iPhone 7 release may bring significant changes


Like all the iPhones that came before it, it’s safe to say the iPhone 7 release is going to be popular. Despite rumors of an early release, we think you’ve got a while to wait, but some interesting new details have emerged in regards to Apple’s next handset.

A new rumor out of China suggests Apple is currently tinkering with not one… or two, but at least five different models for the upcoming iPhone 7 release. Each model is said to have “unique” hardware under the hood, and that tech covers about every area you can imagine. It also touches on a recent rumor regarding the old headphone jack.

Some of the components include new embedded fingerprint tech, multi-Force Touch, Dual Cameras, Wireless Charging and AMOLED panels. While none of those are earth-shattering, a Type-C USB port that’s compatible with headphones would certainly be different. Recently, we had heard the iPhone 7 release may do away with the 3.5mm jack to make it thinner, but replacing the Lightning port with a Type-C USB connector is something we didn’t expect.

Regardless of what kind of tech Apple crams into the iPhone 7, that charging port may be the most important component. Lots of folks weren’t thrilled about having to switch to the Lightning cables, and having to switch again or use another adapter could cause some angst amongst their fans. Either way, you can expect plenty of rumors as we’ve got a long ways to go before the iPhone 7 release hits the streets.

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