Uber Snapchat filter offers up a new type of destination


Uber and Snapchat are two of the more popular apps on either side of the OS isle. They are also two things apps we normally don’t associate with each other aside from the social aspect. New Uber Snapchat filters have brought the two companies together to form an odd, but interesting partnership.

Uber is a fairly straightforward concept as is Snapchat. The new team-up will allow those two companies to join forces in a unique way, and yes… filters are included. A new Uber update will allow folks to mark one of their friends from their contacts as an actual destination on the map. While it may give some folks a big head that they are their own stop, it will be handy if you’re looking to meet up with someone.

The new feature lets you ask for the static location of a contact, and it’s said to be a one-time thing so no worries there. Once you are setup, the app can share your ETA with your contact along with updates. That’s also where the Uber Snapchat filters come into play as those boring messages are going to have a bit more flair from here on out. Some of the new filters include ETA filters and a “Mystery” filter if you want to keep them surprised.

While the new Uber Snapchat filters may seem goofy and like an obvious tie-in (it is), it also makes plenty of sense. If you are already taking Uber to head out to meet friends, why not use Snapchat to keep in touch along the way? Considering the popularity of Snapchat and Uber, these new features could prove to be quite popular.


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