iOS 8.0.2 problems persist, fix hope with 8.1


There have been a lot of improvements with Apple’s iOS 8 but we have also seen many issues reported from iPhone and iPad users, and these have continued since 8.0.2 was made available. We have been inundated with comments and emails from readers and it’s clear that many are frustrated. However, iOS 8.0.2 problems persist and now we can only hope that there will be some fixes with iOS 8.1.

We’ve reported on this saga since the release of iOS 8 and subsequent updates 8.0.1 and 8.0.2, and have been calling for fixes with an iOS 8.0.3 update before the arrival of 8.1. The list of complaints is long and they are also evident in discussions on Apple support forums and on social media. Just some of the problems concern cellular connectivity, Bluetooth, WiFi, iMessage, apps freezing, random crashes, and battery drain, with many other issues also being noted.

These are being reported to us by users across different devices, for the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, 5C and 5S, iPhone 6 and also iPads, and when iOS 8.1 was announced as being in beta we hoped that iOS 8.0.3 with some fixes would arrive first. However, at Thursday’s Apple event where we saw the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 introduced, we also learned that Apple would be releasing 8.1 on Monday October 20, so now we can only hope that this will include some fixes rather than 8.0.3.

We have received hundreds of comments to our previous posts about these iOS 8 problems and every day we receive more, so we sincerely hope that at least some of them will soon be resolved. For example one reader said yesterday, “For two years I used my iphone 5 without a single problem. I updated to 8.0 and immediately the phone went into cellular “searching” mode. I updated to the 8.0.1 fix. Did not fix. Updated to 8.0.2 and since I have had to reinstall the phone’s firmware on average every two days. My phone is both my personal phone and my work phone and this is so frustrating. If Apple doesn’t come out with a fix soon I am going to find another phone.”

iOS 8.0.2 problems persist b

Earlier today another reader said, “I have the iPhone 5s. After I downloaded 8.2 my phones been out of whack. It crashes out, it’s super super slow even with wifi, the calibration is off, and it wiggs out when it’s on the charger. I can’t even message much lately because if I try to type a “A” it will type a “G” or something. These problems need to be fixed cause it’s hard to even use my phone anymore.” We wish we could say that these kinds of comments are only coming in small numbers but that’s not the case, and many iOS device users are making themselves quite clear about how they feel Apple has let them down and how they want fixes now.

At Thursday’s event we heard software changes offered with iOS 8.1 would bring the public beta of iCloud Photo Library for everyone, Apple Pay (for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus), and restore the camera roll. The next update is also expected to include some bug fixes to solve some of the many issues and glitches still apparent with iOS 8.0.2, but we’ll have to wait for the iOS 8.1 release on Monday to find out more.

In the meantime we’d like to hear from readers about this. Have you had issues with your iPad or iPhone with iOS 8.0.2? Were you expecting iOS 8.0.3 with fixes before now, or are you just hopeful that iOS 8.1 will resolve the problems? Do let us know by sending your comments.


84 thoughts on “iOS 8.0.2 problems persist, fix hope with 8.1”

  1. Dem says:

    Starting today for some odd freaking reason, my iPad and iPhone 6 (both on 8.0.2) won’t connect to wifi. I keep getting the “incorrect password” pop up. Yesterday and the days previous everything was peachy. Just today nothing wants to connect. I restarted my router, resetting my networks setting on both devices, even restored my iPad and set it up as “new,” nothing has worked. I’m starting to think it’s a sign to jump off the Apple bandwagon and go somewhere else.

  2. JimPossible says:

    Moved my contract to sim only just before iOS 8 came out as I was happy with my iPhone 4s. Upgraded the OS and now left with a paperweight on a year’s contract. Apps crash out all the time, Wifi performance atrocious, predictive text’s great in theory, but even over my rock solid 80 Mbps home broadband I’m often onto the next word before it’s caught up with what I’m typing, rendering it totally pointless. And before anyone says it’s my old phone the Wifi issue’s exactly the same on my wife’s iPhone 6. Really really disappointed and reinforces my opinion that Apple’s glory days are finished.

  3. putupon says:

    My iPad Air when using safari or chrome unable to connect to page no internet yet my MacBook is fully functionable so it must be the ipad ,when it tries to connect I just get the whirling symbol,the pad continually freezes drops out of apps,I have to keep signing in with password,this iOS 8.0.2 is rubbish,I never had a problem with iOS 7

  4. Stavros says:

    My iPad Air has horrendous wifi connection problems on any browser. Its rendered it pretty much unusable. No fixes appear to work (resetting router/channels etc..) I was just appalled at the U2 but the recent IOS update are taking the ****.

  5. Sadie says:

    My iPad’s wifi is fine, but apps are jumpy and random crashes occur. Typing is out of synch, but these problems are nothing compared to the ones on my new iPhone 6. The wifi is practically nonexistent despite trying all the advice on sites. Like a previous post, I’ll be getting rid of my phone and moving over to Samsung. Apple has made a complete hash of the launch of their all singing all dancing phone when the basics don’t work.

  6. schroedpot says:

    My iPad 2 has become annoyingly sluggish since updating to iOS 8.0.2. Seconds-long freezes and very unresponsive. 60+ pages of similar comments on the Apple support forums. I love everything Apple, a user for 20+ years, but this does not reflect well on the brand.

  7. Scubaal says:

    Ipad2 cellular drops, slow, random crashes 8.0.2. This is rubbish. we have advised our org of 3000 people not to update any IOS devices until further notice. priority for Apple should be to FIX the bugs – not add new dubious value features into 8.1

  8. carmenanders says:

    Since installing 8.0.2 I’ve had to restore my iPhone 5s 3 times after it keeps going into Searching… for my network. It’s just gone again so tomorrow’s restore will be the 4th time. The restores are fraught because they come up with a problem regarding activation of the phone, I just have to keep restarting the restore until it eventually works. I’ve always been a strong supporter of Apple but I’m really considering investing in a different make of phone after this experience.

  9. John says:

    My I pad 2 is just a pain to work with , just feels very sluggish , deleted all the apps made no difference, only started happening with 8.0.2 . It’s just not nice to work with, at least I just got my new nokia 930 phone, works great and I think I treat my self to a new Microsoft tablet, pitty as I uses to like Apple but I can’t put up with this, meaning no more Apple tv no more Iphone and no more iPad. I have just made the big switch

  10. Nicole says:

    I have an ipad 2 and have had a number of problems. Including: I can have a strong wifi but can’t connect to safari; when i use google to search the keyboard always disappears while I’m typing; apps especially facebook are very slow to open….these are just a few problems, I won’t even get into the so-called “improvements” that are basically crap.

  11. sherine says:

    I have an iPhone 4s and here’s a problem of mine. I have a strong wifi connection at home but unfortunately my phone is the only one that can’t connect to the wifi. That wifi symbol sometimes appear and sometimes it isn’t but in my MacBook Pro works finely. After updating to ios 8 my wifi connection works nothing and this disappointed me a lot. this is no such an improvement to me at all. please and please solve this matter as soon as possible!

  12. Ashri Rachmawati says:

    I installed my iPhone 5s to iOS 8.0.2 but then I lost my cellular connectivity. And then I sent it to apple authorized service center and need to wait for a week to get my phone and my iOS 7 back

  13. Dr Shivam Gahlaut says:

    I purchased a brand new iphone5s. Soon it updated to ios 8.0.2. Now my whatsapp is taking to long to show me profile pics and sometimes it doesnt load video.. M frustrated and thinking of note 4

  14. Brenda says:

    IPad Air bought just this year – working beautifully until stupidly upgraded from OS 7.0.2 to OS 8.02. Keyboard not working or incredible lag most of the time, apps stop working, Safari frequently freezes up – half the time trying to use the web on my tiny iPhone 4s that thank goodness did not upgrade since 7.0.4! And Ican’t even get chat from apple support to work on the iPad. Hate hate hate this OS!!!!

  15. Mmagpie1952 says:

    My iPad mini retina display, less than a year old, is so sluggish, it’s become impossible to use. In Safari, if often will not respond. Touch screen sluggis and will not open links in Safari for up to a minute or two after a search. Touch sluggish in apps as well. It used to be quite responsive.
    Also random crashes and complete system restarts. Problems with alternate keyboard cycling…I use three alternate keyboards, but instead of cycling through ‘1’ ‘2’ ‘3’ it goes ‘3’ ‘2’ ‘3’ ‘2’ ‘1’.
    Also have problems with orientation. It is extremely sluggish changing from landscape to portrait. I have to giggle it back and forth it takes forever to swap.

  16. Kuven says:

    I’ve updated to 8.0.2 2 days ago, and since then my apps don’t freeze , it just kicks me out bout 2 secs after I go into an app. Internet connectivity is slow , even with wifi. The browser freezes when typing. This is so annoying. Been using Apple for the last 5 years now – but if this persists – will have the consider other makes of phone that are less volatile to software patches

  17. Junior says:

    My iPad has turned into a slow and annoying machine after the apdate. It freezes a lot, typing an email takes ages and crashes a lot which is very frustrating.
    Apps hardly works right now and when I open a certain app it freezes and then crashes :(. I have reboot the iPad a few times but is doesn’t work.

  18. ipad misery says:

    updated to 8.0.2 a few days ago now battery drain in 1 hour, outlook app hangs or takes ages to download messages, sends 2 copies into sent folder. All apps extremely slow. Sensitivity of touchscreen severely diminshed, have to keep pressing to get apps and links to work. Keyboard suddenly inaccurate. Apps randomly freeze or crash. Swearing quota has been exceeded!

  19. UsedToHVeAniPad says:

    Wifi problems in iPad Air. Used to work fine and I loved it with iOS 7 but now I spend more time seeing that spinning wheel than actually doing things on it. If I need to look up something quickly I use my laptop now and use my iPad for pre downloaded books, PDFs etc.

  20. Apple disillusioned says:

    My iPad 2 has become as useful as a brick since installing iOS 8. Microsoft has the blue washing machine of death and Apple now has the the eternal petals of death! I have tried to find a solution but wearing the screen out tapping away trying to get it to respond. I never thought I’d say this, but I t is quicker to turn on the desktop pc! My iPhone 4s is no better. Maybe it’s time to look at other products 😳

  21. Dr. At says:

    Well unlike many of the readers, I don’t have major problems with ios 8.0.2 neither with ios 8. Yes it glitches sometimes. Yes it kicks me out of apps sometimes but other than that everything works just fine and smooth. I’m currently using iPhone 6 plus. I hope the new update on Monday fixes everything. I’m gonna love the Apple pay 😊

  22. David says:

    I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 8.0.2. I have an ‘elevated’ support query re Wi-Fi problems which has not got an answer yet. I have full restored to back ups and to new phone. Nothing works. I have an iMac, iPad, three iPhones (2 of which work fine), an iPod and an apple TV. I am a high end computer and iPhone user and I am very annoyed.

  23. TB says:

    iPad 4 user: Never liked iOS 8, after upgrading from iOS 7, but it kinda worked. However, since 8.0.2 upgrade my magazine apps won’t load, they won’t update or restore subscriptions. Safari works, so it is not connectivity issue as far as I can tell. Really really hate iOS 8, don’t like the look of it, and definitely don’t like the bugs. Fortunately I have a trustworthy MS Windows desktop computer (Win7, definitely not Win8)

  24. Shweepies says:

    I have recently updated both my iPhone 5 and my iPad mini with IOS 8.0.2 my phone is running fine however my iPad will not load certain apps, my internet is running at a snails pace and the apps I can get to open bug out within 5 minutes making my iPad unusable I am very frustrated as I only baught the mini a couple of weeks ago and now it seems I’m having to wait for Apple to fix these bugs, seriously considering getting an android tablet instead

  25. five68 says:

    I’m pretty happy with ios8 and my ipad2. This reminds me the very first days of the Internet, back in 1992. Like waiting the web page to show up, or the browser becoming totally irresponsive when a big image was downloaded. Or even the impossibility to switch between tabs. Of course at the time there were not tabs, but now with iOS8, it’s really like there are no tabs either. As a bonus, my ipad looks like Windows 95. Plug and pray. Random, inexplicable crashes, black screen, no screen, email with no emails – so scared I had lost everythings – but after 30 sec of unbearable suspense, boom they are all back. What a relief. icing on the cake: typing keys on the url bar and just waiting a few seconds that they APPEAR ! Amazing, what a nice feature, reminds me so much of 1995.

    Ok, now that the fun is over, when the F…K do I get my iPad to work before I upgraded it ?. This version is such a P…E of S…T that you’d believe they hired Microsoft product manager. Features you don’t want that F…K UP those you need.

    This is going to be the LAST Apple product I’m going to buy if this giant S….W UP isn’t fixed.

  26. Moody4 says:

    My wife and I have iPhones and an iPad. We have had a fun time since installing 8.0.2. This morning phone calls are coming over the iPad which have never happened before. If it weren’t for the cost we would get rid of apple and go to Samsung. To bad Steve died, quality has gone way down hill. I own AAPL stock and if this keeps up will be selling it, come on Apple your reputation is at stake!

  27. Ian d says:

    Significant problems on my iPad
    Lack of 3G despite repeat resetting.
    Keeps crashing.
    Internet extremely slow.
    Yet another disastrous update.
    Last time I updated to iOS 6 Apple gave me anew ipad as wifi was lost and could never be sorted.

  28. mrs angry says:

    Very frustrating since upgrade no trouble at all before I have to take my charger to work with me for my I phone 4 as it runs out half way thru day today it just died altogether can’t charge it at all now so have to wait to take it in to shop as I’m still paying for it

  29. Min C says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with their keyboard? Whenever I use my key board it comes up to far and I have it nearly in the middle of my screen. Please say if anyone else is having this problem

  30. robomega says:

    ipad 2 crashing all the time,freezing , and making it impossible to use on most of the time was great until iOS 8 , I have two iPhones one will not turn on any more since last update or restore the other crashes and drops signal and battery draining very fast. my imac which is 8 yrs old never let me down what is apple doing.

  31. Big Biche says:

    iphone 6 plus keeps dropping known wifi connections. Have to keep restarting phone until it finally re-connects. Apple used to be the epitome of tech, sadly it has fallen far from the Steve Jobs days……

  32. Maria Powell says:

    Ipad 2 has turned from a friend into a foe. Freezes all the time. Horrendous delay from key strokes to action. Apps crash out regularly. Impossible to work since iOS 8.0.2 update. I’m grieving.

  33. Steve Rolfe says:

    All of our work ipads that are 1st and 2nd generation continually loss Cell connectivity. Sometimes a restart of the device brings it back – but even if it does, very shortly it drops out again. EXTREMELY frustrating !!! Let’s hope 8.1 fixes this… waiting for the update (tonight ?)

  34. Mikee says:

    Wifi on my 5s went to hell with 8.02! I hope 8.1 is the fix! I have to go to airplane mode for a few seconds them reconnect which helps for a few minutes. Samsung looking better everyday.

  35. David Mason says:

    I’ve told all my friends not to update to ioS 8. My Ipad2 is a faint shadow of how it performed with ioS 7. Never again will I upgrade until others throw themselves forward as guinea pigs. Apple must be thoroughly ashamed of its software testing. I now use Chrome browser because Safari is so sluggish and unresponsive. I can select items after a Google search on Safari and the system does not even respond. Gestures don’t work properly in general. I continually need to reset so as to regain 3G access. For some reason ioS causes it to lose 3G access. After resetting I also need to re-ennter all wifi access codes. This ioS 8 has turned my Ipad2 into garbage. I just wish they would let us return to ioS 7 when I daily sang praises about my wonderful Ipad2…

  36. Julian Grant says:

    Ever since the 8.0.2 update I have had the same recurring problem with my iPhone 5. I have been unable to unlock it using the passcode, the screen simply freezes after I hit the first number. If I keep trying, often leaving the phone untouched for several minutes I do eventually get in to my phone. I can continue once I am in the phone that it simply won’t accept any instruction from my fingers. I have now had to discard the use of a password and use Siri to open apps. I’ve been with Apple a long time now and if this isn’t fixed by the upcoming update then I’m moving to an HTC telephone.

  37. Jericho Vll says:

    Damn i had wifi problem & phone will just auto restart it ownself & apps freezing. when i using iphone 5S , IOS 7 , no issues at all , since i download IOS 8 to my iphone 5S , alot issues come out , i sell my brand new iphone 5S, SGD 530 buck . which i lost SGD 458. cause i bought my iphone 5S from apple store SGD 988 buck Gold 16 GB. Staring i though is phone problem,I immediately sold it away. End up is those stupid software problem. Apple i’m totally frustrated & cant tolerance about this problem. i told my friend’s get SAMSUNG BETTER NOTE 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Jericho Vll says:

    i had read to solve wifi problem & cellular connectivity. to restart your network setting , but this issues cant even solve it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY APPLE YOU GUY;S BETTER SOLVE THIS PROBLEM ASAP. WE BOUGHT YR ITEM & SPENT A BOMB, end up we got this type of issues. so doesn’t it mean, u guy’s are earning our blood $. & dont gave a damn ???

  39. Jericho Vll says:

    Damn i had wifi problem & phone will just auto restart it ownself
    & apps freezing. when i using iphone 5S , IOS 7 , no issues at all ,
    since i download IOS 8 to my iphone 5S , alot issues come out , i sell
    my brand new iphone 5S, from apple store SGD 988 buck, i sell
    away immediately . which i lost SGD 458. cause i though is phone
    problem, End up is those stupid software problem. Apple i’m totally
    frustrated & cant tolerance about this problem. i told my friend’s
    get SAMSUNG BETTER NOTE 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had read APPLE
    SUPPORT solve wifi problem & cellular connectivity. to restart your
    network setting , but this issues cant even solve it.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY APPLE YOU GUY;S BETTER SOLVE THIS
    type of issues. so doesn’t it mean, u guy’s are earning our blood $.
    & dont gave a damn ???

  40. Spoolinup says:

    I’ve had issues mainly on my ipad2, which is super slow, takes forever for apps to open or close, says I have “no service” until I reset network settings, which only lasts for a few minutes before “no network” shows again, and Safari can’t load anything, constantly saying it has to reload the information. My iPhone 5 has not been near as bad, but battery has been draining SUPER fast, and Safari has been getting the “reload” screen, but sporadically compared to my iPad 2. I’ve loved all my Apple products, but with my upgrade for phone available, I will wait for iOS to be corrected, or I’ll switch to android(please don’t let this happen Apple!!!!)

  41. Jade says:

    Had issues with my iPad mini after update to 8.0.2 now can’t stream anything anymore and everything ells is really slow. Pages keep refreshing. Sooo frustrating!

  42. Ange says:

    I have the 4s and since i have updated to the ios 8, my phone and i havrnt been in good terms! When im typing its really slow, and starts lagging and it will freeze for a few seconds When im using an app it closes on me right after opening in within the first fee seconds of it being downloaded!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS! Its frustrating! I want to go a few updates back. No problem with any of the updates back then or with my phone. Ive have this phone for 5 years and within just a month of the update Im really ticked off that I decided to update it.

  43. Mohammed Rizwan says:

    i am having issues with IOS 8.0.2 the main problem is the signal goes off all of a sudden and then the phone gets hanged/stuck for sometime,i never had this problem earlier it was going on smoothly i hope that the new update fixes all the bug and we will be happy again,otherwise Samsung is always an option

  44. K M says:

    Downloaded IOS 8.0.2 on iPad 2 and on iPhone 5S. E-mail app cannot be used anymore on either of my two devices : if I try to open the app, it crashes straight back to the device’s home screen.
    Tried to delete the mail account and re-set (under “other”) and it won’t take it, crashes back to home screen again.
    Battery dies down after a few hours even when device is hardly used. Can’t even use phone to set alarm for the morning because battery’s flat in the middle of the night.
    HELP !

  45. MC says:

    Very frustrating! I installed 8.0.2 on my ipad mini air and have have on and off issues with the WiFi. It is incredibly frustrating, sometimes it works, sometimes it can not hold on to the WiFi network (even losing the saved password). I’ve tried some suggested fixes like network settings reset and disabling WiFi networking services but nothing wrks…. I really don’t want to have to do a factory reset but I’m tempted. Please let us know if the 8.1 update fixes this issue! Thanks

  46. Angela says:

    My Iphone6 keeps forgetting wifi passwords, then I am unable to connect. It stays on for a couple of days then drops out and refuses to reconnect. I changed my user name and wifi password my home router and that fixed it for a day now it refuses to go back on. My 3G data is being used up fast…

  47. Hiba says:

    I have very much problems in my iPhone 6 in cellular connectivity, Bluetooth, WiFi, iMessage, apps freezing,crashes, and battery drain, with many other issues also being noted.

  48. Jim716 says:

    I downloaded 8.01 to my iPad 2 and almost immediately experienced 3 problems: battery drain, intermittant loss of cellular service, and Safari being really slow. Installed 8.02, but that didn’t fix any of the three. Finally went to the local Apple Store, where the technician told me I needed a “clean” install of 8.02, which he did. This fixed the battery drain immediately, and appeared to fix Safari, but meant I had to restore all of the 80 or so apps with logins and passwords, and it took most of one day to do that. I still have to restart the device once or twice per day to regain Cell service, though I had to restart it four times yesterday. Safari is getting progressively slower. I have hope for 8.1, but I won’t install it for a couple of weeks, to see what the reaction is. I certainly have lost faith in Apple. Somewhere out there, Steve Jobs must be having fits.

  49. Steve says:

    I have the iphone 6 and constantly dropping my wifi signal. I have to either re start the phone or reset network settings to get it back. I am also dropping phone signal all the time to where it says No Service. The signal is weak all the time everywhere I go. I am also having issues with the battery life. I am not using the phone much at all and by the end of the day its completely drained. There are definitely weird things going on with this phone since my iphone 4s did not have these issues at all. I guess going to the Apple Store wont solve my problem with a new phone since it is probably a software issue. Please Apple fix my phone or I am going to get ride of it for a Samsung.

  50. Jayslap says:

    I just got my new iphone 6 today after having my iphone 4 for 5 years with not a single problem. On my iphone 4 I learned my lesson with updates after my very first update, the phone went from working perfectly to having problems. I thought why did I bother updating my phone when there were no problems. The next time I updated and had no problems was the last time I ever updated. Today is the first time I’ve had problems since that happened 5 years ago. The first problem was 5 minutes after I paid for the phone trying to connect to the Bluetooth in my car, and then 15 min after that trying to connect to my wifi at home. After messing around for an hour I finally got connected and that’s when I had problem after problem setting everything up, constantly dropping connection. Here we go with the bull+*^%

  51. Crafty1Fun says:

    I have had my 4s for nearly 3 years now with very few problems. But now I can’t hang up on lots of my calls. I use my phone for my work so this is really embarrassing at times. My last call I had to turn of the phone to hang up as the person on the other end couldn’t hang up either. I am also finding the phone has slowed to a crawl when it comes to using some of the apps and even attempting to send a reply to a text. I hope they sort it out very soon.

  52. Graeme says:

    My I pad 2 has gone from a amazing work tool to a heap of junk since update 8.01 and 8.02 it freezes, doesn’t connect, flicks off apps, doesn’t respond on screen touch, battery power loss, PLUSS some.The result is go back to my trusty windows laptop. I have a Samsung Galaxy phone and was waiting for I phone 6 to compliment my I pad, but re think. Disgusted they released updates (they shouldn’t be called that) without testing and putting there customers through all this trouble.

  53. Mickybn says:

    My Ipad 2 has become an unreliable heap of junk since uploading to Ios 8.1 intermittant screen touch, keeps dropping out watching films and utube. Keeps asking for my provider user password. And generally being unreliable trying to link onto nearby other users provider signals. I AM REALLY GETTING UPSET. WHAT USED TO BE A JOY TO USE MAKES ME THINK I AM BACK WITH WINDOWS.
    Please Apple get it sorted.

  54. MissyLela says:

    I have an iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPad 4. All working beautifully with absolutely no issues at all till iOS 8. Am so looking to getting a Samsung Galaxy note and passing off the Apple products to my grandchildren who will never know the difference between a successful Apple product from a Thingy that sometimes works.

  55. Rogue says:

    Loaded 8.1 onto my iPad this morning and I’ve pretty much had enough. Windows won’t swipe close, Apps close after a few seconds. What a shambles. Wish we could return to pre version 8.

  56. Jeff Nelson says:

    loaded iOS 8.1 yesterday. I keep dropping cell service. Then to three bars, then two bars (dots), then No Service. Then Service again comes back. All while I sitting all morning in the same spot. my home office. this is awful. Mised three calls today – – which i only got the voicemail notification for. Phone never rang. Haven’t had this probelm before.

  57. DjavadiA says:

    I was not aware of this problem until I bought a new iPad 4 two days ago. I did the start up and I was asked to download iOS 8.1 which I did. And there my problems started. The iPad is now slow, though new, and some Apps such as Facebook simply don’t want to download. It constantly says WAITING. I can’t even delete those apps. It is strange that Apple doesn’t send a new iOS release to fix these issues. Very frustrating that we are left to search the forums and support communities ourselves. By the way, on my mini iPad and my iPhone I also have 8.1. The mini iPad is okay but the iPhone is now also slow so that once I decided to change to Samsung. But now I am hoping Apple will no longer wait to send a fix to everybody.

  58. Frustrated iPhone user says:

    IPhone 4s updated few days ago and has crashed 2 times already ! Wish I knew what i know now 3 weeks ago when I ordered my iPhone 6 ! iOS software sucks as far as I know! Maybe I will return the iPhone 6 within the allowed time.

  59. Looby says:

    Did the iOS 8.0 update. Ipad then started running slow. Internet wasn’t responding when I tried to select a page and when it did it took an age to load. My ipad was super fast before this update.
    I have tried to delete some unwanted apps on page one and after holding the app the delete x sign won’t show and can’t delete the app. Try this on page 2 of my apps and the delete sign shows and no problem deleting. What’s going on. Have done the iOS 8.1 update but no better. Have reset wifi and Internet still runs slow. Wish I had never touched that update icon!!!!!
    Thinking of doing a factory reset.

  60. Jigglepin says:

    Have an iPad mini and updated to iOS 8.1. Safari now as slow as a Nissan Micra and keyboard disappears after entering the 1st character in the Google address bar. Urghh, get a grip Apple!

  61. Leo6997 says:

    If you upgrade to IOS8.1 it is a good idea to do a General Reset to clear all held settings from previous versions and of all Apps so you have a clean Start. ENSURE you have all you passwords and access code to routers/modems etc. BEFORE You do this because it will clear them too. It will help with all sorts of 8.1 “irritations”.

  62. Lucgam says:

    My ipad2 frequently freezes up after downloading 8.0.2. It also sometimes is very touchy and other times no matter hoe hard you touch screen nothing happens. It also much slower when browsing Internet. It is very frustrating. I will not buy another Apple product.

  63. Elizabeth Jensen says:

    I have iPhone 6 plus. Today while typing on Facebook it really lagged and I couldn’t use the x to delete words. Really annoying. I have iOS 8.1

  64. Kenny Surtees says:

    I’ve had my iPad 2 for 18 months now and I’ve had no problems until recently. Every time I send an email my iPad keeps cutting out, which is most frustrating indeed. I’ve no idea why nor do I have the answer

  65. Doe says:

    I had the same issue on “searching mode”. Tried connecting it to itunes, unable to activate and restore due to the issue. Proceeded to dfu restore, restoration failed. Power mac service center said that i should replace my phone under exchange price. Its so disappointing.

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