Common LG G7 problems and how to fix them


So, you made the jump to the local store and got a nice LG G7 to complement your pocket? Well, first congratulation! – you made a great choice for a smartphone. The LG G7 has powerful hardware, excellent cameras and a good-looking design. And although it’s still new, prices have slowly started to drop a bit in certain markets, making it even more affordable for you. But, as any other new device, this one is also prone to both hardware and software problems. Many users have reported some more common problems, but there are also some that are specific to it. Let’s take a look at the most common LG G7 problems and potential fixes for them!

Backlight bleed

The first batch of LG G7 devices shipped had a backlight bleed on their display. Namely, that bleed is between the home and recent buttons, but it is not limited to that spot only. The backlight bleed was present even on the official demo when the device was announced. That is a bad thing, and unfortunately, there isn’t any easy fixes for it. If you’re the DIY type of person, you can open up the device and replace the display, but you’ll lose out on the warranty. Instead, simply return it and ask for a replacement. LG will take care of them, and the replacement won’t have any bleeds present.

Auto-brightness issue

Some users have reported that when the auto brightness feature doesn’t work properly sometimes. Namely, if you’re entering a very dark room, with the auto brightness being high before, it won’t go down. This is a software issue that was present even on the LG G6. To fix it, you can try to disable auto-brightness, set it manually down, and re-enable the feature again. In case that doesn’t work, a third-party app like Lux Auto Brightness should work much better, until LG pushes a fix with a software update.

Battery percentage missing on the status bar

On some devices, the battery percentage is missing from the status bar, even if it’s enabled in the settings. It only reappears when the status bar is pulled down, and it shouldn’t work that way. You can try to toggle the option in the settings (Off>On) to see if it fixes the problem. If not, some users reported that a factory reset does fix the problem. Remember to back up your data if you go for that though, as it will wipe it.

Problems that can only be fixed with an official update from LG

Android Auto has the most reports from users that it crashes often and freezes the device. The app will either not register a command or will freeze when it’s trying to complete it. Google Lens is also crashing when it’s launched from any place aside from the Assistant. These can only  be fixed with a software update from LG, so keep an eye for that.

So, there you have it. These were the most common LG G7 problems with potential fixes to them. Have you occurred any of them, or have new ones to report? Share them in the comments below.

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