Sony may put their Smartphone division up for Sale


Smartphones are big business, and Sony, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and the rest of the gang jumped on the Android bandwagon early on. Out of the companies we’ve mentioned, several are having financial difficulties when it comes to smartphones and tablets, and a new report says Sony may be considering selling their mobile business.

Reuters is reporting that Sony is looking to turn their mobile division around, and that the company is open to anything at the moment. This includes potentially selling their mobile division or partnering up with another company to inject some life into that sector. Smartphones and tablets are just a small portion of the good Sony produces, so while it’s surprising, it’s not going to make or break the company.

Last year, it was though Sony would release fewer mobile devices to help increase sales in their mobile division. Since that time, we’ve gotten wind of several new smartphones in the pipeline, and it seems like Sony has stuck to their 6-month release cycle as well. We’re not sure when they had planned on implementing the cutback, but it may be too little too late if the new report is true.

The Xperia line is nothing to scoff at, but the updates have been incremental at best and the company really hasn’t brought anything new to the table. While other manufacturers are producing devices with fingerprint scanners, edges, curves and rotating cameras, the Xperia’s have largely remained unchained. They have also been difficult to get in certain parts of the world until recently, and all that coupled with the 6-month release cycle is a recipe for disaster.

Regardless of what happens with Sony’s mobile division, fans of the company’s mobile products can still look forward to several new releases from the company this year including the upcoming Xperia Z4.

What do you think Sony could do to turn its mobile division around?

source: Reuters


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