Clash Royale Update will allow for Emote Muting


We recently told you about possible Clash Royale deck changes coming with a new update, and it looks like something even better is in the cards. The September Clash Royale update is going to do away with a certain feature (to a degree), and we think gamers are going to be absolutely thrilled.

Whenever there is a Clash Royale update, it’s big news in the mobile gaming world. The game has staying power, and despite various Clash Royale hacks and the tough to win Clash Royale Tournament setup, the dev’s at Supercell have been great about keeping things fresh. One feature that gamers wanted to be changed was the Emote system, and as of the next Clash Royale update, gamers will have a choice.

Supercell is backtracking on their earlier statement that they would not remove Emotes or even give users a chance to mute them. That went over like a lead balloon, but things died down to a degree with the Clash Royale Tournament update. The developers announced today that you will be able to “Mute” your foes during a match, and while you won’t know what they are trying to say, you will still be able to see that they are trying to communicate.

While they weren’t specific on how that will work, that’s not all they have planned for the Emote. The company is working on ways to make emotes “feel collectible” which they hope will make folks see them in a more desirable light. There was no timetable given for that particular feature, but rest assured, it’s something we’ll see as they aren’t going to let the Emote’s die.

At the moment, there’s no word on when the next Clash Royale will arrive, but it should drop within the next few weeks. We assume there will be some balance tweaks as well, and while we aren’t holding our breath, it would be nice to get some new cards to freshen up our Clash Royale decks.

Are you ready for the next Clash Royale update to arrive with the Mute Emote feature?



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