Hulu 4K content now available for streaming through select devices


Consumers with new 4K TV sets are looking for content this week following those Black Friday sales. Hulu 4K content became available over the weekend to a degree which is great news considering the lack of material available. That said, we hope you like James Bond…

4K media and HDR is still in its infancy. Sure, you’ve heard the buzzwords for years, but actual 4K movies are difficult to find streaming. Hulu 4K content was nonexistent until last week when the company finally unveiled their arsenal of 4K TV shows and movies. While there is a surprising amount to choose from out of the gate, your options are going to be limited just like they are with Netflix 4K.

As for being locked down, Hulu 4K content can only be consumed one of two ways at the moment. If you own the new Xbox One S or the PlayStation 4 Pro you will be good to go. Anything else, you are out of luck but that’s to be expected considering most 4K sets either need a streaming box/console for content or provide their own apps through the set. Netflix is the only app that lets you do both across multiple platforms while Amazon requires you to own their tech or certain TVs.

In terms of content, as mentioned the Hulu 4K streaming selection is going to include Bond. Not the Daniel Craig Bond, but the classic Bonds as there are a whopping 20 films available for free in 4K. That’s more than Netflix by a large margin and we assume more than Amazon but we can’t access their services to check. Several of their original series are listed as well with Chance, The Path and the amazing 11.22.63. Those 50s colors look great in 4K. Their new show Shut Eye will premier in 4K as well on December 7th.

As someone who streams 4K content on the regular, it’s great to see Hulu finally make the jump. Hulu 4K streaming content doesn’t require an additional plan like Netflix (at the moment) but they currently also don’t have HDR or Dolby Vision titles. We expect that to change soon as there should be more 4K content available across the board in 2017.



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