Candy Crush Saga freezing problem since latest update


Most Candy Crushers will know that there was an update for Candy Crush Saga for Android and iOS devices last week. Although new updates are welcome we sometimes find that issues can arise afterwards. Now we’re hearing of a Candy Crush Saga freezing problem since the latest update.

Candy Crush Saga hardly needs any introduction as it’s a worldwide phenomenon with millions of daily players. The most recent Candy Crush update arrived on the Google Play Store on June 2nd and on the App Store for iPhone and iPad on June 4th. The update brings the very last episode of Dreamworld called Dozy Down, and app users who reach the final level (665) will receive a special treat.

However, in the last few days we’ve been receiving messages and comments from readers saying that the game is freezing up, often when trying to claim an reward. We’ve also been informed that some users are encountering an award problem where the bonuses show up when playing but they don’t receive them. We took a look at some of the user comments on the Google Play description of Candy Crush Saga and there is also evidence of a freezing issue there.

For example one app user writes, “Candy Crush freeze. Since last update this game doesn’t load or it freezes on award claim. Please fix soon.” Another person comments, “Game getting stuck at claim prize. You guys are getting worst day by day. Poor rating for u permanently.” Another comment reads, “Freeze problem on this game. Since I updated this game it has given me problems. Though have been enjoying it before this time, but nevertheless it would just freeze when it gets to the award prize claim. Will be glad if this could be done and will rate it more.” Yet one more writes, “Updated my Candy Crush and now it keeps getting stuck on claim prize. I have to restart my phone to play, it’s annoying and yet it was working fine before I updated it.”

We’d like to say these are isolated incidents although these are just a few of the many comments referring to this Candy Crush Saga problem. All of these are dated since the last update arrived, so it seems as though that has definitely caused the issue. It’s pretty difficult to tell how widespread this problem is so we’d like to receive some input from readers.

Are you an avid Candy Crush Saga player? Have you encountered any difficulties with freezing, or any other problems with the game since the latest app update? Do let us know with your comments.


110 thoughts on “Candy Crush Saga freezing problem since latest update”

  1. Vivian says:

    I am on level 350 and freezes up when trying to claim prize. I have to force stop in apps to be able to play again! No prizes are being collected!

  2. Buttbutt Smyre says:

    Every since i updated my candy crush my gane freezes when i get the new rewards. I have to restart my phone everytime this happens. Smh.

  3. Jenny Cookson-Teall says:

    Mine froze on the reward page and I don’t know how to deal with it, can anyone help please? I’m using an iPad. Thanks

  4. Kathy says:

    Mine freezes on the rewards page. I have to restart my phone every time if I want to continue to play. I’m using an Android and not going through FB. I’m on level 388.

  5. Stacy says:

    YES I am freezing up on my ipad every time after I play and lose and it goes to the collection spot of how many of those candies I get on a jar – then it freezes up and I
    have to restart.

  6. Skip says:

    Me too. I am not on Facebook and assumed that the issue was a bug related to that. Nevertheless it freezes when I get to the claim prize screen. To
    Maybe time for a new game.

  7. Sandra says:

    Just finished level 168, got claim reward page and nothing happens. Turned off ipad and was able to play level 169 once, then got the same claim reward page and freezes. Have no idea what to do

    1. Pwnage says:

      Exactly the same problem. I would note that I encountered this problem first when I was in airplane mode, but it may have been my first rewards claim since the update. Not sure. Stinks!

  8. Carolyn says:

    I was on level 187 and kept getting the claim reward page but it froze up so I turned iPad off and was able to continue but then again it froze up on the claims reward page so I uninstalled the game and reinstalled which I have done for other App games when there was problems but after reinstalling I lost the game level 187 and am back to level 1.

  9. Lhen Navarro Arcega says:

    claim reward stuck.i alwys nid to force closed the game then enter again to play,then after i finish my level it comes back again on that claim reward then i have to that again and again..o.m.g

  10. Lynda Villars Abbott says:

    Same problem. I have to turn my tablet off every time go to next level or have to replay one.

    Looking for a game to download too

  11. Balloonatique says:

    Freezing on claim prize. Yesterday I had to delete and reload after every single game. Today slight improvement, only had to reload game twice this morning but I am getting fed up. Level 986 and not many more if this continues….

  12. Natalie Ali says:

    I’m on level 993 and I’m getting the same problem. Keeps freezing after tying to reclaim prize … Keep the prize , I’m not bothered about it , just let me get off this level !!!

  13. Meg Freeman says:

    I am new to the game and I am only on level 56 but same problem my phone freezes (galaxy S4) when I try to claim a prize wjat do I do? Please help

  14. Alice says:

    Same issue on iPad… So I reinstalled app one of the many times it has happened and although I didn’t lose my level I lost a ton of rewards! So annoying!

  15. mj says:

    Yes I’m having same problem…..my iPad freezes and I need to log off and restart each time……it’s very frustrating and I don’t know how long I’ll keep playing if I have to restart each time…..please fix…..

  16. Anna says:

    Froze when tried to claim reward. I uninstalled and reinstalled CC and lost all my boosters (had lost of them). How can I get it to unfreeze without uninstalling and losing my boosters every time???

  17. Kelley says:

    I uninstalled it and it froze again! I lost all my rewards and stuff people sent to me. I am so frustrated and it happened when it was trying to give reward. I am really upset as I love playing this game. This is on my iPhone!

  18. ZD says:

    Yes, the game froze on iPhone so I completely reloaded. It’s now frozen on my iPad and I do not want to start afresh so may wait and see if they fix it. I have left the game and reopened but although it says loading it still ends up on th claim reward screen but the claim reward button is darkened and nothing is moving on the screen. This is the same issue I had on the iPhone.

  19. Europebound says:

    I had the same problem. Once I went into the settings of Candy Crush and logged into Facebook, it started working again. I tested it by logging out of Facebook and trying to claim an award and it did not work. Logged back on, did it again and it worked.

  20. Michele Moneywell says:

    I have a Kindle Fire. I collected enough sugar drops to receive a reward for the first time. However, the rewards page freezes. Fortunately, I can exit out of the game. To unfreeze, I go to home, settings, more, applications, running applications, and then select Force Stop. This is a hassle. You game programmers have known about this issue for several weeks and still haven’t fixed the bug? Good thing you aren’t critical business application programmers. Please display a splash screen to get the latest update when the game is fixed. Thanks.

  21. Brian K. Wallace says:

    candy crush saga freezes iphone 6 at sugar drop reward. I have to close down CCS and restart the app to play it. Hope it’s saving my advances. Please fix app and allow immediate update. In other words, don’t wait two weeks to fix it. Thanks, B

  22. Cruz says:

    I got to 600 candy points for the reward and it didn’t let me claim the priZe, it just skipped over it and now I keep getting more of the candy points but when it goes to claim the prize it just gets stuck. I have to close the app to be able to continue playing but after every level I play I have to go through the freeze and it sucks.

  23. Sisir says:

    I am also having the same problem since last month. When i connect to the internet and play there is no freezing problem but if i play without the internet connection then after the game is completed it says “claim award ” and it freezes. Then it needs a force stop and restart after every life. Very annoying. Its in my Ipad.

  24. Janet Golden says:

    Freezing when adding drops, can’t claim reward, can’t cancel out of screen, closing game & restarting goes back to frozen reward screen as well. Playing on iPad. Issue started today 7/5/15

    1. zoukker says:

      It freezes on claiming reeard if my net isnt connected. If net is connected afterwards I have to play until I reach next prize. Now I got freezed on last reward before 8hrs countdown so I dont know what to do. Have to shutdown after every game. I have Nokia with Windows.

  25. Makembill says:

    After every game, your sweets are added to gage bongs jar, but there’s no way to return to your next life without restarting Candy Crush. Pretty naff really.

  26. Sandra says:

    I am playing on an IPad. It lets me get so far with the rewards & then locks up. It shows the box that the rewards should drop into but it doesn’t open & you can’t press the get rewards button. It is frozen. I have to close down my iPad.

  27. Komal Hassan Moiz says:

    It is happening with me , I deleted it and installed it again but the problem
    Is persistent ,I’m on level 968.. So it quite on all the levels . Please advice what to do ?

  28. Kimberlee Aliza Pel says:

    It freezes after every game on rewards screen. It doesn’t seem to be actually adding any candies to collect rewards either. I have to power cycle my iPhone just to play another round and when I did I lost all saved rewards I had built up/bought. Will this be fixed soon and will I get them back?

  29. Andrea says:

    Updated my windows phone yesterday & since then my reward screen is frozen. Having to keep switching my phone off, so I can move to the next level

  30. Kathleen Wightman says:

    I’ve been stuck all day. Can’t play the game it’s stuck at the prize collection. I can’t claim the prize because there isn’t a place to tap. Nothing works.
    Please email me @ kathleenwightman@gmail.com if someone fixes it.
    Thanks. Need my candy fix!!

  31. Gail says:

    Same annoying feezing problem at the claim prize step as described by all others below! Have to restart my phone for just one game before it freezes again
    Please fix!

  32. Norma says:

    I am also stuck on claim prize site. Looks like everyone left town! Farm hero game also at standstill. King must have taken the money and run!

  33. Kelly says:

    Yes, my sugar drops prize claim is frozen at level 89. I play on iPhone 4. If I turn the phone off and then restart it, I can get the game to play again. Bur once each game is over, the reward screen freezes every time. So I have to keep turning the phone off and on after every life. I think I have the most recent version of Candy Crush (didn’t start playing until June 2015).

  34. Pete says:

    Had the same problem with the ‘game’ freezing when claiming reward. Seems to be cured now.
    Latest problem seems to be with the ” time to advance to next level ” clock ( i refuse to pay for advances ). This starts at 36 hours and counts down to zero.
    On checking this, sometimes it shows as little as three hours, next time its back to two days
    I think that it’s surprising, that on a game played on a 9×9 grid, the number of times that there is only one ‘random’ move. I think ‘king’ games are a absolute, money making con.

  35. Sue Watson says:

    Every time I finish a game it goes to claim prize and freezes. The only way I can get out of it is by turning my phone off. I have an iphone 5c. It is becoming very annoying!

  36. MF says:

    I updated app this morning and game is freezing between levels more than ever. Also, in the past month having problem with count down clock. Seems to add more time overnight.

  37. Mark Wilson says:

    I’m on level 735 on my mini- iPad and today I discovered the tasty freeze update where after I defeat all three sections, apparently the three keys open the treasure chest. After beating all three, i apparenting can now claim thr prize(s) yet the screen is frozen. Quite frustrating.

  38. Lori Rushing Petrie says:

    I’ve had the same issue with the treasure chest after beating all three levels. No prize! The clock to go to a new episode keeps randomly resetting. One minute there is 4 hours to go then 6 minutes then 18 hours then 4 hours again. It’s been 3 days.

  39. Molly Johnson says:

    Mine on phone and kindle! Very frustrating I’m about to uninstall . I don’t want to cuz I love this game but it’s almost not with it! Please fix and soon

  40. Linda says:

    Candy crush is freezing on the orange king screen and the gifts screen several times a day. This is happening on my kindle HD fire and on my sony xperia mobile too. It’s providing very difficult to play this game with this problem.

  41. Jim Murphy says:

    Just finished Treasure Chest Timmed Bonus Level I used everything I had to clear the 3 check marked levels then my game freezez up. Forced it to stop then reopened back to this page and once again solid frozen game.. No way to fix it.. Using Droid no updates available.

    1. Joshua Stewart says:

      Same here. Even used three boosters to get through them thinking it was like the previous bonus where you needed to complete them all without losing a life.

  42. RG1019 says:

    Almost every time I play this game it freezes. I have also noticed that it slows done the response time on my Ipad when typing. I uninstalled it and my iPad went back to normal. I love the game, so I reinstalled and am having problems again.

  43. old enuf! says:

    My screen freezes only while actually playing the game not when I claim a reward. How do you fix this problem?This does not happen with Farm Heroes.

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