Samsung Nexus 5 for 2015 design, a good compromise


The LG-made Google Nexus 5 that released in late 2013 was an immense hit, and many people were eagerly anticipating the Nexus 6 for 2014. It’s fair to say that the Motorola Nexus 6 hasn’t been as big a hit as it could have been though, much of this due to the fact that it’s so much larger with a 5.96-inch display and also notably more expensive. With this in mind we thought readers might be interested in this Samsung Nexus 5 for 2015 design that would be a good compromise between the two.

We think plenty of Android device enthusiasts would appreciate a version of the Nexus 5 that would release this year, although this one is sadly a concept idea. It teases us with the possibility of what could be though, and comes from designer Miqdad Abdul Halim. It might be refreshing to see another Samsung Nexus smartphone, and this one has the sort of solid look that we’d expect for a Nexus handset.

Fortunately we don’t have to imagine what specs this Samsung Nexus 5 would have, as the designer also gives his ideas for these. The phone would have an Exynos 7420 processor, a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED display with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, and 2700 mAh battery. Camera-wise you’re looking at a 13-megapixel rear camera with f/1.9 aperture, HDR, dual tone flash, and optical image stabilization, and a 2.1-megapixel front-facing unit with wide-angle lens.

We can clearly see that this concept has a metal frame and there’s a notification LED positioned beneath the display. The phone also features front-facing dual stereo speakers, NFC, Bluetooth, wireless charging, and USB Type C. It would of course be running Android M (Milkshake, Muffin, Maltesers, Marshmallow or whatever it is eventually dubbed).

Would you like to see a new Nexus for 2015 made by Samsung? If so, would you be happy for it to look something like this Samsung Nexus 5 vision or would you prefer it to be made by another manufacturer? Drop us your comments in the box below.

Source: Miqdad Abdul Halim (Google+)
Via: Concept Phones


22 thoughts on “Samsung Nexus 5 for 2015 design, a good compromise”

  1. Gareth Jones says:

    My nexus phone is great. Would definitely buy another one but not the N6. I think a Samsung N5 would be a great seller.

  2. John Ogbonna says:

    If the screen is gonna be 1080p, I’d prefer LCD over amoled. AMOLED under QHD is all little grainy. LCD is much sharper than amoled of the same pixel density

    1. zamblot says:

      Lg or Motorola again I wouldnt mind a HTC as they made good nexus tablets but rumours about hawiee making the nexus makes me wanna scream

  3. Chris S says:

    The Nexus 5 was such a hit because it struck a beautiful balance with above-average performance, functional aesthetics, and affordable price. The 2015 should strive for that same excellence. The HD resolution is perfect for the ~5″ size, the ~400-450 ppi density is what people should be talking about. The 13 MP camera sounds nice – I’d prefer a camera that takes great pictures, no point in having a bazillion pixels if they’re all terrible looking. The N5 was lacking in battery power, I’d be nice to see more in the 2015 version, a lot more. Keeping a similar physical appearance makes sense, though the material upgrade is probably going to jump the price, and without any clear benefit (plastic worked fine for the N5, why change that).

    Samsung should be a fine manufacturer; though I do not know why Google would waste their existing relationship with LG. Customers would also be quicker to trust the manufacture of the widely successful N5. Switching to Huawei could destroy sales faster than the N6/Motorola debacle. Huawei has a track record of spyware laden security questions, sparking the US Government to avoid their tech. Consumers have a tendency to ignore security warnings, but a serious breach of trust would haunt the Nexus name for years. I couldn’t advise Google enough to avoid Huawei.

  4. Christ Nielsen says:

    I’m a new Nexus 6 owner converting from years of iPhone. I appreciate the stock android experience without carrier or manufacturer bloatware. I also appreciate the balance of many quality features versus higher priced devices with just a few great features. The screen size is not overwhenlming for me as it is becoming more common. I’m not an LG fan and think Samsung has creates better products and has a larger consumer base. I would definitely be more interested in a Samsung manufactured Nexus vs an LG.

  5. legnaw says:

    my LG N5 has few days fresh new battery… still dumb 2300mAh… for new N5 im waitin minimum 3000mAh… maybe Motorola is good manufacturer but last nexus is fail…

    1. joseph steele says:

      honestly I have the N6 and my battery charges Max in 1.5-2hrs and last about 6-8 hours of frequent face booking texting and calling. if I don’t use my phone much it last from 10-24hrsbattery life, I love it

      1. jord zord says:

        The battery life in nexus 6 is really bad, I don’t get it. If you use an iPhone 6 and interact with you’re phone like going to the setting, looking photos, that 1800 mah battery last longer than when you use nexus 6 for that! I’m confused.

        1. joseph steele says:

          I don’t know where you’re getting you’re info, maybe watching YouTube videos, but the iPhone 6 is terrible compared to the nexus 6 I don’t know how you can even compare when the nexus 6 is way more advanced then the iPhone. lmao not even a comparison

          1. joseph steele says:

            hell even the nexus 4 is more advanced then the iPhone 6 lmao hahaha

  6. Johny_Amadeus says:

    Second Nexus 5 2015, be really hit if contained this basic specs:

    1.Display.- 5.2″inches 3K – IPS Quantum – CGG 4 – over 600~ppi
    2.Memory.- 4 GB RAM ( LPDDR 4 )
    3.Chipset.- Snapdragon 820
    4.Battery.- 2800mAh minimal

    1. jord zord says:

      You’re wrong to say that it’ll be hit just because it’s 5.2 inches you dumb dumb. You said that just because you like that, a lot of people prefer bigger screen like 5.5 to 5.7

      1. Johny_Amadeus says:

        if you think the 5.5 “inch or 5.7” inch are the favorite, though sales record has more smartphone that are 4.7-5.2 inch 😉

  7. zamblot says:

    Lg or Motorola again I wouldnt mind a HTC as they made good nexus tablets but rumours about hawiee making the nexus makes me wanna scream

    I don’t really wanna a Samsung nexus again though I mean Samsung has been thinking about making their own OS and splitting with google and google isnt to pleased with that. There probably won’t be a Samsung nexus again, google don’t want that partnership

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