10 New April 2012 Android apps worth installing

As with all mobile app stores they continue to grow and offer a multitude of diverse mobile application for you to download, and sometimes it is difficult to decide which new apps that have just become available to grab. So, if you are on the Android platform we thought we’d try to lend a little helping hand with that decision.

As such what we have for your consideration today is ten new Android mobile apps for April 2012 that we think might be worth installing on your Android device, and includes cloud, game, photo, health, and music.

So let us begin with the latest Android app to hit the mobile space, Google Drive for Android, an app that basically takes the place of Google Docs on your smartphone along with delivering the ability to store and share more than just documents, and allowing the user to keep everything and share everything and all by uploading files to Google Drive straight from your mobile device.

Google Drive offers 5GB of free storage with the option to buy more storage if required at a cost of a monthly fee of $2.49 for 25GB or $4.99 for 100GB, and delivers access to all your docs, videos, images and other files you store on Google Drive. The Google Drive app is a free download available from Google Play.

Next up we have the James May’s Science Stories app, which is a partnership between TV presenter James May and the London Science Museum, and uses augmented reality as James provides an overview of 10 exhibits from the Science Museum’s ‘Making the Modern World’ gallery.

The James May’s Stories app has been designed for a wide range of ages and enables the user to learn about such things as the world’s first X-Ray machine, the Model T Ford, the Rolls Royce Merlin engine and more, so if you would like to download the James May’s Stories app you can do so for a cost of £1.49 from Google Play.

The next Android app is for the Samsung fan and is the Samsung Mobile UNPACKED 2012 application, whereby the user can view info about the upcoming event at any time and learn about new Samsung product launches before others do.

The Samsung Mobile UNPACKED 2012 app enables the user to find the event schedule such as date, time, and place, transport info, watch the event live anywhere from the app, find detailed info on just launched Samsung gear, view press released for unveiled products during the event and more. For those that wish to keep up with what goes on a Samsung’s event you can download the app from Google Play for free.

Then we have the Neon Blaster app for Android, which is an Arkanoid-like brick breaking game with retro graphics and glow effects, with over 60 levels in the campaign mode and an unlimited arcade mode, with numerous bonus items and multiple brick types.

The Neon Blaster app also features particle effects, sound and vibration effects, intuitive smooth controls, and the ability to match your scores against others on the global leaderboard. The Neon Blaster game can be downloaded to your chosen Android device for free.

Next we have the 500px app, which happens to be the official Android app for 500px, and enables the user to showcase their photographic skills by creating slideshows along with browsing friends photos and your favourites, so you can discover the cutest moments of wildlife, striking portraits, and more.

The 500px app enables the user to filter via categories, perform a full search, view full size images, vote for photos, read and leave comments on photos, sign up and long in to a 500px account, view photo info and EXIF info and more. Again for those that wish to download the 500px app you can do so for free.

Or if you are health conscious how about the tawcon app for Android, an app that keeps an eye on your handset’s radiation levels, and lets you know when they spike, along with delivering tips on how to lower those radiation levels so you can live a healthier lifestyle.

The tawcon app enables the user to monitor their families radiation exposure as well as their own, track their usage and how much they are talking, whilst making sure they respond to tawcon alerts, and when you lower the radiation real time feedback lets you know your actions were effective. The tawcon app is again a free application available from Google Play.

Next up we have another game called Lair Defence: Dungeon, which is a strategic arcade tower defence game whereby your character has to attempt to stop humans from stealing dragon eggs and killing the dragons, with your enemies varying from armless peasants to the masters of magic and power druids.

The Lair Defence: Dungeon game features a fire dragon, poison dragon, spells that damage areas with fire rain, the ability to temporarily freeze all enemies, and raise a dragon from young through to adult and giant. The Lair Defence: Dungeon game can be downloaded from Google Play for free.

Next we have Shark Dash for Android, an addictive physics puzzler game that features Sharkee and several bath toys where you drag the shark by its tail to go after mischievous rubber ducks that have been playing pranks and teasing the sharks.

The Shark Dash app features 96 levels for you to work your way through with more coming, whilst visiting four environments from ancient Rome to distant Japan, with plenty of missions and the ability to unlock lots of achievements, and grabbing coins along the way to upgrade your sharks appearance. Shark Dash is available to purchase from Google Play at a cost of £0.69.

Then there is the eMusic app for Android, an easy to use music player with a unique way to explore, download and personalise music, the eMusic member can listen to eMusic radio, download music, save music for later and access account details via the app.

The eMusic app delivers song recommendations based on the users listening habits, the ability to search eMusic’s catalog, listen to track samples, create a tailored playlist, read stories about artists, and listen to MP3’s stored on your device via the app. The eMusic app can be yours for free from Google Play.

Last by not least we have the Columbia’s GPS PAL app, which is a GPS enables journalling app to log your memorable outdoor activity, enabling the user to track and store route, distance, pace, time, and evaluation, use images, videos and notes to set GPS tags at favourite spots, and rate and describe events.

The Columbia’s GPS PAL app also offers the ability to share your adventures via email and social networks, store data in the app and in your online account, auto-sync with the website, capture and create media, and create and save paths, trails and adventures for later reflection. The Columbia’s GPS PAL app is again a free download from Google Play.

So there you go, ten new Android apps for April 2012, are you using any of the above mobile apps on your Android device?


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