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The Apple iPhone 6 will be making its way into the hands of buyers when it releases tomorrow, but there will be many people who haven’t yet made up their minds whether to purchase it or not. Some may be considering a high-end Windows Phone handset instead and the Nokia Lumia 930 would fit the bill here. We have a video to show today that compares the iPhone 6 vs. Nokia Lumia 930 best bits.

The iPhone 6 is new to the market whereas the Nokia Lumia 930 (aka Lumia Icon) released in the summer. One major difference is the choice of operating platforms with the new iPhone running iOS 8 while the Lumia 930 runs Windows Phone 8.1. Many potential buyers of these phones may already have a leaning towards one of these platforms, but there will be others open to either.

There are a host of different specs and features for both devices, but if you don’t want to trawl through a long-winded account, or if one factor of a phone is more important to you than another, you migiht like to check out a comparison that concentrates on the advantages of each. The YouTube video embedded beneath this article comes from TotalTech War and does just that.

iPhone 6 vs Lumia 930

The comparison starts by listing the plus points of the Lumia 930 over the iPhone 6, with a few being optical image stabilization for the camera, 100% more RAM, and wireless charging. It continues by showing the benefits of the iPhone 6 against the Lumia 930, with some examples being that it’s 42% thinner, has 720p@240fps video capture, and a 64-bit processor.

There are plenty more pointers shown and you can see the full story on the video, including a complete list of all the pointers for each at the end. Looking at the stronger aspects in this way could give you a much clearer idea of which would suit you best. If you’re about to purchase one of these phones, is it the iPhone 6 or the Nokia Lumia 930 that gets your vote?


7 thoughts on “iPhone 6 vs Nokia Lumia 930 best bits”

  1. Babamba says:

    At this moment, iPhone 6 looks better. But after launching of Windows 9 (and WP9), I think Lumia 930 will be better because of sharing of same Windows environment.

  2. Milan Plecas says:

    Lumina 930 is hands down the best phone currently available. The YouTube comparison shows that pretty clearly as the 930’s advantages are true engineering feats, while most of the IPhone 6’s were simply physical designed differences from their previous model. Not to mention the fact that the 930 is the same phone in a smaller size as the 1520 which is about a year old. If rumors are accurate the Lumia 1820 will soon be released with some major upgrades such as 3gb of ram, 300% lossless zoom, 2k display and 4k video capture, also soon available through Ota upgrade to the 930 along with the only phone to feature Dolby Digital 5.1 audio capture as well as the only phone to feature true oils.

  3. markcorno says:

    Many thanks for presenting a pretty even-handed account here. I usually find myself getting irritated when I read reviews/comparisons in which Windows gets talked down and iPhone is given as the benchmark. It’s a big world out there and it is filling up with some fairly brilliant bits of kit – all different and all with their own pros and cons. Having researched for my new phone, I have no doubt that the Nokia Lumia 930 is by far the best for me. I have to say that I am not missing any apps, the OS is utterly brilliant and lovely to look at. The iPhone 6 that I tried was just not as good.

  4. mukesh says:

    Nokia lumia 930 beat iPhone 6. Apart from design difference iPhone 6 has nothing new as compared to iphone5s. 60000 INR just for good design is a waste of money. windows OS is the future.

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