5 Coolest Phones Cases for iPhones and Android Smartphones


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5 Cool Phone Cases

There’s no denying that many smartphones are just cool. Manufacturers have become excellent at creating devices that look slick, expensive, and well-made. When you hold the newest iPhone 12 or the latest Android flagship, there’s no escaping that cool factor. So, what do you do about it? Well, you slap a $20 black case on it and instantly take that phone from hero to zero.

Cases are excellent at protecting your smartphone from drops, but they are also amazing at making your $1000 dollar device unbearably uncool. You have two choices, don’t use a case and risk the disaster of a cracked screen if you drop your handset, or simply get a cool case.

That’s right, you’re iPhone or Android case does not need to be another shade of boring or a design of dullness! There are plenty of cool cases out there, you just need to know where to look. Luckily, I have found some for you:

Gameboy Case (iPhone)

Gameboy iPhone case

Hands up if you are old enough to remember Nintendo’s Gameboy? I am and back in the 90s, I would play this handheld console constantly. By today’s standards, the Gameboy is very tame, and gamers would laugh at it, but there’s no doubt the device has retained its retro-cool. This case mimics the console, including physical buttons. Here’s the kicker, it also has 36 real games on it for you to play! How cool is that?

Disney Collection Mickey Mouse Case  (iPhone)

Mickey Phone case

Sometimes cool is defined by the characters we love, and who is cooler than the one and only Mickey Mouse. That’s where this Disney Collection case fits. Not only does it have an elegant Disney look, but it also comes with a unique Mickey clip that can be attached to a wristlet or to a bag. 

TNCYOLL Cassette Case (iPhone)

Cassette iPhone case

Another nostalgia kick here, this case looks exactly like a cassette tape. For younger readers, this is how we used to listen to our music folks. Whatever happened to the mixed tape? I guess it’s just a Spotify playlist these days. Digressing aside, this Cassette case literally looks like a real cassette and when your iPhone is on a table you may really be confused by the case.

Sunshine Tech R2D2 Case (Android)

r2d2 phone case

Is Star Wars cool this week? The opinion on the saga changes so much I can never tell. What never really changes is everyone loves R2D2. That little droid is always cool! So, when you put the beeping and booping robot on a phone case, it’s undeniably a winning look. It’s worth noting there are plenty of R2D2 cases out there, but this Sunshine Tech example is good because it is also properly protective.

uColor Japanese Wave Case (iPhone and Android)

Great Wave phone case

The Great Wave off Kanagawa is a stunning work of art by Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. Indicative of the late Edo period, this print is obviously a classic, but it also happens to be just oh so cool. Art used on a smartphone case is an easy way to add the cool factor to your case, but this takes it up a notch. Yes, it’s just a case with The Great Wave off Kanagawa on it, but that’s enough.