iPhone 6 Plus gets really hot when charging


We have been hands-on with the iPhone 6 Plus and found it gets really hot when charging. While we’ve not had time to give Apple’s first phablet a full review, the heat produced from iPhone 6 Plus when charging seemed enough to fry an egg.

The latest Apple smartphone will get warm in different circumstances and we’d expect plenty of heat when charging, or playing games, but the iPhone 6 Plus we are reviewing is getting really hot to the point we worry about it overheating.

It is worth noting that we streamed a full movie over AirPlay to an Apple TV using the iPhone 6 Plus, and it kept cool through the whole film. This reveals there’s an issue mainly when charging for some users and not in other situations you’d expect the phone to get really hot.


We are not alone either, as you can see by the tweets below. The users sharing feedback on Twitter reveals both the iPhone 6 and Plus version are getting hot in certain situations.

Has your iPhone 6 been getting hot, or overheating when performing certain tasks? If so, share a comment below and exactly when you experienced an extra hot phone?


17 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Plus gets really hot when charging”

  1. Andres says:

    So I got my phone after waiting since 2:30am in the line, I go home I set up my phone using my last back up from my iPhone 5, around 1pm I fall asleep my iPhone 6 plus was not connected to anything I wake up at 3:30 and it was extremely hot I notice that I had a pillow on top of my phone but still I don’t even know if that’s normal or not, should I go to the Apple Store in this situation?

  2. John K says:

    I was walking along tonight with a new iPhone 6 in my pocket and noticed it was VERY hot and the battery was running down almost as I watched from 91% to 79% in several minutes. I two-button rebooted the phone and it appears to have cleared up, for now. I looked at the battery usage and noticed that it listed the Camera (Background Activity) at 37%. I quit the camera app.

  3. Jeff says:

    Mine became extremely hot while restoring from iCloud. It still runs — hot I could feel the heat when I carried it in my front jeans pocket last night. My battery is also dying much much faster than my 5S.

  4. Jomarie says:

    My phone is getting very hot when I am making calls this is not good because as you hold it to your ear I felt it so hot I had to move it away so not to pleased with it at the moment to say the least it is not as user friendly as my ipone 5s was :-((

  5. Jomarie says:

    Not impressed with this phone at the moment and we have always love apple products very disappointed

  6. Deb says:

    Mine got really hot in the middle of setting up or activating my phone. It wasn’t charging, I was on the phone for about 10 minutes. I thought it was really weird and thought i got a defective phone. I hope not all phones are like this. I will be exchanging mine.

  7. MW says:

    iPhone 6 Plus taking extremely long time to charge – don’t know if anybody else had similar observation

  8. Uncomfortably_Aware says:

    The 6 gets extremely hot during charging and to add insult to injury, the battery does not last the entire day. Also, I have not seen an Apple disclosure of SAR levels.

  9. Hello44 says:

    My iPhone 6 is like a hot water bottle ! Unbelievable, didn’t even think it could give of as much heat. Can’t even call without it getting extremely hot.

  10. FMG says:

    My iphone 6 gets hot by standard movie streaming to a point where it burns my hand while holding it

  11. sportygirl1972 says:

    I just got my iphone 6 a few hours ago, and it is already super hot while charging. Should I worry? I heard about that one phone burning up. I had my Iphone 4S for years and it was never this hot.