Comcast set to enter the Mobile game in 2017


If you reside in the states, you are no doubt familiar with Comcast. They will soon be in even more homes, as the company has announced their intentions to enter the wild world of mobile carriers.

Certain companies get a lot of hate for various reasons online and off — Comcast is definitely one of them. From bandwidth caps to insanely high cable bills, the company is an entity to contend with in the cable world, and their reach is far longer than most folks know. Well, they are going to add another feather in their cap next year as Comcast is going to enter the mobile fray.

Comcast plans on entering the mobile space in the middle of next year., but no exact date was given. Details are vague, but they are said to leverage their Wi-Fi hotspots into the network and will lease airtime from Verizon. Their goal is (as expected) to offer up consumers one more product to tack on to their monthly bill, as they won’t market their services nationally, but to existing customers with cable or internet.

Whether this is a good move for consumer remains to be seen, but it’s certainly going to be one for Comcast. The company will add billions to its endless pile of money if their plans pan out, and you can bet the farm there will be a shiny new promo bundle introduced next year to kick things off. Considering Verizon and Comcast are two of the most expensive carriers of their product in the U.S., it will definitely be interesting to see how the pricing plays out.

Would you be interested in a plan from Verizon and Comcast if the price is right?

via – Wall Street Journal


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