Samsung Galaxy Surfboard lets you stay connected on the waves


Whether you are in a theater, church or funeral… someone is probably going to have a smartphone out. It’s quite common these days regardless of the locale as plenty of folks like to stay connected. Samsung knows this, and the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard ensures you can stay in the loop even when you’re riding a wave.

Before you start throwing money at the screen or shaking your head in horror, you’ll want to know the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard isn’t necessarily something you can rush out and buy. The high-tech surfboard was created for Gabriel Medina by Samsung, and was shown doing some pretty neat tricks in a video posted by Samsung Brazil. When we say tricks, we don’t mean by Medina (that’s at 2:06 in the video), we’re talking about how the Samsung Surfboard allows you to stay connected.

samsung surfboard

We’re going to start by saying, the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard is one of the coolest looking gadgets we’ve seen from the company. It looks like a stealth surfboard out of a sci-fi flick and is pretty damned smart to boot. That said, the brains appear to come from a Galaxy-branded handset (surprise) which actually slides into the surfboard in an oversized SIM card tray of sorts.

According to the video, the Samsung Surfboard will allow you to get messages from landlubbers through text or social media (we assume) while also keeping you up to date with the current weather and wave conditions. The latter is obviously important and includes wind direction, height and the frequency of the waves.


As you might suspect, there has been no mention of a wide release for the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard, but it may be one of those devices you never knew you needed… until now. The “cool” factor is definitely there although we can’t imagine what something like this would cost if it actually goes to market.

via – SamMobile


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