Best iPhone Chargers for 2021: Fast Chargers for iPhone 12


iPhone 12’s Fastest Chargers

Now that 2021 is here and a few weeks old, many people are getting to grips with the iPhone 12 they bought over the Holiday Season. If you are a lucky owner of a new Apple smartphone, you may be looking for a new charger. Below we will walk you through what makes a good iPhone charger and some examples that are available right now.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know about iPhone 12 charging is Apple does not supply a charger with the smartphone. Considering the new device costs anywhere from $699 (iPhone 12 Mini) to $1099 (iPhone 12 Pro Max), it’s amazing that customers do not get a charger.

Apple does supply a Lightning Cable, but no charging brick. The company argues this saves the environment, but still supplies pages long booklets that no-one reads. Give us back our charging bricks, Apple!

So, this means any iPhone 12 owner is going to need to buy a charger of some kind, or use one they already have. The good news is the new smartphone supports fast charging across the range, so you have a lot of choices when buying a new charger. Whether you want a plugged-in fast charger or a wireless charger, we have you covered with the recommendations below.

USB-C 20W Charger – AUKEY Swift 32W (Buy on Amazon)

Because the Lightning Cable supports fast charging, all you really need to get your phone charging is a power brick. Now, any power adapter that houses a USB connection to connect your Lightning Cable will do the trick. However, cheaper options will not provide fast charging. For those who want fast charging, you can pay $20 to get Apple’s official power brick, or save a few bucks and get the just as good (if not better) alternatives, such as the AUKEY Swift 32W.

Aukey Swift 32W

Sinjimoru iPhone Dock (Buy on Amazon)

Another non-wireless option that is fantastic if you don’t plan to use your iPhone 12 while it charges is a Lightning dock. This is essentially a small station that you connect the iPhone to, leaving it in a standing position. Again, Apple does its own slick version of this idea called the Lightning Dock, which looks great but costs a whopping $49. For something more wallet-friendly and equally adept at turning your iPhone 12 into a nightstand is the Sinjimoru iPhone Dock.

Sinjimoru iphone dock 2

Apple Official Option – MagSafe Charger (Buy on Amazon)

One of the biggest changes to the new iPhone 12 compared to older iPhone models is the introduction of MagSafe. This is essentially a ring of magnets on the back of the device that allows Apple to build an ecosystem of connectable peripherals. One of those accessories is the MagSafe Charger, which brings official wireless fast charging to the iPhone 12 with 15W potential. It’s worth noting just about any wireless charging station will work with the iPhone 12, including more affordable options and products from powerhouses like AUKEY and Anker.

Magsafe Charger

Belkin 3-in-1 (Buy on Amazon)

For many iPhone owners, the smartphone is just one part of a device ecosystem. Most will also have a smartwatch and wireless earbuds, whether it’s the Apple Watch and AirPods 2 or other alternatives. Having a wireless charger that will handle charging all these devices at once could be an important addition to your tech arsenal. Belkin is doing some of the best multi-device chargers in the business, and this 3-in-1 option provides plenty of charging power to live up to its admittedly hefty price.

Belkin 3-1 charger