5 Cutest Phone Cases for iPhones, LG, and Android Smartphones


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5 Cute Phone Cases

When you spend around 1000 bucks buying the latest iPhone or Android flagship smartphone, you want to protect your beloved device. Nothing sucks more than seeing your phone drop and the screen crack… it seems to happen in slow motion! That’s why it’s a good idea to buy a smartphone case for your new iPhone or LG.

The problem is most iPhone cases are all function and no style. They remove the beauty of the smartphone and replace it with a dull case. You probably want to splash your own individual style on your device and need a case to reflect what you’re all about.

Luckily, there are tons of cute iPhone and Android cases available.

Sonix x Care Bears Care-a-Lot Case (iPhone)

Carebear iPhone case

Sonix x has a whole range of TPU cases, but the Care Bears Care-a-Lot case is the hardest to ignore. It screams cute with its colorful design featuring the Care Beas. Whenever you look at your phone, you will see the bears sending you wave after wave of love! Show off your caring nature and protect your phone at the same time!

Dzxouui for LG K92 5G (Android)

Dzxouui LG Case

While the Dzxouui case linked above is specifically for the LG K92 5G, the same case is also available for other Android smartphones. Charmingly colored in teal and purple, this bold and bright TPU case exudes cuteness with its sprinkled love heart design and sparkling finish. Definitely one of the prettiest cases around.

Maycari Dinosaur Case (iPhone)

Dino iPhone case

Dinosaurs can go a few ways. They can be exciting, dangerous, and scary. Did you know they could also be cute and bring out all your “awwww’s?” Maycari’s dinosaur case does just that with its little cartoon dinos dotted around the case. Elsewhere this case is admittedly plain, but those green dinosaurs just steal the show.

Befosson Cute Cartoon Cat Case (Android)

Cute Cat LG Case

Another LG case that you will also find for other Android devices, is what’s known as a 3D case. This means it acts like a regular case in protecting your phone but has aesthetic elements that protrude from it. Annoying for your pocket, but still unbearably cute when it comes to this kitty cat case.

Japanese Anime Manga Comic Case (iPhone)

Pokemon iPhone Case

Here is a case that will bring out the Pokemon anime lover in all of you. This delightful Pokemon-themed case includes all of the favorites from Pikachu to Charmander to even Psyduck. Whether you are planning your next Pokemon Go raid or just want to be the envy of all your workmates, this Pokemon-themed iPhone case is for you.