Top 4 Social Media and SEO Marketers to Follow in 2017


When it comes to analyzing social media marketing, keeping up with its forever changing rules can be quite challenging. To gain the targeted audience and make maximized revenue, it is essential to understand the digital innovation. And to do so, following and interacting with some of the highly renowned social media and SEO marketers is an important step that you must consider.

With billions of users on different social media platforms, choosing the right media influencer can be tricky. But this task can be easier if you have the right list to follow. Here we bring you the list of top Social Media and SEO marketers to follow in 2017 that will help you to reach the online success you have always wished for.

Social Media and SEO Marketers to Follow in 2017

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is not a new name for social media. This 20 years old fellow has done wonders that have made him a potential social media influencer. Jake has over 17 million followers on his social media platforms. And that’s because he knows the key to social media marketing.

He started his career in 2013 by posting videos on Vine. Today, he is all over the internet with around 4 billion views altogether. He has used social media in ways that have not only made him famous but also brought him great fortune.

From making funny videos on YouTube, Jake has now paved his way towards acting and is now known for his role of Dirk on the Disney Channel’s series Bizaardvark.  He has also founded TeamDom, which is an online organization that helps people to expand their online social presence. Backed up by investors like Gary Vaynerchuk and Shots Studios, TeamDom is an excellent option to get the social boost you are looking for. Follow Jake Paul on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to know more about how to improve your social media content.

One of the most important reasons for Jake’s constant success is the number of followers he has on various social networking sites. However, gaining a lot of followers takes an immense amount of time and patience but not if you have the right information. Vibbi.com is the new trend in the market. It helps you gain followers on Instagram fast, and at a very reasonable rate, which can expand the reach for your product, hence generating more revenue.

Neil Patel

In order to be a successful marketer, ‘experience’ is a must. Every time you look up on the internet for social influencers, make sure they have been in the business for a decent amount of time. Neil Patel is one of those marketers, who know how to shape ideas for a larger audience. From the age of 16, Neil has used creative SEO techniques to help companies expand, making them earn millions of dollars online.

Neil has his sources all over the place – from books, tech companies, newspapers to bloggers. Along with that, Neil is also the co-founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, and ACS. His work has been appreciated on most global and respectable platforms, making him an ideal social media and SEO influencer. Following Neil on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts can provide you a deeper insight on how to move up your social traffic chart.

Danny Sullivan

Search Engine Optimization is one of the major steps in driving online traffic. But if you are new to the online world, understanding SEO details can be quite a hassle for you. Here is where SEO experts like Danny Sullivan can assist you. Danny has been in the online marketing industry for the past two decades. His experience makes him a reliable choice as an SEO marketer. Besides being the editor for three publications, named as Marketing Land, Search Engine Land, and MarTech, Danny has run some of the most successful conferences on SEO marketing and development. Following him on Twitter can help you to improve your SEO and social media marketing skills.


Shaun McBride, most commonly known as Shonduras, is a name that needs no introduction, especially if you are an active Snapchat user. Shouduras got famous after sending his sisters some very creative snaps, where he had doodled different things on people. Since then Shonduras has been stealing a lot of attention for his artistic creation.

Known for his creative Snapchat stories, Shonduras is now officially working for Snapchat and is even in collaboration with Disney for some future projects. The Snapchat doodling has made him one of the most influential social media marketers. He has initiated a lot of things including branded content, selling merchandise, etc. all through Snapchat’s affiliation. Connecting him on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help you to find out more about social media marketing, leading you to an expanded online success for your brand name.

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