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On the days following a new iOS release to the public we often see various issues arise. Apple’s iOS 8 went live yesterday and millions of iPhone and iPad users have already taken the opportunity to download and install the update. Now we are already seeing forum threads from iPhone users about various iOS 8 problems reported after updating.

Yesterday we discussed how downloading major new iOS updates often leads to issues. This is frustrating and with iOS 8 we’ve seen the usual stories about long download times when trying to download and install the update or simply not being able to receive the update at all for one reason or another. Much of this is due to so many device owners all trying to update at the same time.

As well as these difficulties there are now users who have successfully updated their devices to iOS 8, but have noticed specific problems. We’ve been taking a look at Apple Support Communities forum threads and there are many different glitches and more major issues being discussed by iOS device users.

One example is this thread from an iPhone 5 user who has a device stuck in recovery mode, while in this thread we hear from an iPhone 5 user who has just upgraded to iOS 8 and says that their device is now constantly crashing. In this thread an iPhone 4S user says that their phone is now very sluggish, and this is an issue that had come to light even before the update arrived, as pointed out in a recent infographic we shared.

iOS 8 problems reported b

There are plenty of threads about these issues and others, with some other examples involving Family Sharing, Wi-Fi, messaging, and Camera Roll. You can see more by heading to this Apple Communities page. We must point out that some of these issues are things that might be easily solved (others have been already) and may be down to users not being used to the upgraded iOS yet. However, some appear to be more major concerns that are shared by many.

Another thing noted by some iPhone 4S users is that the Apple Continuity feature with iOS 8 is not working on their devices, but that’s simply because the new feature isn’t compatible for this phone as we discussed earlier. As well as this we reported on battery life with iOS 8, and different iOS devices will be affected in different ways in regard to this.

We’d like to get some idea of how widespread these various issues are. Have you updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8? If so, have you noticed any problems, either major or minor? Let us know by sending us your comments.


18 thoughts on “iOS 8 problems reported after updating”

    1. Scar says:

      Facebook chat messages sometimes freeze my other apps or I have to hit the home button to make it go away. Also I’m having the same problem with it dropping the wifi signal as well and certain apps are loading super slow! I hate the new iOS 8 🙁 I want iOS 7 back, I regret updating

  1. Benjamin says:

    While updating, my iTunes said that there was an error, and froze my 5s in the update process. It then crashed and I lost everything on my phone. Contacts, photos, videos, everything. Does anyone know how to get this information back? email me at stanfieldeua@gmail.com

  2. twinmom406 says:

    New update froze my 4s in recovery mode. Have tried two of the apps suggested for recovery and nothing has worked. Any other recomendations for unfreezing it?

  3. Annoyed says:

    iOS 8 updated failed on my ipad 3 – stuck in recovery mode. Currently going through the long boring process of restoring from backup. Cheers Apple! Not amused.

  4. Jambo69 says:

    What the hell! iPhone 5 and ipadmini now running slow! When posting on some web sites now get the message “400 bad request”!! What does that mean? Having freed up space for update I’ve tried to reload games and all the icon says is waiting???
    I want my ios7 back!!!😖

  5. Eileen says:

    update failed. iPhone 5 stuck in recovery mode but iTunes does not seem to recognize it as ‘my phone’–no recent back ups available–if I choose to recover i believe it will be to factory settings. HELP!

    1. RA says:

      I had the same issue but went for it and when recovering it gave me the opportunitynto do the backup from my last sync. I had done a bavkup right before the update so now its working. It said the IOS 8 update had failed but once i did the backup recovery it had the IOS8. The only problems now are minor with the camera freezingwhen sending a pic on text and then coming back.

  6. Omer Dayyani says:

    Me too same, i have problem after update ios8, struck in recovery mode and i dont have my data backup.
    PLEASE HELP IF ANY SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Denise says:

    My phone shut down and will not come back on since I updated and I have tried to hook it up to my computer to do the recovery and it will not allow for the recovery. NOW WHAT

  8. christian says:

    I got my iphone 5 unlock a year ago from at&t for free and i decided to updated to 8.0 and it stuck on recovery mode. it keep giving me error 3 and i had follow all the instruction for apple but did not work. please help.

  9. Ames says:

    After downloading iOS 8 my iPhone wouldn’t take a charge and died. I called to see how to fix it and they told me I need a new phone. Thanks a lot apple.

  10. sajid says:

    I have updated my phone 4s to iOS 8 and since then it has gone slow and also does not allow me to download videos although I had no problems with the previous version of iOS.

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