Lenovo A6000 Plus problems reported with Lollipop update


It’s usually good to hear of operating system updates arriving for devices, but occasionally we hear of upgrade issues. At the weekend we informed readers that the Android 5.0 Lollipop update had started to roll out for the Lenovo A6000 Plus in India. Now Lenovo A6000 Plus problems are being reported with this update.

The Lollipop upgrade is a significant one as it brings numerous new features and improvements for the Lenovo A6000 Plus. However, soon after we reported that the update was available we started to receive comments and emails from readers about some issues with downloading and installing the update. Others say they are having difficulties with the device following updating. A look around forums soon revealed others complaining about similar issues.

Some of our readers are talking about problems receiving the update, saying that although they have downloaded and installed it they are still on Android 4.4 and having to re-download. Another of the issues that people are discussing is glitches with contacts in apps such as WhatsApp, Hike and others. Some are also reporting issues with contacts in the call log.

Another of our readers who has managed to successfully install the update after an error initially showed says, “Overall update is good, some new wallpapers installed, speed improved but phone slightly heating more maybe due to large installed update.” Comments we’ve seen elsewhere include issues with watching Facebook videos as well as the handset running slow.

When we informed that this update was arriving for the Lenovo A6000 Plus we said that it was also expected soon for the Lenovo A6000. It’s worth saying that we’ve seen reports today indicating that Android Lollipop is now also rolling out for the regular A6000, though some readers may decide to hold off updating following these reported issues for the Lenovo A6000 Plus.

We’d really like to hear from readers who have the Lenovo A6000 Plus (or Lenovo A6000) who are attempting to install the update or who have noticed problems following installation. If you have any issues with the Lollipop upgrade for your device please let us know the nature of the problem and share your experiences of the update with other readers.


68 thoughts on “Lenovo A6000 Plus problems reported with Lollipop update”

  1. محمر زين says:

    Cannot even start to explain all the bugs but the biggest issue is the slow and laggy response of the A6000 it is almost unusable I am amazed how these guys just released an update without even being aware of humungus bugs what kind of an idiot do you have to be to not see these problems before giving the update

  2. Abhishek Joshi says:

    I have problem in installing the lollipop update on my Lenovo a6000. After completely downloading, the phone starts installing.. And then suddenly shuts down and boots up.. But in the settings it still shows Android 4.4.4 even after receiving the message that the system updated successfully… Plz help me..

  3. swarnim says:

    not able to play games smoothly hangs a lot even in small games like temple run subway surfers UI is very smooth than kitkat version selfie camera not having HDR this time no lenovo calendar app, none of the app locking apps working don;t know why i have performed factory reset twice nothing helped, cleanup accelerator not working as last time,lock screen is lot better than kitkat version can access notification bar without unlocking the phone, so there are many issues and some benefits.

  4. nivedita says:

    many apps like the calendar and all have disappeared plus contacts on whatsapp are not showing…or else the update looks good….but the sync problem is frustrating

  5. Koushik Chandra says:

    My Lenovo 6000 recently upgraded to Android 5.0, but phone performance became very slow after the upgrade. I have to press the back button several time to go back, when call is coming it is not automatically showing who is calling etc. overall performance is very slow. Please suggest

  6. Shiva says:

    Hai recently I have been updated my Lenovo A6000 to lollipop. I am facing so meny problems
    1.strucking the phone in middle while operating
    2. Very very very slow performance
    3. Battery backup
    4. When I click app its opening slowly
    And meny problems…KitKat 4.4.4 is very good then lollipop please do suggest me.
    Lenovo has to do something for A6000 users or make available to downgrade the version

  7. vishal Kushwaha says:

    Really worst ……..MX player ,asphalt 8 and some apps is not showing on screen .problem with contact …….I think KitKat is much better than lollipop in lenovo A 6000plus…

  8. A.V.Rao says:

    WhatsApp contact names are not displayed, but contact profile photos are displayed in the whatsApp call log. However, group’s names are displayed properly.
    Phone call log is not displaying names of contacts. It is annoying a lot. Time is wasted.

  9. Debkant Sahu says:

    Hello dear,
    i m a user of lenovo A6000, last week i got update for Lollipop 5.01… but unfortunetly this update not working fine in my mobile… lots of time in built Home launcher get craush …. takes time to open contacts list and dialer… but other apps running fine.

  10. Prabhat Chandra sinha says:

    Same problem occur in my smartphone phone also..
    1.battery backups
    2.slow working all apps
    3.only 400MB left form 2GB RAM so phone can’t working properly.1GB Used by system.
    4.more hitting problem.

    I want to request plz give any opinion or solution..

  11. Narasimhan Ramamoorthy says:

    I was happy getting update for lollipop for my Lenovo A6000 Plus. But didn’t last longer. The look and feel is much much better than kitkat. Facing following problems:
    1. Facebook is not playing properly. Runs faster as we pressed fast forward button.
    2. Contacts are not showing properly in Call log, Messaging, Watsapp, etc.,
    3. Synching also problem
    4. There is no calendar app available. Forced to use Googles calendar
    5. No viberate option when plugging in charge. which was working in kitkat version.
    6. Switching between sound modes are difficult. I struggled more than a day to identify it.
    7. Facing little lag in loading apps.
    Hope, these things will be sorted out soon.

    1. Masood Prince says:

      (Switching between sound modes are difficult. I struggled more than a day to identify it.)

      Where can we find Sound profiles option in lenovo A6000 Plus Lollipop tell me please i am facing sound problem in office

      1. Narasimhan Ramamoorthy says:

        1) All : You can hear all the sounds during receiving calls, notifications like messages, whatsapp, face book, alarms, etc.
        2) Priority : You can decide which you wanted to be notified. Like you can choose only calls or only alarms or only Notifications. There will be a settings icon available in this mode to choose the various options.
        3) None : You will hear no sound in this mode. Screen will be on whenever you receive calls or notifications. There will be no vibration in this mode.
        In All and Priority mode you may have vibration based on the Sound & Notification under Settings.

        1. Masood Prince says:

          Hi Narsimhan,
          My True Caller is not working I am using Wifi with 10MB internet speed,
          before update it was working fine, but after updating i am not getting any notification please help me if you know

  12. Parish says:

    How to roll back and get Kitkat system again in Lenovo A6000. I had already updated to Lolipop but I wants to go back to previous ersion. how to do that? can any one guide me?

  13. Masood Prince says:

    My True Caller is not working I am using Wifi with 10MB internet speed,
    before update it was working fine, but after updating i am not getting any notification please help me if anybody know I have checked all settings its ok. my phone is Lenovo A6000 Plus Android Lollipop.

    And also Apps Lock is not working in this new update.

  14. Bhargav Savaliya says:

    I’m having LENOVO A6000 plus . I updated it to 5.0.2 (lollipop) from 4.4.4 (KitKat). All features are working very smoothly but I’m facing a little problem of contact synchronization with the social apps like WhatsApp, hike, etc. And also a different kind of phonebook appearance which is too odd to use. Plz give some ideas to solve this problem .

  15. dhiresh says:

    hi i also facing problem with my lenova a6000 plus after installing the system update my mobile is not working. plz give me the suggetions to fix my problem.

  16. Samir Gohel says:

    I have Lenovo A-6000 i have facing problam like it is running very slow after upgrade to lollipop
    kindly suggest that how to fix

    Thanks & Regards in advance

  17. Shakti Ranjan Patra says:

    I have Lenovo A-6000 i have facing problem like it is running very slow after upgrade to lollipop
    kindly suggest that how to fix or how to downgrade to 4.4.

    Or is there any new update to be expected to fix these issues?

  18. Rahul says:


    True Caller is not working even i am using wifi.
    before lollipop update it was working fine. Also,not getting any notification for other apps like times of india etc please help me if anybody know the root cause of this. I have checked all settings and its fine. my phone is “Lenovo A6000 Plus” Android Lollipop.

    Also, no any Apps Lock is working in this new update.

  19. mohamed salah says:

    I really hated this update
    it’s good,new look but it’s soo buggy and slow …facebook whatsapp ..actually every apps r very slow in handle ..rw i’d love to break it in half .. 🙁

  20. I’ve got an A6000. I just bought it and I’ve not upgraded to Lollipop and the phone is sluggish with KitKat. No apps running, no Facebook garbage or anything like that. Sometimes it seems like its frozen. Its driving me crazy, and I’ve used some apps like Clean Master to help me make sure a bunch of programs aren’t running. I’ve killed the Lenovo security stuff and am running CM security instead. I don’t know…something is slowing this phone down like crazy. My A536 is way more responsive and quicker. I just hate that brick with its thickness and the most terrible speaker on a phone. So I bought this one…who needs two smart phones that don’t make me happy. In any way, it sometimes doesn’t even respond. Bad Lenovo.

  21. gaurav says:

    today I got lollipop update for lenovo A6000 and it is giving very problem not happy with the updates… facing following. issues
    1] from the time I updated my phone it is heated @ about 50C temp. usually it was around 35 40 degree.
    2] my Facebook app is not visible on the screen but getting notification. how to get it pls help me
    3] earlier screen woke up with volume keys and power key but now it is only start with power key.
    4] phone is getting little bit slow and hanging frequently.

    pls help in sending this issues to lenovo team and solve

    1. Vani says:

      Same problem here…iam facing the exact problems….lollipop is the worst os…levono a6000 was super duper fyn with kitkat version…let it b battery backup stand by or wifi standby…it was very awsm…but aftr lollipop the battery backup became worst….. 🙁 🙁 can we downgrade it?? Will there be ny further problem after downgrading it manually? Or els does it wrks fyn same as earlier when it was of kitkat version? Please help us….. Can we downgrade it in lenovu centers????

  22. gdhima says:

    Post upgraded it to 5.0.2, my phone is getting hang now..all the Apps are taking so much time to open and also sometime getting errors… it was good to had erailer version 🙁 …. Can somone tell me , how to downgrade it with simple steps ??

  23. Andrew Street says:

    I had a great brand-new phone until I upgraded. Now I’m as frustrated with this phone as I was with my old phone. I sometimes couldn’t even answer the call because dialer wouldn’t give me the “answer” option until the time had expired! Overall, it’s sluggish – and sometimes it’s really bad. I have reformatted the phone to “factory specifications” only to find that it KEPT THE STUPID LOLLIOP OS. I wiped the cache. Really frustrated.

  24. siva krishna says:

    After the lolipop Update from KIt Kat, True Caller is not at all working,Reinstaleed the app and, notiifcations ON.
    Both of them not worked for me. please help me

  25. Beware -Wall-O-Text- Hello everyone. I too have the Lenovo A6000 and it was lagging so badly that I seriously thought the phone was just defective. After doing a bit of research, I have found that it is necessary to reset the device. Otherwise the phone will be nearly unusable. When you do the factory reset, you should proceed to sign in with your Gmail, and then install as a NEW DEVICE. Do not use any backups that say Lenovo. Doing this will ensure that there are no conflicting applications causing your issue, I.E. the security application thing which I will discuss later on in my book :D. Once your phone has been factory reset, let Google update everything. Chrome, Google Play, Google Music, Google Maps, etc. will all need to be updated. It might take a good 10+ minutes or so after Googles automatic updates have started. There are 14 applications from Google in all. Once this is done, its time to get rid of the bloatware, games, and other applications that come with the phone. Go to your settings, then Apps, then start to remove the things you don’t want like Guvera Music, Evernote, Tap The Frog (??) and Green Farm 2 (Unless your my mom xD ) Something else has changed here in Lollipop that should be mentioned. It is a very good possibility that if you were running another security program, that the 5.x upgrade reactivated the factory Lenova security causing the phone to slow down. Before Lollipop, if you wanted to run something else besides the factory security, you could disable it and install something else. You weren’t able to remove it, only disable it. Now it cannot be disabled unless you root your phone, and that is an entirely new can of worms. This is why it is important to install as a NEW DEVICE as I previously mentioned. A word of advice from this point. Do not install all your missing applications that you had such as Facebook or Instagram all at once. Install ONE application at a time and test your phone. Once I had done all this, my phone is working great now. Good luck everyone.

  26. Karthik Kannan says:

    After i upgraded, i cant make calls itself … Its showing No Service for both the SIM cards .. What Stupid Engineers does Lenovo got … Never buy their phone … Its so unpredictable… 1st of all i have Android all together after this lollypop or whatever … Yuck !!!

  27. Islam Tantawy says:

    this the bad update in the history all thing is hanging battery drain fast problem in log and contacts problems in GPS performance is very very bad camera convert resolution wiz itself and this stupid programmers in this stupid company lenovo team not care about any users who ask about solution’s i broke my lenovo a6000 and didn’t need anything from this company again and they will start to loose user go to hell lenovo

  28. Siva Prasad says:

    After upgrading the mobile phone to Lollypop version I faced problems regarding contacts display and call log. However I reached technical people in customer care and they suggested to do reset. Which I did it and the problem was resolved.

    But from the day of upgrading, my mobile stopped the vibrating function. Again I did reset but of no use.

    Could anyone reply me with a solution???

  29. Reshu says:

    one day i got a notification saying that system update is available, i tried downloading it and it says FAILED TO DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE PACK.TRY AGAIN? i tried several times and until now i couldn’t download the update, everytime i downloaded it i get the same error. please help me resolve this issue! i really am waiting to update to lollipop

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