Advanced Warfare app Android and iOS problems reported


Just yesterday we were pleased to be able to inform readers that the Call of Duty: Advance Warfare app was now available. This is a companion app to the console game and it’s aimed at optimizing your overall experience when playing. However, we’ve now started to see Advanced Warfare app Android and iOS problems reported, although we don’t know if these are widespread or simply teething issues.

You can see our previous article with links to the Android, iOS and Windows Phone versions of the app here. It’s a free app, but taking a look at the app descriptions on Google Play and the App store reveals mixed user reviews. Among the comments there are many complaints from users about various issues with the app, some that regard the app not working properly and others wanting certain improvements.

For example on the App Store one commenter says, “Just downloaded the app, and none of my prestige stats are showing, my operator is not current as well, deleted the app twice and still to no avail. I can log in with no issue, except when i go to log in using my “psn” account, then i get an error. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.” Another app user says, “While it is very fast and looks great, it handles like a second rate app. One should be able to view their operator in a 3D, 360 degree view like Ghosts. Emblem editor is too difficult, menus should drop after you have made selection. Would like to access my loadouts and manage them.”

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Over on the Google Play Store there are numerous concerns raised about the Advanced Warfare app. One person wrote today, “Very bad. Can’t even log in. Just takes me back to the same place every time I enter my credentials. Update: Still can’t log in with my psn account.” Another player commented today, “Borderline Functional. Seems like a pretty decent companion app, it’s just a shame that it barely works. “LOAD ERROR – RETRY” ad infinitum.”

Another Android version user comments, “Fixed logout issue but has other bugs. Some menus have errors trying to load, emblem editor is not intuitive and I can’t look in depth at my stats. Please fix for five stars!” Many of the commenters have only given the app a 1 or 2 star rating, although there are others who are more impressed and would just like a few minor improvements.

As we said at the start of this article, this could just be some isolated incidents of various difficulties app users are facing. However, it could be that the problems are more widespread, and that’s where you come in. We’d really like to hear from readers who have already downloaded and tried out the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare app.

Has everything gone smoothly for you when using this app? If not, what kind of issues have you been experiencing and are you using the Android or iOS version? What are your overall thoughts on the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare app, problems or no problems?


13 thoughts on “Advanced Warfare app Android and iOS problems reported”

  1. Kris Hulstein says:

    I spent 2 hours yesterday making a new custom emblem on the app and saved it like 10 times. It was still on my phone at night when I looked, but then when I turned my xbox one on I didn’t see it there, so I went back to my app and it deleted everything I had and synced with what I had on my xbox, which was nothing.

  2. Marek Szatanik says:

    The app isn’t working on my android system, or even couple of my friends’ systems. It starts loading and when the main menu starts to build up, it closes. It happens every time. I can’t do anything and it’s just disappointing. It should be available through web browser on Windows 7 systems, like any other apps from different games. But it seems Activision does not care about people that do not use mobile devices (or can’t afford them). It’s a shame.

  3. Discus-jay says:

    Hum the app has the same generic problems as the last app clan Xp bar is not live it takes 3-5 days to adjust your gained clan xp a group of us were on 4 clan members we won 10 games straight no clan Xp was awarded we have been playing now 4 a week an hay presto we got 100 Xp for the clan with 55 winning games of more than 2 players ? It’s slow to update your player profile and shows the operator you used last week not the one you are using now clan chat still is not working you post a message should it not tell other members that you posted ? They said it would ! Above that the game it self lags like mad ! Here are my honest thoughts they say on there web site what would we like to see? New guns new camos here is my answer NO I would like to see an app that works and a game that’s worth the £100 pound needed to be a clan leader with a season pass the app might be free but the game is not and you can’t run a clan wars doth out the app … Poor as always they should return to a console app as a back up to the mobile app

    1. Discus-jay says:

      This is the same as the last app it cost us our red tags as we are not getting the Xp that we should I complained last season to beachhead studios and Hurd nothing back .. Where as other clans gave me information that they were getting more Xp than they should have got without double clan xp and had got there red tags 3 times as fast it’s not fair how it works out like that I even went out last year to buy an iPhone 5s for the app so all in all I payed £700 to be a clan leader an still got robbed by the app I blame activision ! They are the owner of the franchise So the buck stops with them

  4. fracturedchief says:

    the app is broken took 3 nodes with my clan last night and only needed to take 1 win for a fourth node but despite getting 6 or 7 wins we were not credited with a single win.

  5. Tom says:

    I can not even log in to the app with my PSN log in. I click log in with psn details, then enter details and its says “connected to PSN”… but then it asks for all me details and when I type in my email address, it recognises that that account exists and asks for my PSN information again! When I enter the PSN username and password the second time it just shows a loading screen forever (literally, ive let it “load” for a couple of hours yesterday! its doesnt ever log in).
    Any help / advice?

  6. melody723 says:

    Same here!!!! Obviously there’s a huge problem with the operator being shown incorrectly. The App is fast and easy to log in to but that one issue is taunting. I don’t know how to fix it. Ive tried uninstalling and redownloading….. nothing works. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

  7. Andrew Hastings says:

    My app won’t let me sign into my Microsoft account so when I put in all the right account info it sends me back to the sign in screen and also now my clan members are saying I’m not counting in clan wars .

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