iOS 8.1.1 problems stem growing complaints


We’d like to be bringing you better news about Apple’s latest iOS update, but unfortunately the latest iOS 8.1.1 with fixes is a hot topic of complaints from some iPhone and iPad users. iOS 8.1.1. problems are being reported, even though when we updated our devices it was looking fairly promising at first.

The various afflictions that have been affecting some iOS device users are plentiful and well documented. We’ve been writing about issues since iOS 8 first arrived back in September, and with ever update since then. When iOS 8.1.1 released last week focusing on bug fixes, our initial thoughts were that some problems had indeed been resolved and that everything looked like it was going smoothly.

Since September we’ve received literally thousands of comments and emails from our readers in response to different articles about Apple’s iOS. A catalog of issues has been complained about concerning WiFi, cellular connectivity, battery life and much more, and the comments continue to come in on a daily basis. We’ve been having severe problems with our own iPad mini, although for us it was plain sailing with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 but we know this wasn’t the case for everyone.

Our iPad mini had become virtually impossible to use because it had become so slow and also suffered from random crashes, app freezes, and more minor issues such as a glitchy keyboard and problems copying and pasting. When we downloaded the iOS 8.1.1 update we were initially pleased that the severe lagging and copying and pasting glitch seemed to be resolved. However, there are still problems with the keyboard and after time spent with the tablet we’ve realised the speeds are still not as fast as they used to be.

iOS 8.1.1 problems

Although the release notes said that iOS 8.1.1 particularly focused on fixes for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, it also seemed likely that at least some issues would be resolved for other devices as well. Many device users are happy that some of the issues have certainly been fixed, but others are reporting that they are still having problems.

As well as this, users are also noticing fresh difficulties that they weren’t having before. Our readers have been reporting this to us, for example one commented, “Updated my old iPhone 5 to ios 8.1.1 and immediately my mail would not download over WI-FI from any IMAP account – Exchange was fine. It all works with 3G and Edge – but regardless of which WI-FI network I used it failed. No worries I thought – brand new Iphone 6 coming. Opened it. Updated to 8.1.1 and that has the same problem. Grrrr! Brand new phone, which only receives mail eating up my data plan! Not happy!” A look at Apple Support forums shows much more evidence of problems with growing numbers of negative comments.

Some iPhone 4S owners are still having WiFi connectivity issues while some others with the iPhone 5S are having problems with Bluetooth following 8.1.1. Other people are having difficulties with copy/define not turning off or devices getting hot when playing games. We recently informed readers that iOS 8.2 beta 1 had been seeded to developers and the main focus of this is WatchKit support. However, it’s increasingly evident that further fixes are urgently required, and many of us would like to see Apple concentrating on this.

Are you one of the growing numbers of iPad and iPhone users who are having difficulties with iOS 8.1.1? If so, did the issue exist before iOS 8.1.1 or is this a new problem altogether? What device are you using and what is the nature of your concern? Do let us have your comments.


12 thoughts on “iOS 8.1.1 problems stem growing complaints”

  1. Don Gamble says:

    IPhone 5s with iOS 8.1.1. Wifi at home is unusable, but all android on same network are fine with good wifi speed. Have found that disabling Bluetooth fixes wifi (+10 Mbps in speed) at home.

    Add to the strangeness is that the same phone at work gets wifi speeds of 50 Mbps. Enabling Bluetooth at work has a small change, but no where near the impact as at home.

    8.1.1 is better then 8 or 8.1. At home nether of the earlier 8 releases worked no matter what I tried.

    This appears to be a ios / router / Bluetooth / cellular issue. Other differences between work and home are that work has no other wifi interference, where home has many and work has strong cellular signal and home only 1 or 2 bars.

    Only download speeds seem to be impacted. Uploading always maxes out.

    It feels like the iPhone can’t decide on home it is going to connect and keeps trying multiple, resulting in poor wifi.


    1. Guest says:

      My iphone 5s gets hot while using 3G . . . it’s not bothering me at all but I concider this as a problem that occured after updating to iOS 8.1.1 . . . my battery life also decreased even though I turned off every thing that is likely to drain my battery . . . No “background app refresh”, no “location services”, no “cellular data” when it’s not necessary and I still can not finish a day with my iphone turned on . . .

  2. SolidSixx says:

    completely ruined my ipad air 2, will have to factory reset before I’d had a chance to back up its so new. Losing so much stuff its not even funny.

  3. Steve says:

    Ipad 2 email was working fine until I “upgraded” to 8.1.1. Now, when you hit the mail icon, it goes to a blank screen for a few seconds, then back to home screen.

  4. SK says:

    My aunt brightness stopped working and the brightness slider in settings is moved to being under the display and zoom category and I’m using a brand new iPhone 6 with the latest software to date (ios 8.1.1). I’m having issues copying and pasting, issues with apps crashing, music playing randomly and stopping when I’m actually wanting listen to it. This isn’t acceptable. In the four years I’ve had an iPhone, This’s the absolute worst performance I’ve gotten out of one.

  5. Stephen S. Nabet says:

    Hi, my biggest problem is that my iPad 2 air will not sync music correctly. I want to remove all the music from it, but it won’t work whatever I do. I haven’t tried with my iPhone 6. But it might be the same.

  6. Shahriar Arzani says:

    My iphone 5s gets hot while using 3G . . . it’s not bothering me at all but I concider this as a problem that occured after updating to iOS 8.1.1 . . . my battery life also decreased even though I turned off every thing that is likely to drain my battery . . . No “background app refresh”, no “location services”, no “cellular data” when it’s not necessary and I still can’t finish a day with my iphone turned on . . .

  7. Craigy says:

    My ringtones or text tones disappear after a while, goes back to default or if turn phone off they go too, have had no service after a full charge turn phone on get service back again check my sounds and back to default,

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