This Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn’t claim to be the real thing


If you’ve been following developments about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 then you will probably have seen the image that caused plenty of excitement last week. It was claimed to be of a prototype Galaxy S6 but after setting the Internet alight it was exposed as a fake. Unlike that model this Samsung Galaxy S6 we are showing today doesn’t claim to be the real thing, but nevertheless it could get plenty of mouths watering.

The rumor mill for the next Samsung flagship is really ramping up now, and it’s likely that we’ll see it officially unveiled in the first few months of next year. In the meantime Hasan Kaymak is one of the most respected concept designers out there and he has just come up with a new Galaxy S6 vision that’s a real treat to look at. This design reflects a handset that we think many readers would like to see for the genuine article when it releases.

In our most recent article about the Galaxy S6 we discussed a report from Korea saying that the phone would have some sort of metal chassis. The report also reiterated previous rumors about a possible Galaxy S6 Edge model that would launch at the same time. Kaymak has imagined his Galaxy S6 with a premium mainly metal build that looks amazing and his render also has dual front-facing speakers.

Samsung Galaxy S6 c

Samsung Galaxy S6 b

On the reverse of this handset there’s a 24-megapixel rear camera, although other specs aren’t detailed. Kaymak has also produced a video showing this latest concept to give an even closer look of his creation. We’ve embedded the YouTube video below this article so that you can view it for yourselves.

When you’ve checked out this design from all angles we’d be really interested to hear from you. Do you think it’s about time that Samsung came up with something as good-looking as this for its next flagship? What design elements would you particularly like to see for the Galaxy S6?

Source: Hasan Kaymak Innovations (Google+)


2 thoughts on “This Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn’t claim to be the real thing”

  1. LoubieLou says:

    We All Hope the Galaxy S6 does come out like this phone,but we got All the Rumours about the Galaxy S5 and Samsung Really let the Design of the S5 down,an the Critics Jumped on to Samsung for Create just a plain looking Smartphone,an the Galaxy S5 Sales really should make Samsung create a Really Outstanding Looking phone that can show to People they can still compete with Apple,so come on Samsung Please do not let us Down this Time

  2. FortitudineVincimus says:

    I have alway wondered why people utterly waste their time making renderings and concept mock ups of phones? Why? What is the point? You could spend all of the time and effort, and (1) they don’t care as they have their concept already and (2) the moment they release their phone and show you it is nothing like what you concept was what did you gain? Anyone could literally mock up some nonsense pie-in-the-sky idea and call it a concept design. Yeah? And? Ok? Total waste of time and effort and I don’t understand the gain and point? Is it because you hope they will pick you to one day design a phone for them? So wasting your time now with zero idea on what the reality of their actual phone will look like maybe gets you a foot in the door? That must be it as these renders server zero purpose and 99% of the time have no bearing on reality of what is released. So what was the point of the effort?

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