Clash Royale update addresses balancing issues including the Hog Rider


A couple of days ago we talked about how Emotes in Clash Royale were here to stay. Now the developers have tipped their hand as to what the next Clash Royale update will entail, and if you had hoped for balancing issues, it may be your lucky day…. depending on how your deck looks.

One of the main issues with Clash Royale is the in-app purchase system and those damned treasure chests slots. While the upcoming Clash Royale update isn’t going to do anything about that, it will address another issue with the balance. Before you start screaming at your display, you’ll want to know that the Giants are safe, but it’s bad news if your deck is currently geared around the Hog Rider.

The upcoming Clash Royale update is going to take three cards down a notch, but boost several others so it’s a mixed bag. The Hog Rider is going to have its damage “decreased” by 6%, which is certainly going to draw a bit of fire while the lowly skeletons will also have their spawn number decreased from 4 down to 3. The Cannon will see its hitpoints decrease as well by 8% although the move is evened out somewhat as the Tesla’s HP increases by the same amount.

Now for the good news. The other horse warrior known as The Price will be stronger thanks to a 9% increase in damage while the lil’ P.E.K.K.A gets an 8% increase as well. The Mortar deploy time lowers to 4seconds and the X-Bow sees the same treatment while also having it’s HP increased by 18%. Yowza. The other major increase (for fairly regular cards) comes with The Witch who will be deadlier by 17% as of next week.

If you own a Lava Hound, you probably love it but there are certainly no fun to go up against. Well, it will be even tougher with a whopping 28% damage increase, which will make it just as deadly as the pups. Last but not least are the Furnace which gets a lifetime increase of 10 seconds and the Guards who have had the “push back” effect removed.

The new Clash Royal update is set to go live on June 21st, and we still have our fingers crossed it will do more than tweak the balance. Gamers got new cards with the last major update, and while there’s not been any mention of them for next week, it would definitely shake things up a bit again.

What would you like to see from the next Clash Royale update?



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