Clash of Clans problems with update acknowledged


If you are one of the very many Clash of Clans fans who were eager to get to grips with the latest update then we wonder if everything is going smoothly for you? Earlier today we informed readers that the Clash of Clans Android and iOS updates were now live, but since then we have received reports from readers about Clash of Clans problems with the update and this has been acknowledged by Supercell.

Yesterday we learned that this update was imminent and then earlier we were able to confirm that it was now available on Google Play and the App Store. It includes plenty of new excitement, that is if you can actually get to play the updated Clash of Clans. However, comments and emails from readers are expressing disappointment and annoyance about the app.

Most of the comments focus on a restart issue where users are unable to open the game, with some people saying that the game gets stuck in loading over and over again. For example one player says, “I can’t open, it remains on download content & restart over & over.” Another says, “I have the same problem, the upgrade seems to be over but it can not load the game but it tries several times.”

Another commenter expresses real frustration saying, “This is bs, i cant get in,this new update sucks.” On the official Clash of Clans Twitter page, Supercell has acknowledged a problem and urges users having problems loading the app to try rebooting and connecting to a different network. This also contains a link to a Clash of Clans forums page about issues downloading content/restart loop that has a few suggestions to try out.

There will be a huge amount of people downloading the Clash of Clans app update today, and it’s not likely that everybody is affected. However, it would be good to find out how widespread this issue is so we’d like to hear from readers about this. Have you experienced any problems with the Clash of Clans update? Do let us know by sending us your comments.


100 thoughts on “Clash of Clans problems with update acknowledged”

  1. md says:

    im using wifi, but i cant update clash of clans, 3 of my friends have same problem.all of us are using android phones,tablet. i have 2 other accts in my other ipads , no problem updating

  2. Joand says:

    “Update is available… New version of game is now available , update ” Gosh I’m stuck on this msg, my iPad couldn’t download the update… Can’t even open this game… Have already tried rebooting all that I can reboot…even my self.

  3. Michael Harvey says:

    I have successfully updated Clash of Clans to the latest version, and I can access it, but my internet connection is now very slow. It takes ages to load another person’s village (to look at it), and sometimes it’s impossible to donate troops.

  4. Smart_boy says:

    I updated easily but we i run clans of clash it goes to download content it self again and again
    I’v never had this problem last before
    What’s solution ?

  5. sean says:

    I think its just another ploy to get people to pay for gems. After all this is a big company owned by an even bigger company. Publicly listed. So flows the elixir .

  6. Sam says:

    Hi there , I have the same problem on ios 7.1.2 , game is going stuck on downloading content and restarts over & over again and at the end it say there is a server problem , try later & … , is there any solution for this ? I try other network , reboot & … , it doesn’t work !

  7. behrad says:

    It is a problem with new update ,that after updating coc when I want to open it ,main page will reload again and again ,and I have not desire to play coc since this problem has bigUn.

  8. Cr1spy says:

    Yeah mine worked fine when first downloaded, then wouldn’t let me in (stuck on loading page) now it needs me to re-select my google account every couple of minutes. Often during battle, which messes me up

  9. Jimmy says:

    I am so disappointed about this. Clash of clans is not loading on any of my devices. The only way that I have accessed it though is by disabling wifi and using mobile data.

  10. Paul says:

    I can’t update my clash of clans it pops up a message saying Could not download Clash of Clans due to error (495). Supercell please help me and fix it

  11. Raymond says:

    I can’t update my clash of clan problem about the Apple ID. I did everything that i can. I call already the apple services but nothing happened. Please super cell I still have my account here at my iPad but I can’t open it Because of the update. Please help me supercell. Thanks

  12. Sharon Kesler says:

    i tried to download the update to clash of clans and it says i have insufficient space. again since i cant update i cant play for 4 days now what gives!!!! i have an android phone and i know i have the space

  13. Dumpish Sajib says:

    I am also unable to update it…do something please..really it sucks..i know also without updating it’s unable to open bt when i am also trying to update it..there is showing some error..do something please..i really love this game

  14. IntelCoreA21 says:

    so in my case when im about to update my coc after i got to google playstore the only button that is available are “OPEN” and “UNINSTALL” it doesnt even automatically updating when i got inside the google playstore. Then when that method is not working i tried to download the new update via APK FILE on my PC and save it to my phone and before the installation is about to complete it says “App is not Installed. An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed” i dont what to do now! i already fired all my bullets to solve this problem but all of them are failed, right now IM ASKING YOUR HELP!!

  15. Ann Eca says:

    My prob is I cant play the C.o.c via vpn but will hv no prob if im using wifi. Ive tried to look the answer everywhere n could find one. Im using the vivo max5 with 4.4.4 version. No idea what going on.

  16. Ann Eca says:

    Download Aptoide, install it then search for coc. Install or update n if u couldnt find the update, press search another store. Look for the latest version n install it.

  17. Matthew says:

    Woke up this morning and i tried to play c.o.c like every morning and it said u need to update so I went to update it and it said can’t update right now try again later I waited an hour or 2 later an tried it again and it said the samn thing then I tried to Un and re-install it won’t even let me install it.. If It doesn’t get fixed ima be pissed off ive put tooo much of my time in this game to lose it all

  18. Legend~!~ says:

    I was happy till the day before…. We are on war… It is about to start ….. Many of my clan members cant seem to play it including me … The updating task always ends as incomplete… I tried rebooting and reistalling coc by deleting it and then again downloading it …..it didnt seem to work…then i even tried and changed the network ….the problem still persisted …… Now i hear rumors about the need to update the ios software in order to download coc…… This update sucks….. The changes should have been brought to us directly in octobor…and not now #newupdatesucks

  19. Devdoot Maji says:

    The game says me to update; but as soon as I click on update it takes me to goolgle play store and the update option is not coming ( only open and uninstall comes). It’s happening since past 2-3 days plzzzz helppppp

  20. sean says:

    Every time I try and load all it tells me tthere’s a new version and to update it,when i press the update button nothing happens,it just takes me back to the all on Google play and says open ,not update.When i open game it come up with new version message again???????

  21. usama anjum says:

    The game says me to update; but as soon as I click on update it takes me to goolgle play store and the update option is not coming ( only open and uninstall comes)

  22. WARKING says:


          1. TehGamingPotato says:

            No look at my post before that what’s happening just scroll up to the top and look

  23. Patrick says:

    All comments happened to me as well it just goes back again opening coc and then asks for an uodate again. What?? I was so excited knowing there was aew update but it dissssaaappoints meeee bassddllyy 😢😦😥😣😟😧😭😔😫

  24. M C says:

    The game says me to update; but as soon as I click on update it takes me to goolgle play store and the update option is not coming ( only open and uninstall comes)

  25. Izzansdy Mas says:

    Game loading problem after maintenance…prompt for update….but sadly no update button at google play…unistall n reinstall does not help…wat is happpening…time to wake up supercell…

  26. Wiggz says:

    I’ve been having the same problem as everyone else – upon loading, the game prompts me to update and when I click ‘Update’ it takes me to the app store where updating is not an option. I tried the recommended fix by rebooting and using a different server to log on, but it hasn’t fixed the problem.

  27. Sky Schmidt says:

    I too am having the problem with uploading the app so please hurry up and fix this problem. This is the only time I have ever had a problem like this

  28. Arindam Chattopadhyay says:

    Suddenly it bahane incompatible on Galaxy s4. Previous version was working just fine. Could anyone update the compatible device list for clash of clans update?

  29. krish2011 says:

    am trying to update clash on bluestack. It took a long time, and the blue-line stopped somewhere in the middle and the update was not successful. Has anyone faced this issue on the bluestack ?

  30. Jaime Bonilla says:

    it tells me too update after i already did. and just doesnt open up. just keeps saying neww update abailible. two friends having same problem

  31. Tayler says:

    I have a Galaxy S5 and it says the update is not compatible with my phone and I’m very upset because I’ve spent so much time and even money on this app and I can’t even play it now.

  32. ChickenNugget21 says:

    I can only help if you have an Android device . Go to the Play Store and turn off the Auto – Update option and update your Clash of Clans app manually . I hope I helped !!!
    If you have at least 800 trophies and are non – rushed , join my clan That One Clan . It has a Black / Blue badge and my username is ChickenNugget21 . It is a newly created clan and I am hoping that it will become a successful war clan . Thanks !!!

  33. clince says:

    I normally can download COC on my asus zenfone 2! but guess what after this update suddenly my fone isnt compatible for this app game anymore! whats is going on google play store and coc?! kindly address to this matter! thank you! and BTW when I update the app in my cherrymobile tablet and samsung tab it works! as I guess this updates has an issue with cellphones and not affecting tablets!

  34. Nadine Barber says:

    I play coc on my iPhone and had no problem updating the game or playing it. My nephew on the other hand has an htc mini+ Phone and google play store informed him that the game is no longer compatible with his phone. Since I play on a phone I think I can safely say it’s not an issue with phones or tablets

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