iOS 8.0.3 wish list for problem solving


In mid-September Apple released iOS 8 to a waiting public. Millions of device owners downloaded the update to their iPhone and iPads and to be fair the new OS brought plenty of benefits and improvements. However, some devices have been besieged by a variety of issues since iOS 8 and subsequent updates iOS 8.0.1 and 8.0.2. Now we want to know what’s on your iOS 8.0.3 wish list for problem solving.

We’ve written about the many problems affecting iOS devices so we don’t want to go over too much old ground. Suffice to say though that over the last few weeks we’ve received floods of comments from readers about difficulties with their devices, and a look at Apple support forums and social media finds many more reports of issues.

Following the withdrawal of iOS 8.0.1 Apple released iOS 8.02 later in September, but although this included bug fixes it also threw up new issues instead. We’ve been calling for an iOS 8.0.3 release that would hopefully address many of the problems, but recently Apple seeded iOS 8.1 to developers in beta form, followed more recently by iOS 8.1 beta 2.

iOS 8.0.3 wish list

There’s no news yet on when exactly iOS 8.1 will release, and many frustrated iOS device owners are now increasingly desperate for fixes within 8.0.3. The list of reported issues is lengthy and we’ve received comments from owners of the iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and iPhone 6, as well as iPad users. Therefore the problems appear to cross many iOS devices on iOS 8.0 or later, although of course there have not been noticeable concerns for every unit out there.

Some owners who were having problems with their iPhones or iPads have told us they were subsequently resolved with a following update, but others have reported new issues affecting their devices. Just a few of the main issues that we’ve received complaints about from device users concern cellular connectivity, Bluetooth, WiFi, iMessage, keyboard glitches, lagging and battery drain.

If you are still having difficulties with your iPhone or iPad since iOS 8.0.2 we’d like to know about it. What is that you most want to see fixed with the iOS 8.0.3 update? What do you think about the bug-ridden iOS 8 and its subsequent updates? Let us know with your comments.


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  1. Sebidoo says:

    iPad 2 user here. Main issue for me with 8.0.2 is overall sluggishness and lagging when entering text in online forms. Other issues that were not present with iOS 7.x for me include losing cellular connection, apps crashes, and unstable web browser.

    1. L Sheridan says:

      Completely agree, ipad user here, very sluggish, losing connection, can’t close website you were looking at on safari anymore, the X to close it is gone in the new release, tons of problems with pinterest and other apps, really really frustrating because there was nothing wrong with the old ios for me.

  2. Brian Hedley says:

    Stuck with ios 8.0.2 on iPhone 4s no wifi no Bluetooth. Using 3G all apps running at snails pace and eating up 3G allowance so have turned 3G off and am left with a very expensive phone on which I can make calls or send messages. Have purchased iPhone 6 but afraid to upload backup in case problems will are imported. I also have an iPad 2 with iOS 8.0.2 is running fine if very slowly but at least I have wifi. Need urgent fix from Apple surely with the profits they have they could offer the choice to backport to iOS 7.x.x or stay as you are depending on your needs until issues are resolved.

  3. Tiff says:

    My phone deltes wifi connection and will not connect to it again unless I restart my phone. Switched from iPhone 5 to iphone 6 to get nothing but troubles out of it.. Really need to fix all of the issues and allow people to do more with there messaging!

  4. Dan says:

    iPhone 6 user here, absolutely no issues with 8.0.2 .. Apart from 1 tiny little issue in text messages where it still says inbox(1) even after the message is read.

  5. Kate says:

    On top of every other issue, every single text message that I send (NOT including iMessages) comes back to me as a new incoming text. My own freaking texts. I can’t wait for the Sony Xperia Z3v. I’m done, Apple!

  6. michael says:

    IPhone 6 plus user here.
    I can’t send pictures from the messages app.
    Have to go into the pictures app and do it from there.
    Not too fussed but it would be a nice fix

  7. Annoyed with Apple says:

    I’m taking screenshots of my iPhone 8.02 issues!! 08.29 since last full charge, usage 3hrs12mins, standby 8hrs 39mins & it’s been switched off overnight due to battery drain. I’m still getting 56% “Home & Lock Screen” @56% last 7 days average 53%.
    It’s rubbish & what are Apple doing to fix these issues???? iPad battery is fine, but has issues with not being able to change sounds for texts, new mail etc, currently they are all on None, but still playing sounds, not sorted that out yet, in progress.
    Fed up with Apple, not helping us with the issues, it’s an expensive mobile, but not behaving that way!!
    Come on Apple get it fixed, no longer have trust in your company, these current issues need to be fixed before 8.1 comes out!!!!! Bring back iOS 7 because it worked with minimal issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mike says:

    I am still running IOS 8 and my iPhone 6 and battery are running just fine. I refuse to do any updates until these bugs are 100% fixed. I don’t want my phone to lose wifi connectivity or have my battery drained.

  9. Ios8isabust says:

    iPhone 5s: whenever I delete a text, it doesn’t remove the time stamp. So if I sent a text at 5:30 and a text at 5:45, then delete the text at 5:45, it still shows the conversation at 5:45 from the Messages home screen.

    1. jeff says:

      iphone 5s user here. i have 2 iphone 5s, 64gb and 32gb, both running on 8.0.2 with no major issues, perhaps a tad sluggish. the ipad 4 is another story all together, pretty much a mixture of symptoms as discussed here with about 30% of my apps not working properly and now no longer my work tool but a gaming box for my wifey.

  10. hiyadc says:

    Ok, I bought an iPad Air a week ago , updated to iOS 8.0.2 , the iPad immediately started to freeze , lose wi-fi , so I took it back and got a replacement. I left the new one on iOS 7.1.2 for a few days and it ran perfectly, so I thought I’d update to iOS 8.0.2 , as soon as I did it screwed the replacement iPad up also, again wifi was almost impossible, iPad froze. It was then very apparent iOS 8.0.2 was screwing the iPad Air up. So I took it back and got a SECOND replacement as it was still in the first 14 days of purchase. This time however I wasn’t dumb enough to upgrade to iOS 8.0.2, and I never will update again. iOS 7.1.2 runs like a dream. The lesson is this, stick with the iOS your device came with ! New iOS upgrades aren’t designed with your device in mind , simply Apple are only concerned with them working on NEW devices. If it’s helpful to those whom can’t replace their devices and have wifi issues, the solution is to disable your wi-fi running on 5Ghz and in doing so it will connect only to 2.4Ghz , this ensures your wifi connection stays, especially true for BT infinity customers. This however will not solve the sluggishness or freezing up of your device, but it will stay connected to your wi-fi. REMEMBER THE LESSON , never update the iOS, stick with the one your device came with as that iOS was optimised for that particular device, new iOS operating systems are for NEW devices , I learnt the hard way , and so have millions of others . iOS 8 and all it’s tweaks is designed for the iPhone 6 and new iPad’s coming out on the 16th October.

  11. Chan says:

    Okay so Ive got an iPhone 5C that was working perfectly fine when it was still on iOS7 but suddenly became slow after I upgraded it to iOS8. My phone is laggy and some apps are starting to crash. While I open videos and stuff with audio in Facebook, Twitter , etc. the audio disappears even after I turn my ringer on. Some of my apps are really buggy. I sure do hope my concerns and all of the other iOS users concerns will be addressed as soon as possible.

  12. Glock says:

    iphone 5s 64gb
    I have some 6,000 music files on my phone and basicly it said i had 4 gb of memory , available after a week of deleting photos, text, email messages etc etc i got a message saying my device is nearly full of its total memory. I also noted that the finger print sensor only seemed to function properly for a couple of days before having to re- install a new finger print. When plugged into iTunes it said in the status bar 10.6 gb ( Other ) i deleted all my music, photos etc and went down to the bare minimum and still it said 10.6gb ( other)

    I phoned apple the tech guy was very good, he said he had the same issue

    The problem is OTHER means deleted items not being deleted correctly by the device , the old me to Wipe ALL contents of my phone and re-install etc Which i did i noticed the 10.6 ( other ) was gone and put my music back etc all is now fine

    Was told apple are aware and that there will be a fix

  13. Patrick G says:

    20 days for a fix? Forget it Apple. 4 devices in our home but NEVER again. Unacceptable customer service..remember that now ghost product Blackberry?

  14. Leigh says:

    To improve the speed of images loading, fix the wifi issues and fix the cellular connectivty for my iphone 4S….NOW!!!! Not acceptable for such a big company, very disappointing. I am never buying Apple products again. I used to have Samsung and Sony products all the time but tried the iphone as a change- NEVER AGAIN! Apple you suck.

  15. MTT says:

    After update signal strengh falling every ten minutes, 6gb cellular usage in one week on wifi!!! Restart while call si running (i hear the voice in speaker and phone is restarting :D) sometime keyboard si missing, in messages the search function is not working one time in Apple repair and no change!!!!!!!

  16. grumpycynic! says:

    Can Apple please explain why their “upgrades” cause so many problems? My iPad2 has gone from being a pleasure to use, to being a clunky, slow, unusable piece of junk since I installed iOS 8.0.2. I am now thinking of using it as a door stop, and buying a Samsung product to replace it! No more Apple!

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