The Benefits of Sim Only Phone Contracts


The phones started as a luxury for the rich but with the arrival of smartphones, they have become a necessity for the modern man as well as sim only phone contracts. While everything around seems to be getting cheaper, a smartphone is still making an average man pay more. Along with this, phone networks also charge a hefty amount for their services.

In order to make it budget-friendly, many contracts and deals are introduced. Customers can choose from a variety of deals and opt according to their liking. But, many of these deals actually cause you to pay more than you should. There are basically 2 major types of contracts. Phone contracts and sim-only contracts. In the phone contracts, a person buys a phone along with a sim package, and he pays for both of them under either 12 or 24-month payment plans.

But the better contract in which you can have more services by paying less are sim-only phone contracts. In this contract, you buy a handset by paying the complete payment and then including internet data, call minutes and text messages in a 4g or 3g sim. Below are the reasons why a sim-only phone contract is the best contract out there.

Benefits of Sim Only Phone Contracts

  1. Affordability 

Sim-only contracts are always more economical than other phone contracts. Buying a phone and sim on installments ultimately makes you pay more for the phone and the network services. According to an estimate, an average person spends 90 pounds more on a phone contract.

The basic reason for phone contracts being more expensive is, the network providers determine the price of monthly payments according to the smartphone we have selected. A part of our monthly installment to the network includes the payment for the smartphone, while the rest go in paying for the network services. When you opt for a sim-only contract, the smartphone is taken out altogether from the installments and ultimately you pay less.

  1. More Freedom

In a phone contract, the buyer is bound until the end of it. The buyer can’t use another network or change his phone. A phone contract is usually of 12 to 24 months. So, once a person commits to one of the two installment durations, he can’t be changing his mind.

On the other hand, a sim-only contract is very flexible. You can choose from one month to 24-month plans. And even if you’ve chosen a 24-month plan, you can always go for any other contract before the end of it.

  1. Own Your Phone 

When you buy a phone on contract, you don’t actually own it until the end of your contract. You can’t switch to any other phone or just sell this one. Let’s say you had your eyes on an upcoming smartphone which just recently launched, but you can’t buy it just now because you’re tied to those installments of your existing phone. A sim-only phone gives you the freedom to buy any phone, anytime you want.

  1. Easier Access to Deals

Final Thoughts

A sim-only phone, simply put, gives you more options. If you don’t need your current deal of extra call minutes but require more internet megabits while you share data via a network, you can always change your deal quite easily. You never have to stay with a useless deal that only eats out your money.

This thing is relatively more complex and costs you a lot of money on a phone contract. It is quite stressed free and simpler to search for better sim-only deals because you don’t have to consider the smartphone’s cost in every deal.

Make smart choices at how you should buy a new smartphone, and what deals you should consider as they can save you some money as well as peace of mind.

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