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Driving a dogsled may not sound like the most exciting way to go for a mobile game, especially one not in the racing category of the app store. Sometimes great things come in weird packages, and that’s a good thing with Dog Sled Saga.

There are a lot of directions you can go with management games… ask any Kairosoft fan. Dog Sledding is probably one of the last things to come to mind for this particular genre, but we’re pleased to say the dev’s pulled it off with Dog Sled Saga. It’s part management sim, part mini-game, and has some very nice retro graphics to boot.


Keeping away from spoilers, there is a story in Dog Sled Saga involving Mount St. Something, but you will spend the majority of your time alternating between racing and managing. We’re going to start with the racing aspect, which basically consists of feeding your dogs to keep them moving, and untangling them as needed. You will also have to jump on occasion, but that’s simple enough. Keeping your team fed… not so easy.


Whenever a member of your pack starts huffing and puffing, you’ll have to toss them some meat to keep them rolling. You do this through a drag and fire style system, which is easy to pull off at first. Mother Nature isn’t so nice, so you will have to deal with wind and various obstacles which can alter your trajectory. It may not sound like a big deal, but you won’t think that when your lead dog starts limping or your wheel dog drags behind.

Any money you earn on the track is spent to upgrade your team, which is also where the management comes into play. Between races you have to decide when to train, when to rest or if you want to skip the next event. It’s a fine balance that can take some time to figure out, but the process is painless and quick. Speaking of quick… the Quick Errands section is where the action is on the sim side, and there is plenty to do.


From Dog Sled Saga’s Quick Errands screen you can hire, manage or breed dogs. You can also expand your kennel when you get enough cash or customize or sled and dogs. Staff will play in important role in things after level 3, as will league expenses although you can alleviate some of that burden with sponsorships. Again, there is quite a bit to do as long as you’ve got enough coin to do it. In addition to the Errands section, you have a Journal full of helpful information including tips from good old Raleigh.

dog sled saga

The name of the game is Dog Sled Saga, so now we’re going to take a look at the dogs. While we have no idea how many there are in all, the breeds varied from Retrievers and Huskies to Shi-Poo’s and Schnauzers. The dogs have personality traits, which is something to keep in mind once you start breeding. You can customize each dog to a degree and their skills can be leveled up as well.

Dog Sled Saga was a Kickstarter baby that made good and is now available for all to enjoy. Enjoy it you will if simulation games are your cup of tea, especially ones with pixely graphics. The management system is deep, the art is excellent and you grow rather fond of your pack as you play along. That was the case for me anyway, as it got my attention quickly when a favorite became very unhappy or sick. We highly recommend this one, and you can get it for $3.99 on Google Play or the App Store.


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