FIFA 15 Ultimate Team server problems continue to annoy


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team should be a great app, and there are plenty of Android and iOS users who feel it’s just that. However, over the months since the app released we’ve been documenting issues reported by users, many of them complaining about EA servers. Every time an update comes along we hope that these troubles will have been smoothed out, but FIFA 15 UT server problems continue to annoy and we continue to receive comments about this from readers.

Earlier this month we informed readers of the latest iOS app version update bringing Club Owner content. Again we hoped that this would also bring further fixes that are desperately needed, but several days on this doesn’t appear to be the case. On December 9th FIFA 15 UT for Android was also updated, but once again since the update people are still reporting problems.

While there are many minor issues being reported, by far the most common complaint regards connection difficulties. For virtually as long as we can remember FIFA 15 Ultimate Team users have been criticizing EA for its server issues, and to be frank we cannot understand how EA still hasn’t got to grips with this. In the last few days since the latest round of updates for the mobile apps, more emails and comments from our readers are still coming in.

For instance one reader said yesterday, “I cannot play my FIFA whenever I “TAP TO CONTINUE” PLEASE HELP ME. I’ve spent a lot on FIFA coins.” Another person commented, “As soon as the “tap to continue” is over, it just crashes. It’s been a week, and it has happened since the update. Please fix asap.” Just today another reader wrote, “What do I do? Just waiting n waiting n waiting again ,,, kinda bullshit !! When I open the game, the screen just loads, but don’t start…..coz it don’t get proper connection at that time,,,, I am freaking out! Wt do I do? Plz help me out.”

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Further comments say, “After I go onto the app it stays on the screen connecting to server, please sort this because I have a very good team and I don’t want to lose it please sort this soon,” and also, “The game was loading fine yesterday. In the morning I woke up and it want connecting. It was just stuck on the loading screen with Messi. Anyone know how to fix it?”

Meanwhile on the App Store description of the iOS app one obviously infuriated commenter wrote, “I struggle to understand why EA sports would release fifa15 when their are so many glitches. After spending weeks building up your team and buying FIFA points, I lost all these items after being locked out of the game because of known issues with connecting to Facebook. After spending another couple of weeks rebuilding my team I was told the Facebook issue was fixed but after connecting I lost all my fifa players and items. It’s sad that EA is allowed to take advantage of their customers like this. Apple should really look into removing this game from the App Store because it is bordering on criminal to have customers play fifa15.”

It’s a similar picture when looking at Google Play user reviews of the app since the latest update. One person wrote, “Poor server makes us wait for a long time. I have a fast and stable WIFI connection yet I need to wait 3-4 minutes to connect the server. The server is a complete disappointment for players who just want to play a match. Fix the server or make it offline better. The server is not stable and have a lot problems with it.” Another Android app user commented, “Don’t download, waste of 1.2GB. I downloaded this game to pass the time while I wait. Turns out it makes me wait longer than I need to. Can’t play offline and the online servers are always down so you end up not playing. EA this game should have been offline only, your servers are not good enough to handle all your clients!”

We could go on an on but we’re pretty sure you get the drift by now. Many users are now only giving the game a 1 or 2 star rating, whereas if EA could fix these issues there would be even more 4 or 5 star ratings. For the size of an outfit like EA it seems inexcusable that the servers don’t seem able to cope, and we wonder how readers feel about this.

Have you also been encountering difficulties playing FIFA 15 Ultimate Team since the latest app updates for Android or iOS, or before? Do you agree that EA needs to pull its finger out and concentrate one and for all on resolving these problems? Drop us your comments in the box below.


34 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Ultimate Team server problems continue to annoy”

  1. ChrisPhenom says:

    I just downloaded the game but I can’t play it. When I start the app it just keeps on telling me theyre sorry but they have a problem connecting to the server. Super annoying.. I also considered redownloading it but Id rather wait since it takes forever to download and I wont have any guarantees it will work properly then.

  2. Herve says:

    I have been playing Fifa15 a lot on Ipad but since the 1st of january, the app keep crashing, for 6 days I haven’t been able to play. I don’t know what to do, am i alone in this case?

    1. Jjeff Tan says:

      Hey, I just want you to know that you are not alone in this case. I’m also having this difficulties that every time after I finish a game, the screen will appears connection with server is failed. I’m struggling with this problem for almost a month. Each time I finish a game, I didn’t get any credit. At the same time, they keep on reducing my player’s contract. I have no idea what to do right now because I’m worry if I uninstall the game, I lost all the players and everything. It took me a lot of time to construct this team.

  3. rameez says:

    Hi this is the same problem with me it says tap to continue and then sends directly to the squad where if I don’t have any thing to start with and once it sends directly to new career

  4. loploplop says:

    If it says “connecting to server for more than about 10 seconds, just restart the game. It works for me…
    But, My fifa has been deleted twice so thats something I would like to change. I would give it a three star-rating

  5. Brian says:

    I have so many good players I spent so much on the game just for them to take it away from them please take this game off the AppStore !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. arjen says:

    It really sux when you are happy to win a hard finale, but when the match is finished the connection is lost. You play again and again and that one time you loose the connection seems to be ok!

  7. Real Madrid Ultras Sur says:

    whenever I try to play online a message pops up saying : to continue please make sure you sign in to origin !!
    anyone knows what is the solution ?

  8. abdul says:

    I can’t swap players and cant even give contracts. My players need contracts while whenever I try providing them with contracts or try swapping, the game stucks. This issues shud be considered aswell

  9. deepansh says:

    it appears on the connecting to server that “the FUT services are experencing hifg volume of traffic. please try again later.” Can anybody tell me how to fix it

  10. Adam says:

    I have problems connecting but when I eventually do connect I can’t get any transfers or sell any of my players as it signs me out as soon as I try to do that

  11. Phor Sharr says:

    I playing fifa15 last updated. Now i have a big problem that when i playing a match its ok but when was finished its saying “loading severs´´ and take like 5 mins and finally said that can’t connected the severs.that so sad.i try to win but finally i got nothing.plz fix that!!!!!!

  12. David Wendy says:

    I only play fifa 15 at around 5pm on my commute home. Every time I try, I’m unable to connect to server so I’m not able to play. The only games I play are Games of the Week.

    I wish EA had an offline version of the app.

  13. Nungsangtoshi Aier says:

    OMG !!!! What a server !!!!!! Stuck with Messi logo!!!! Connecting server it says but I doesn’t even connect.

    Poor EA!! Very poor !! I will rate 0 EA!!!

  14. Bijak Riyandi Ahadito says:

    same thing happened in FIFA 15: UT for Windows Phone
    but I do notice that if you play (and successfully finish) a simulation game first, you can play normal games and successfully finish it (marked by the coins you gained)

    1. Bijak Riyandi Ahadito says:

      the worst thing about unable to successfully finish a game is that you made your effort for it and then you lose your progress and AT LEAST 11 CONTRACTS of your players -_-

      I hope FIFA 16: UT would be better… if not, I might never play EA Games that requires internet connection again

  15. Hamza Abbas says:

    I FOUND THE ANSWER!…GUYS just change ur profile picture…the profile picture of fb account ur game is associated with..TADAAA DONE…WORKED FOR ME xD.this is the solution for users who r facing the CRASH

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