Pokémon GO Plus accessory will be delayed until September


Last month before the Pokémon GO craze kicked off, we learned there would be an accessory called the Pokémon GO Plus. Hopefully, you got your pre-orders in as it looks like there will be a longer wait than anticipated for the Pokémon GO accessory.

Since people went bananas for Pokémon GO we have seen plenty of accessories related to the game. Some are 3D printables that require a bit of know-how while others can be bought, but are far from official. At the moment, Nintendo is the only company with an official product in the works with the Pokémon GO Plus bracelet, which was set to debut right about now. That isn’t going to happen, unfortunately…

As you can see, Nintendo cut to the chase with the Pokémon GO issue and we will have to wait until September to see the Pokémon GO Plus release. While one would assume it’s an issue with supply and demand due to the popularity of the game, Nintendo told TechRadar that it all comes down to the app itself. Apparently, the Pokémon GO update needed for the Plus accessory to work isn’t quite ready for primetime, thus the delay.

Today’s news of the Pokémon GO Plus release being delayed is a double-dose of bad news for gamers. While you don’t need the accessory, it is pretty damned cool and you can expect it to sell out quickly when it does get released. You can also expect secondary prices to skyrocket, as there have already been sales of over $100 on eBay for a gadget that hasn’t even hit the streets.



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