Jason Statham teams up with Glu for Sniper X


It seems like every week a new celebrity gets a mobile game, including Shakira and half the Kardashians. Sniper X with Jason Statham is something geared more towards the guys and it’s just landed on the App Stores for your mobile consumption.

Jason Statham is a name known to fans of action flicks around the globe, and he’s probably the last person you think would receive a mobile game. Nobody told Glu that, and we now have Sniper X with Jason Statham to enjoy on our mobiles. It features the likeness of Mr. Statham and his gruff voice is also present as you mow your way through the levels going for headshots.

In terms of gameplay, Sniper X plays like most other mobile sniper titles as you’ll swipe to aim, tap to shoot, etc… etc… That said, this one’s a bit more brutal than the usual ones, and that’s a good thing if you dig a bit of blood and the occasional curse word — it’s Jason Statham after all. There appears to be plenty of missions to take on as well along with the usual dose of IAP’s and unlockables.


As a fan of sniper games and Jason Statham… this one was a lock for me. I’ve blown through a dozen stages and so far the stamina meter hasn’t been a hindrance and the gameplay itself is rather fast-paced. In other words, so far so good and the presentation is top-notch as well. If you’re ready give Sniper X with Jason Statham a whirl, you can pick it up for free on Google Play or the App Store.


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