The BioRing aims to simplify Wellness Tracking


If you want to keep tabs on your fitness or wellness through high-tech means, there are no shortage of options available. Some can be quite complicated and require fancy add-ons, but we like things simple here at Phonesreview.co.uk. If you feel the same way, you may want to check out BioRing, which has launched on Indiegogo.

If you own a modern smartphone, it can probably keep tabs on your fitness to a degree. The addition of fingerprint scanners kicked things up a notch, but you still have to fiddle with your phone or manually input data. The BioRing has taken some of the extra steps out of the equation, and it’s geared to be an all-in-one solution to your wellness needs.

As mentioned, BioRing is simple as it’s a ring that you just need to slide on to your finger when you want to keep track of your health. The little ring can tackle several areas as well with steps and distance, stress levels, water levels, activity intensity, sleep levels, and your heart rate. Because that isn’t enough, it can also measure your calorie consumption along with your fat and protein intake. It does all that “automatically” as well through the magic of Bluetooth so there’s no need to go through any additional steps… unless they are on the treadmill.


The BioRing will work in conjunction with an app like most fitness trackers, but has a couple of cool extra features. It can vibrate if you get a notification from the app or phone itself and there will be an open API for developers to dig into. The ring is also going to be scratch resistant, waterproof, and is made from Ceramic Zirkonium. Throw in wireless charging and a thin flexible battery that will last up to 7 days, and you have just met one of the cooler fitness trackers around.

The minds behind the BioRing have a flexible goal set of $50,000 for their Indiegogo campaign, and there’s around a month left on the clock if you would like to show your support. At this time, there are still some ‘Early Bird’ spots open at $189, which is $110 bucks cheaper than it will be at retail.



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