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Venmo app works on iOS, Android, even on Windows Phone. It also has a dedicated website as well. It is a simple and fun way to send and receive money between friends. Whether you’re splitting a lunch bill, movie tickets, or the cost of an air fare, Venmo removes the awkward talks over who owes what.

This app is easy to use. It allows users to send and receive cash effortlessly. Just send or request your payment with a message, then comment on and like all your favorite splitting moments. It’s very useful, and at the same time ubiquitous.

Venmo App Review

I’ve been using this venmo app for months on my iPhone 6S with no difficulties. You just have to create an account, then flesh out your profile with information such as credit or debit card details. Then you can connect with your friends who are already on the platform. The app will link you directly to a bank account, to authenticate yourself on the platform. Entering more vital information raises the amount of money you can send or receive at once, from a $200 weekly cap to $3,000. This falls behind Google Wallet’s $5,000 daily limit, but should still be enough for most users.

However, you cannot circumvent the 3 percent fee on funds taken from your credit card or a non-major debit card. I know, losing money is never fun. And if you arelooking to exchange money with businesses, rather than with your friends, you will need to download an NFC-payment app like Android Pay or Apple Pay. The Venmo lacks tap-and-pay functionality because it’s not the main purpose of the app.

To help you send and receive cash from your friends, the app first needs to know who your friends are. Venmo app analyzes your phone’s contact list to find Venmo users. You can also invite your friends to try out the service. These two methods work just fine, but the app prefers to import your Facebook profile to generate a potential friends list. It also gives you the option to share your transactions on Facebook for your friends to see. Transactions are visible by default, but it’s easy to restrict these information to “participants only.”


Venmo app is really a reliable wallet app. Its clear focus and strong execution make it one of the best overall mobile-payment systems out there in the market today. Cash is king, but it sure would be nice to have an app like Venmo for ruling my cash. Money is somewhat dirty, credit cards are predatory. This is why no one wants solving mathetimatical equations, and writing on a check is as antiquated as writing cursive. Venmo app solves all of these problems.

Download Venmo app to try it out [iOS/Google Play]

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