Top 4 Repairing Tips & Tricks for Apple iPhone


Presently, iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones with the best applications and features. However, there are a lot of hidden features, which you might not have seen or discovered yet. Let’s have a look at the features and tricks, which can make it easier for you to use the iPhone. This will make it easier for you to repair your iPhone yourself, without checking any iPhone repairs Brisbane has to offer you with.

Top 4 Repairing Tips & Tricks for Apple iPhone

#1: Create Custom Messages for Unreceived Calls

We all have a time when we cannot accept calls for some reason. Be it because we are busy, or because we can’t speak , or some other reasons. So, if you are planning to disconnect a call without receiving it, make sure that you have an automated message sent out to the caller. Or else, you can also use the answering machine, so that the person can leave his/her message, especially if it is urgent.

With iPhone, you get three pre-written templates which are ‘Sorry, can’t talk now’, ‘Can I call you later’, and ‘I’m on my way’.  However, based on your requirement, you can also modify or add in more templates. In order to do that, you need to go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Phone’ and choose the ‘Respond with Text’ option.

#2: Save Battery

Sometimes, you need to make sure that your phone lasts longer without any extra charge for hours. So, all you need to do is choose the power saving option for your iPhone. One of the basic features of this low power option is that the important features of the phone are not switched off. However, certain features like the push notification, fetching of mail, Hello Siri and app background refresh is turned off.  Also, the screen is turned off after a certain period of inactivity to save battery.

#3: Customize Auto Correct

Well, the auto correct feature while using an iPhone has embarrassed us all. This is because the QuickTime keyboard of iOS is intuitive and picks up whatever you have typed in the recent past, and uses that to guess your next word. This can be quite irritating at times, but you can also use it for modifying your own texts. For example, with the help of this auto correct feature, you can change ‘Plz’ to ‘please’, or ‘OMG’ to ‘oh my god’ and so on. So, how do you change that? Simple, just go to ‘Settings’ then ‘General’, and then scroll down and tap the keyboard. Once you have the word you need, then select ‘Text replacement’. You can see what text replacements are currently in place, and you can also change them as per your requirement.

#4: Stop Music With A Timer

Do you often fall asleep while listening to music? Do you forget to switch off your phone or the music player? If the answer is yes to any of the questions, then you would need the timer function to stop your music player. Although it is hidden, yet you can find it easily if you follow the steps given below.

First, you need to go the clock app, and the tap on the ‘Timer’ option at the bottom right screen.  You can also access this from the ‘Control Center’.  Now, once you have found the ‘Timer’ configure it properly. Choose how long you want, and then choose the option ‘When Timer Ends’, and then scroll down the menu to the option ‘Stop Playing’.

So, now that you know about these cool tricks to make your iPhone more interesting, it is time to get started. Do you have any hidden tricks to make sure that your iPhone listens to you? Let us know!

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