Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs pointers from Galaxy S6


The Samsung flagship Galaxy S6 was only made official last week and has yet to release. Nevertheless once a new Galaxy S6 handset has been unveiled, attention quickly turns to the next Galaxy Note in the phablet lineup. This year will see the release of the Galaxy Note 5 and from what the Galaxy S6 offers we can expect even more from the new Note. Today we’re taking a look at Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs pointers from the Galaxy S6.

The Galaxy Note 4 is still in big demand at the moment so the success of the next iteration is virtually guaranteed. We expect the Note 5 to launch around the same time each year and so October 2015 is a likely date. Looking at the Galaxy S6 gives us a few indicators on additions for the next in the Galaxy Note series.

Design-wise the Galaxy S6 offers a really premium look and feel this time around, stepping up to a metallic and glass build. However, the new design has meant that there is no longer expandable storage via microSD and no ability to remove the rear cover, hence no removable battery. Although the new S6 has received widespread praise, these missing aspects have come in for some criticism from some fans of the line.

Enthusiasts of the Galaxy Note phablets are also used to having expandable storage and a removable battery, so if this is not an option for the Note 5 this could cause some dissatisfaction. One by-product of the lack of expandable storage for the S6 though is that it now comes with internal storage options of 32, 64 or 128GB, so it’s plausible that the Galaxy Note 5 will also come with higher storage options.

The change of design for the Galaxy S6 has also meant that it now misses out on the dust and water-resistance certification that the Galaxy S5 featured. However, as this was not a feature for the Note 4 it’s not as likely to be such a big problem for those who are eagerly anticipating the Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 pointers from Galaxy S6 b

There could also be improvements for the Note 5 camera. The Galaxy S6 has now added optical image stabilization for its 16-megapixel rear camera, matching that of the current Note 4. However, the front-facing camera of the S6 is now 5-megapixels so the Note 5 is also likely to get a boost to that or maybe an 8-megapixel selfie snapper. It could also increase the rear camera to a 21-megapixel unit.

Yet another change with the Galaxy S6 is a move to a touch fingerprint sensor rather than a swipe version, so we can also expect that for the Note 5. The S6 also has built-in wireless charging and that would be another welcome addition to the Note 5, while Samsung’s TouchWiz has also been trimmed down for the S6 so we can expect a repeat for the new Note. Another indicator for the Note 5 is the likelihood of Samsung’s new Pay feature that will be available with the S6 from some point in the summer.

As well as this, we should mention the ‘Edge’ devices. The Note 4 was accompanied last year by a Galaxy Note Edge. This featured a curved edge down one side of the display for notifications and the like. However, the S6 arrived with an S6 Edge, and this simply has curved edges on both sides as a design feature. What this signifies for the Note 5 Edge (if there is one) is unclear at this stage.

The final two aspects we want to mention are the display and processor. The Note 4 featured Quad HD display resolution (2560 x 1440) and the Galaxy S6 now matches that. Therefore it’s possible that this may be an area where the Note 5 steps up, and there are already rumors of a possible 4K display with 3840 x 2160 resolution. Lastly the S6 (pictured below) is powered by an Exynos 7420 octa-core processor, so we can expect an even more improved chipset for the Note 5.

So far leaked specs and features for the Galaxy Note 5 have been fairly sparse, although we’ve see plenty of design ideas. While we feel we now have a clearer picture about what we can anticipate for the next Galaxy Note it remains to be seen exactly what Samsung will bring to the table.

Are you already looking ahead to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5? If it arrives with a non-removable battery and non-expandable storage would that be a dealbreaker for you or not? Let us have your comments.


5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs pointers from Galaxy S6”

  1. maaen says:

    I would not ever want to buy a phone without a removable battery or removable micro sd card….In fact I would have liked a multiple micro sd card bus in the Note PHABLETS and also in other Samsung Note tablets so that one could move memory cards around from one gadget to another and back again….Samsung could do this quite easily but they do not listen to people like me….If they did they would get a lot of interest from all kinds of places…..CLOUD is not the best place for storing a lot of personal memory like music files and films and books etc.
    If the Note goes in the direction of St then Samsung will lose customers from many many quarters …..This is not just a minor problem for Samsung …It is a major one and needs serious re think….Dam sung should not sellout to the likes of all the other manufacturers…
    I would neve buy a phone to throw away when the battery dies….I will only buy a phone if I know that I will be able to get a removable battery and easy availability of spare batteries.People like Apple and Sony and HTC and Nokia and all others will never get a lookin in my books except for one item ..IPod touch….nothing else.

  2. Sarge786 says:

    I bought into the Note series and have 2 Note 2’s (non LTE and LTE) and a Note 3. I have been very happy with both models, and became a huge fan. This has lead me to buy a Samsung XE700T1 tablet and only last week purchased a Samsung Tab S 10.5.
    I have been abroad with both my DSLR and my Note 3. When I returned I was so impressed with the quality of pictures and videos that on my second trip I ditched my DSLR and went solely with my Note 3 as my primary device for everything from phone use to photography and videography, the expandable microsd card was crutial as was the removable battery, but if they took away the microsd and removable battery on the Note 5, I would have to seriously look at other alternatives and I’m very sure this would be the case with the majority of Note owners Looking to upgrade and new buyers.
    Samsung, take heed !

  3. dr death says:

    If it is the case that the note 5 has no external storage or removable battery then I will look else where I have all the note fones1-4 and the expanded storage and changeable batteries have always been a great advantages

  4. disqus_FYINAKV4CU says:

    I will not buy the Note 5 if it takes away sd card slot and removable battery. I have owned every Note model since the Note 2. Why would I downgrade? You can talk about the annual improvements in speed, camera, memory, etc. that are not too noticable but SD card slot and removable battery are real value added features.

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