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Although the iPhone 6 will release on Friday running the new Apple mobile operating system out of the box, many readers are just as (or more) interested in the iOS 8 public release time. Apple has announced the date as September 17th, so we’re only a day away. Today we’re starting our iOS 8 release countdown to the download.

Plenty of readers have asked us “what time will iOS 8 release?” In a previous article we gave our idea for the most likely time, based on the last few iOS releases. Based on past patterns we feel iOS 8 is likely to go live tomorrow at around 10am PST or 1pm EST, that’s 6pm UK time.

With this in mind we’ve embedded a countdown tool below this article based on our 10 am PST expectation. At the time of writing it reads 1 day, 5 hours, 43 minutes, and 19…18…17 seconds, you get the drift. If you’re wondering whether your current iPad, iPod touch or iPhone will be compatible with iOS 8 you can head to our compatibility list here.

We’ve been following developments with iOS 8 through the various beta stages and there are many new features and improvements. You can see more about this in a couple of iOS 8 reviews that we shared with readers yesterday that will give you an idea of the benefits of the upgrade.

One thing worth noting is that there may be some initial iOS 8 problems with the download, as is usually the case when millions of people are hitting the servers at once, so you might want to bear that in mind and wait until the following day. We’ll be bringing more news on iOS 8 and what it offers over the coming days and weeks, so do check back with us for more.

Remember the countdown tool is below this article, to count down the hours and minutes until the update releases. Are you intending to update to iOS 8 on your existing iOS device as soon as it goes live tomorrow?


175 thoughts on “iOS 8 release countdown to download”

      1. Jony Ive says:

        Actually, It’s not available for me yet because I think apple may be releasing the update at different times in different time zones to reduce server hits.

  1. worrow says:

    I hope IOS8 will not result in a slow iOS for 5th gen users. Really hope some day we will see offline siri functionality to allow me to make notes, appointments, and the simply things that don’t require internet as voice over is very limited. Tim Cook take note. In the meantime from what I have seen and read online, there should be no disappointment.

      1. worrow says:

        Thanks Jony, I am sure it would be a welcomed feature. Another consideration might be Apple Maps, having it accessible while in offline mode or having an option to download map for Canada as an example so I can still see things while offline. I know they have this in other map apps, but just another idea. I have tons of ideas and 0 skills in the area of developing anything so all I can do is regurgitate my ideas that make sense.

      2. worrow says:

        I know a new feature is to be the “Hey Siri” so does this work when my device is sleeping or locked? For example, “Hey Siri, do something fantastic.” Siri starts process and if your device is in locked mode, confirm your unlock and Siri will continue to precess requested task. Maybe a feature to add? Instead of having to unlock your device there is a secondary option when unlocking in “Siri” mode that you can create a “code name” or “code word” Siri asks for your code word or whichever to unlock your device for you then continuing. This way for people doing something and device is not at hand you ask “Siri” for something and you can still get your answer hands free, also handy for when you are driving in order to keep things “hands free” which is the law. Something to keep in mind.

        1. Jony Ive says:

          The solution is not really possible right now as speech recognition needs a lot more growth, but it definitely is a great idea! Maybe in iOS 9……..

    1. Schmidty3999 says:

      It all depends on the time zone. iOS 8 is being released all over the world at the same time. For me it comes out at 1 pm which is 10 am for California. So what ever time zone for you I will have the iOS update in 1 hour

  2. Schmidty3999 says:

    It all depends on the time zone. iOS 8 is being released all over the world at the same time. For me it comes out at 1 pm which is 10 am for California

  3. Alex Keen says:

    Heres a tip: once recorded, the video itself after processing can be slowed down, so the camera isn’t doing the work, it’s the software slowing the actual video down! 😀

    1. Alex Keen says:

      Then why not shoot at 10,000fps? The camera literally has to take more photos per second. Your phone can’t take 240 photos in a second, the 6/6 Plus can.

  4. Alex Keen says:

    i have set my auto lock to never and im keeping my iphone 5s at that menu with Software Update, ready to be one of the first in the UK to have iOS 8.

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