timescale at the moment.

    Further information will be available on the forum as soon as we have it.

    For the moment I can only apologise and say thank you for your patience and understanding.

    1. Mishka says:

      That is relief only if we can trust them. It took them one second to make this mess so why is it taking so long to fix it ! It’s been more than month 🙁 s.

      1. Paul says:

        The way i see it is that King is in a disadvantage of losing tons of money from non-facebook users. I’m at level 655 and have spent lots of money getting to that point, as I’m sure many other players have as well. So the only mystery to me is why there’s so little info given in regards to developing a solution.

          1. Mishka says:

            We are at the same boat Paul, I am stuck for weeks , reality 655 and dreamworld 382 . I have already spent a lot of money and would have spent on these two levels definitely more, so in a way there are some positives out of that bad thing 🙁 s.

          2. Mishka says:

            You are not the only one.
            I wisit SagaWiki pages. There’re are more than 300 comments ( never seen that number of people complaining) . Also levels are described as
            – con hard
            – hard
            – very hard
            – insanely hard
            Level 655 has label ‘insanely impossible ‘
            That says it all. 🙁 s.

          3. karen says:

            hi mishka, been following this thread since we talked 9 days ago,
            thanks for keeping it going,
            still no change i see 🙁
            i’m also stuck on the dreaded 655,
            getting absolutely nowhere with it, not sure i will be able to beat this one even with boosters, gold bars , free spins anything! it’s evil x

          4. Mishka says:

            Hi Karen, agree with you upon everything.
            Boosters don’t seem to help at this level unless, that happened to me only once, I needed the last combo to make and I did have 2 striped next to each other all I needed was 1 move and would have bought it for £ 0.69 so would have passed this nightmare, but couldn’t make purcharse.
            Tried trillion times but that sort of chance came only once.
            There is nothing I can do but wait for crazy lucky board. 🙁 s.

  28. Mishka says:

    Read that message, apparently from somebody called ‘garethm…’ ?? which was posted on King forum 19 September.
    So 10 days later – nothing has been fixed.
    How do we know that is from developers of the game or is somebody just having a laugh ?
    Latter is more likely 🙁 s.

  29. Mishka says:

    WOW ! Now there is a new message on booster wheel, gold bars or boosters. It says “no internet connection was found ” ?? My internet is working fine.
    Before, r ember, message was ‘ failed to contact the store’.
    Does it mean that King is working on that. If so, he should try harder 🙁 s.

  30. Hedda says:

    Same problem. I use an ipad, have never been on Facebook and don’t plan to be. If King wanted to change the rules they should have notified us WELL in advance. They won’t even let me connect to AppStore. If they don’t remedy this problem soon I’m afraid it’s bye-bye Candy Crush.

  31. Gabriele says:

    I complained more than week ago and still nothing has changed. Cannot connect to store or use my gold bars. I am so annoyed that I either want my money back for the bars I have purchased or the flaw to be fixed. I realized how angry I am and how ripped off I feel for them letting me spend money on gold bars and then cutting off my access to them that this game gas run it’s course. Playing a game should be fun and not aggravation. Done with this.

    1. Mishka says:

      Apparently they are fixing it, read Paul’s comment.
      I don’t know why but something tells me that is not going to happen. It is taking them too long……:( s.

  32. Sezzy says:

    If not resolved within 48 hours anyone who has spent should receive a refund. We have spent money and the comoany does not deliver, if it were a shop you could get a refund.

  33. amarr says:

    Have just become a victim of the candy crush problem. After 245 levels, CC will not let me continue, claiming that my “connection” failed. Also haven’t had the daily booster wheel. Claims I have to sign into Facebook for this, which I refuse to do. After all the money I have spent on this game, it’s disappointing that the company won’t, or isn’t able to, solve this problem. Don’t they want my business?
    This has happened on both my iPad and iPhone.

    1. Mishka says:

      They don’t want to fix it and they don’t want your business.!
      How disappointing it is for me , can you imagine, being at level 655 .
      How much money, do you think, I’ve spent.
      Absolutely disgusting.m 🙁 s.

  34. Ddfinlay says:

    Exactly the same for me I have never connected my game with stupid face book it’s there to contact long distance family not to play games! just before I updated my iOS which was only on Sunday it came up your face book session has expired I thought maybe it’s because I hadn’t done the update! I’ve tried everything can’t connect to the App Store either absolutely disgusted at level 500 total waste of time also emailing them waste of time can’t even use the free gold bars they gave me, so many other people have made the mistake and connected with face book and lost the lot back at level 1! Bad move KING

  35. Really?! says:

    I just got my iphone6. Hmm. Upgraded to IOS8.0.2 and now my candy crush cannot connect to store. My gold bars show balance of zero. Not so. Frustrated. .

  36. paul says:

    I’m in the same boat with all of you and I suggest you all post your frustrations on the King forum, I just finished posting my frustration there and I think if they start getting hundreds of complaints it can only work to our advantage and force them to at least be more forthcoming with a solution.

    1. Mishka says:

      Comments, complaints, King forum, Wikia pages , mails – nothing seems to be working !
      We need to confront them , face to face , the question is HOW ? 🙁 s.

  37. Dave says:

    I continue to play and make progress, however, I still cannot connect to the “store” and get “helpers”. I have Adroid 4.4.4 running on original Nexus 7. I’m not happy and will not load any other King app.

  38. Mishka says:

    Apparently recent change has been made to level 655 to make it easier, jellies can drop through holes and number of moves extended to 50 .
    Not on my iPad 🙁 s.

    1. karen says:

      yeah 🙂 completed it yesterday (still only 35 moves allowed on kindle fire, so no easier) just got the lucky board we are all waiting for 🙂 course i’m now stuck on 656 trying to make wrapped candy combos 🙁

      1. Mishka says:

        Lucky you Karen.
        I am still waiting for that magical board and wonder if it will ever come.
        The minute I make something it will be destroyed by next move.
        Very tired of this level 🙁 s.

  39. Erica says:

    I know it’s just a game but not able to connect keeps saying I don’t have access, my internet works just fine. I already uninstalled it & nothing, even uninstalled the Facebook app. Fix this please. ..

  40. Janey says:

    Playing on my android phone, made it to level 347 without having to buy anything, but now that I have no bonus wheel I try to buy something and it keeps telling me it can’t connect to the store. I’ve never played through Facebook and have no interest in doing so. Why can’t I connect to the store?

  41. dave says:

    First I couldn’t use the wheel which was annoying but then the update was meant to fix this. If anything the update made things worse, now I can’t buy myself across the bridge or use any of my gold bars, I can also not connect to App Store. Needs sorting sooner rather then later or they will miss out on players and money!

  42. Lee dee says:

    I only recently downloaded Candy Crush, I was really getting hooked until two days ago when I starting getting three” can’t connect to store” massages. It’s been like that for three days now. At least I can’t spend any money if I can’t access the store. I use Android 4.4.2.

    1. Mishka says:

      For the rest of us it’s been like that since the last update, probably 20 days ago if not more.
      I am level 655 and I am gutted ! At this stage of the game some levels are impossible to pass without boosters.
      Apparently King is fixing it, but is he ? 🙁 s.

  43. Sue says:

    On iPad need to buy to the next levels- CAN’T CONNECT TO STORE. Have been trying to complete quests to get there but losing interest now! Been playing for months but will delete the whole thing if not available very very soon.

    1. Mishka says:

      I’ve done it, so can you
      Took me just a few days, might have been lucky
      Still no point as I am stuck at level 655 for several weeks now as I can’t pass it without boosters which I obviously can’t buy. 🙁 s.

  44. Diana says:

    Have tried to connect to store but keeps telling me .CAN’T CONNECT TO STORE .Very frustrating when you spend a lot of money on the game and nobody seems to give a hoot.

  45. Staff ship says:

    Still broken on my iPad. Cannot connect to store problem started with latest update BEFORE installing ios8. I’ve never been on FACEBOOK but it tells me FACEBOOK session expired. Can’t use booster wheel or my gold bricks (which I paid for!). This is now a public company which is not allowing customers to make purchases. This is their bread & butter. They just don’t seem to care. Cannot believe they haven’t figured out how to allow ppl to continue to waste money on this. Maybe they are just saving me from myself. Is anyone running this business? Their analytics folks should notice that suddenly many paying customers quit cold turkey.

    1. Mishka says:

      We are all in the same boat for almost a month. I don’t think they are fixing it and I don’t believe it is ever going to be fixed.
      Not fare , not at all. I didn’t pay for gold bars but understand how people who did, must be angry. Everywhere in this country if you buy something and want to return, you get refund.
      Which planet King and his team are living on ??

  46. Puddinganne says:

    I too cannot access the booster wheel. Since 8/22/14 it has said that my FACEBOOK session has expired log in again. I do not even have a FACEBOOK account. I use an iPad and now I use OS8.2. This is very annoying.

  47. Marsha says:

    Same for me. Won’t connect to App Store and gives me the message “failed to connect to App Store.” Cannot get daily boosters any longer. A lot of time and effort for nothing. Help us with a fix.

  48. bkennedy says:

    Same. My booster wheel disappeared about a month ago. Also, I just completed Level 410 and attempted to purchase the next level and received the message, “Failed to contact store”. I’ve never been on Facebook and never have played this game via Facebook. Bummed I can’t play further.

    1. Mishka says:

      Yes you can. Play all 3 mystery guests ( I did it ) and Fairy will take you to the next episode.
      It was easier just to buy the ticket, but there you go. If you still want to play.
      However, the higher the levels are it is less likely to finish it without any boosters . Fairy did help me to pass 650 but I am stuck on 655 for almost 3 weeks, as this level is rated ‘insanely impossible’. King apparently made it easier but not for mobile devices, or not yet. 🙁 s.

  49. Mary says:

    Can not get to next level because I don’t play on Facebook and it will not connect to the store. Has been like this for over a month. About to trash the game. What is taking so long to fix the problem

  50. Guest says:

    Now the same problem on my iPhone – booster suddenly vanished and unable to connect to store. Cannot believe it’s such a problem to return the status quo. Very fed up and will probably forget this game now as gave up on my iPad weeks ago.

  51. Ddfinlay says:

    They actually replied to one of my mails this is what they sent

    Thank you for contacting King Customer Care.

    I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with our game, we recently had a bug related to the connection to Facebook, so some features, like the booster wheel, were affected.

    Please accept our sincerest apologies for the delay in resolving this issue but I assure you that our Development team is doing everything possible to fix this.

    At the moment the Booster Wheel has been set to spin with a Facebook connection only, but it will change in the near future, we have no date to provide just yet.

    Thank you once again for bringing this to our attention and for your patience until this matter is completely resolved.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, just get back to us.

    1. Mishka says:

      If you scroll down this quite impressive carpet of comments, you will see that 15 days ago Paul showed us similar mail from King in which they pointed out how sorry they were and understood our frustration. Fixing is taking longer then expected but would be sorted out within a few weeks.
      Few weeks passed but nothing has been sorted out.
      Why should we believe them now ?
      🙁 s.

  52. jrussell says:

    I have been stuck on level 123 and receive the message failed to contact store and I have been so close to the next level. I am not on facebook and don’t expect to. Please fix.

  53. Guest says:

    I restarted the game 3 times but all three times started with a booster wheel which then developed the same Facebook connection error. I am using the iOS version. I do use facebook but prefer not to post details of any games or share contacts with any games. I am now abandoning this game as it is just too frustrating. The developers are obviously only interesting in generating new income by force and manipulation, which is really not necessary as the game is addictive enough and can sell itself.

  54. Mishka says:

    Just had an update. OMG !!
    On my iPad, everything HAS BEEN FINALLY SORTED OUT !!
    Booster wheel WORKING , CAN BUY BOOSTERS , literally back to normal.
    A bit worried though, who knows might be back to square 1 latter this afternoon .
    Still, for the moment and hopefully forever, everything working and I am happy. 🙂 s. Smiley face after such a long time and so many comments.

  55. Loo loo says:

    I play candy crush but am not connected via Facebook. How come I keep receiving & being sent lives & moves but it doesn’t say a name or who from. Can anyone help?

  56. birdlover says:

    I had the same problem until I replaced my phone. Then it started working again. But just now it stopped being able to access the Google store. I paid for more gold bars and I can’t even use them, which is a ripoff. I’ve cleared the app cache and the phone cache, to no avail. I’m on Android 4.4 and Droid Maxx.

  57. rlmkc says:

    Having the same problem, i’ve never been on facebook but getting pop up saying I’m not logged in. Also cannot access the wheel. Is there any resolution out there?

    1. Mishka says:

      I believe you but don’t understand.
      As everybody else I did have a problem playing on Apple iPad, but for the last 2 weeks everything is working just fine 🙂 s.

  58. Clarise says:

    I’m playing on an iPad. I’ve tried multiple times to shut down & restart. I still can’t play the game. It starts to load & then just shuts down.

  59. Diane says:

    Haven’t been able to play in a week. It will not load. I am on level 265 and do not want to lose my place. I am playing on my iPad. Tries shutting down and restarting for a week. If this isn’t fixed soon I am done.

  60. Jan says:

    I have reach level 260 and have not been able to move on as it keeps saying “cannot connect to store”. This is both on my iPad and iPhone. On level 149 on my iPhone. Very annoying. Just about ready to delete app.

  61. megan says:

    I am on level 361 and can’t get passed it .I will never be able to do it without lives and the wheel. I am getting Facebook expired messages too.


  62. Bob Buery says:

    I’m having an issue on my HTC desire. I had to factory reset the phone but now when i go to the android store, it has a message saying not compatible with your device but i have had it on there working perfectly before. any help would be much appreciated.

  63. Mishka says:

    Has anyone heard about some ‘achievements’ in candy crush. Apparently we need to earn them but I don’t know nothing about it.
    Can somebody explain this to me. Thanks Mishka

  64. Keith says:

    I have an iPad 1 and neither Candy Crush or Bubble Witch2 will load. Both crash as they are loading. I have cleared the browser cache, reset all settings and closed all open apps. I have also tried turning the iPad off completely and nothing works. I have the latest versions of both apps and the latest IOS for iPad 1 (IOS5.1.1). Don’t know what else to try. Any suggestions please?

  65. Pitcombe says:

    Just completed level 260 and now not getting the option to play quests, I’ve logged in and out of FB but still no option to play quest. Definitely set hong wrong with the App

  66. Laura says:

    Candy Crush seems to have added a way to connect your progress and game history by using an email address (I don’t have the game connected through facebook and never will). However, whenever I enter my email address it says “no internet connection found” even though I am connected. Anyone know how to fix this or is it yet another bug?

  67. Tony o says:


    I have had a number of issues along the way. The latest 2 issues, first, I am at the mystery quest stage and it won’t let me complete the quests unless I sign into Facebook, which I don’t have or to buy gold bars. I have never had to buy gold bars before as the quest started out normally with me playing the first quest a few times and I come back the next day and it won’t allow me to play without the gold bars, so currently i am not playing as I refuse to buy my way to the next levels, I don’t think that’s fair.

    Next issue, my wife used my iPad to play, she is a Facebook user. She signed in to play and she automatically went from level 235 that she was on up to my level of 565. After she signed out, it stayed the same. So here is the interesting part, when we are playing on our respect iPads, and she is not signed into Facebook, if either of us win a level, the other person automatically moves ahead. I won a few levels the other day, she opens the game, and watched it moved her ahead 4 levels. She doesn’t get to play them. She deleted the game from her pad and reloaded from the cloud but it’s still the same. It frustrating for her and she doesn’t get to play the missed levels, she doesn’t want to move ahead.

    Little concerned that king can’t get these problems that I read about all the time fixed. If this was a cell phone or email service, they would out of business.

  68. KC says:

    After years of play (online, no FB) I suddenly could not access Mystery Quests without having to use FB requests or make a purchase. Asked for help, King’s reply “You must now go offline to play Mystery Quests.” OK… Seemed like a silly hoop to jump through, but I gave it a try… Only now I’m back to level 1 (from 545!). They said don’t reload, don’t play until we reinstate your level, but I have sent 5 emails to King with game ID# and previous level, yet no answer in a month. Guess they don’t care about losing a long time customer (?). It was a terrific game. Not sure why they decided to mess with success; but the changes they’ve made and subsequent glitches have pretty much ruined my interest. Haven’t been able to play while waiting to hear from them, so I’ve gotten out of the habit of playing. Guess I’ll just move on without them.

  69. Kunal says:

    I had a lot of daily boosters accumulated and 200+ lives. Switched my phone from iPhone to Motorola (android) and lost all of them. Progress is intact but lives n boosters lost. Any idea how to retrieve?

  70. Rufus says:

    We have 2 IOS devices and 1 Android device. The IOS devices have lost the Internet connection and the Android is fine. No booster wheels on the other units. Very frustrating. As stated, this was not a free app. We paid twice for it because of different units. Seems very unfair that no progress has been achieved and we basically feel like we have been robbed. Thanks a lot King!

  71. Jenni says:

    Have encountered the same problems since November, it is extremely frustrating. On Sunday last January 25th, the game miraculously worked and I had hoped that the problem was solved for once and for all – but NO. I have an iPod 4th Generation and it is currently up-to-date, Candy Crush is the only game that I have had problems with. How have King allowed this problem to go on for so long?

  72. YantZ says:

    I have enough candy crush money to unblock level 35 but everytime i try to do it, it says purchase failed,no money was taken from my money. Why? I have money!

  73. Eric says:

    I have been trying to get past level 240 for a while now. It requires you to swithc a couplt striped candies & a couple colour bombs. each time I swithc the colour bombs they start taking out everyithing on the screen( as the do) but half way through the screen freezes & then the game totally shuts down & it goes back to the main page of mu phone as if I had just shut it down. The last time I had 1 move left, had 2 colour bombs diagonally from each other. used my lollipop to take out the candy below one so they would be side by side then swithced them. got 3/4 of the way through the screen them froze & closed the game again!!!! AAARRRGRGGGGHGHGH:{ 🙁 Hate this crap. Is it the game or my crappy Samsung Galaxy Ace II that can’t process the speed of the scrren. I even went into the setting & turned off as many apps that were running as possible this time. WTF!!!!:(

  74. Helena says:

    In the last couple of weeks any extra moves that are given to me by friends are only available on Level “friend” not on the level that I’m stuck on, so I can’t use them. I use the Android App -has anyone else come across this as I can’t find any support online

  75. Bet says:

    could not get free spin because unable today to connect to fb. deleted then restarted app and successfully got on fb but lost 11 lollipop hammers plus other boosters!!!!!

  76. julie taylor says:

    I paid for gold bars 7.99 havent got my 100 gold bars, saying the money hasnt been taken out of my account just looked on online banking and they have taken it and i havnt got my gold bars help dont know who to contact.

  77. Amyloo says:

    I use an iPhone and am sick of candy crush continuously trying to connect to Facebook. I do not have an account and won’t be ever getting one. It interrupts my games to try to connect sometimes almost every 30 seconds. I am close to deleting the game.

  78. wendy says:

    level 658 on phone and tablet are the same but on facebook on laptop it is a total different game why is this , this started at level 656

  79. Anirbez says:

    My husband has a green candy timer (39 hrs, try to get so many green candies and you win gold bars) I do not have this option? Ive updated the app, but still no green candy between booster wheel and gold bar icons? Please help.

  80. Betty Hicks says:

    Why do I get a message about a change in the spin wheel after I pass level 16 ? Iam on level 376 so I passed this level long time ago what’s up???

  81. Sandy says:

    Why can I buy gold bars to continue and complete the level, but Candy tells me ‘I’ve already purchased this, their reinstall purchased item’ but NEVER let me finish that stage of 791!! 😡 this is a continuous problem. I think I would be just as easy to DELETE the app, it would save me money.

  82. Clarice jackson says:

    I have been on level 235 gained lots of boosters due to the colored candies with a bow around the middle. Today I went to play the game and all of my boosters I won r gone how do I get them back. I have to start all over. This is bs. There was nothing saying there was a time limit on the boosters I won .after each session the box opens up and you win some prizes .someone pls tell me what the heck is going on now.

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