HTC One M10 Perfume rumored to arrive with top-tier specs


There are a couple of companies that need to put on a strong showing with their mobiles this year, and HTC is one of them. The HTC One M10 is set to be the company’s best flagship yet, and new details have come to light regarding its specifications and features.

It’s safe to say that HTC has a lot riding on the HTC One M10 release, and the device known as the “Perfume” has been leaking since the middle of last year. We’ve seen some wild rumors surround the handset, but as we get closer to its release, things are becoming a bit more clear. One of the more credible reports has rolled in from VentureBeat, where they have learned a few new details for the HTC One M10 release.

According to someone that went hands-on with the prototype, the HTC One M10 is set to sport a 5.1-inch QHD AMOLED display and a fingerprint scanner in the home button. As you might expect, it will get its power from a Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM while the storage capacity clocks in at 32GB.

In the camera department, you’re looking at a 12-UltraPixel rear camera with laser-assisted autofocus but nothing was mentioned in regards to the selfie snapper. One thing you won’t see on the HTC One M10 are BoomSound speakers as their source said the speakers weren’t present on the prototype.

If the HTC One M10 arrives with the features listed above, it will put it on par with every other flagship we’ll see this year. Unfortunately, many of the company’s fan would like to see a bit of a redesign as well, and there’s been no new information in that area. As it stands, we have a feeling it will come down to LG and HTC this year with the Galaxy S7 playing it safe, so it will be interesting to see which company pull out all the stops with their new flagship.

What would you like to see from the HTC One M10 release?

source: VentureBeat


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5 thoughts on “HTC One M10 Perfume rumored to arrive with top-tier specs”

  1. HTC always close to do the perfect phone….
    On HTC One M8 it was almost perfect, but it lacks resolution on the camera…
    Now on the M10 it will have QHD display, a nice camera, new design but it wont be perfect because it wont have BoomSound dual front stereo speakers… daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

  2. Skyler Enola says:

    Come on HTC! Boomsound stero front facing speakers is the iconic ONE (m at least..) signature and you just can’t skip that for a fingerprint button !!!!!!

  3. Fred Brown says:

    I’m very happy that brought back the ultra pixel camera, I wonder if it’s a dual sensor camera as well, that gave the images great depth on the m8. I’m annoyed they don’t have the boom sound speakers, that was one of HTC big trade marks and one thing many of their fans loved. I could care less about a finger print scanner, and honestly a finger print scanner is useless to have… if they wanted s finger print scanner they could have always put the speakers on the sides, or on the very top and bottom of the phone. I just hope the speaker in the m10 is better then the one in the A9. My biggest disappointment when I switched them the m8 to the A9 was the speakers volume, and the fact that the A9 cannot record or play in 60fps, and the video camera could not zoom on or out while recording. I have been waiting for the m10 to come out, I just really hope the rear 12 mp ultra pixel camera has a dual sensor like the m8, and I hope the front camera has a flash like the HTC eye does. I also hope the m10 an updated version of ZOE , which doesn’t limit videos recorded to 3 images like they did non the A9. On my m8 I could record a Zoe for 30 seconds and have an image every half second, but on my A9 if I record a Zoe it only gives me 3 images… I wish HTC would adopt their own video calling option in the phone… people may criticize HTC for their design , but they are obviously doing something right considering most phone company’s copy their innovation and design… I mean look at the iPhone, the iPhone keeps the same design for years and no-one says anything, not bro.mention the iPhone 6 and 6s has copied their whole design from HTC. The iPhone copied HTC’s long slender shape for easier one handed use, all.metal body, antenna bands, the iPhone even copied HTC’s Zoe camera which apple calls live photos, and the online copied HTC’s 5MP front camera, and apple copied htc’s uh-oh protection except apple charges money for their and HTC’s offers it for free, the list goes on… HTC is one of the only phone company’s who has their customers best interest at heart. They give you free insurance on your phone, expandable storage rather then charging more for more internal memory or trying to make money off cloud storage, and HTC is the only phone I have eve had that I never had per of performance issues with.

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