Amazon bans the sale or purchase of Chromecasts and the Apple TV


Remember that new Chromecast we told you about a few days ago? While most consumers are thrilled with the new streamer, one company is not and if you sell on that e-tailer, we’ve got some bad news for you.

We knew a new Chromecast would be released well before it landed, and it’s safe to say the upgrade was long overdue. While Google unveiled not one, but two new streaming devices, Amazon has set their sites on one of them. The new Chromecast has just received a ban from Amazon, which means you won’t be able to buy or sell one on their site. If you’re an Apple fan laughing at the screen, you won’t be laughing for long.

Amazon Prime is a service Amazon loves to push whenever it can, and it offers up a great value if you buy a lot of goods from the company. It also offers up Amazon Prime Video, the company’s answer to Netflix which happens to be locked down like Fort Knox as you can’t stream it (easily) on a non-Amazon mobile device. Well, Amazon has sent out a notice that says its existing inventory of Chromecast’s and Apple TV’s will be cleared out by October 29th and after that, you’ll no longer be able to buy or sell one.

Amazon’s move isn’t going to go over to well for some, but it’s a move the company felt it needed to make due to “customer confusion” with Amazon Prime Video and the streaming boxes they sell. Whatever the reason, it’s not great news for consumers and we imagine the move isn’t going to do much in terms of moving folks towards a Fire TV or Fire Stick compared to similar options from its competitors.


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