Best Smartphone Gadget Gift Ideas: Cool Phone Accessories


Top Phone Gadget Gift Ideas

As we emerge from the other side of the Holiday Season and the awful year that was 2020, many people are looking to 2021 with a shiny new smartphone in their hands. Over the holidays, millions received new smartphones as gifts or bought one for themselves. From top-of-the-line handsets like the iPhone 12 to more modest devices.

You may be wondering how you can make your new smartphone even cooler. One way is by embracing the world of cell phone gadgets. Because of the popularity of mobile phones, a whole industry of peripherals has grown and there is so much cool stuff you can get to make your device even better.

Below we will open the doors to some of the best cool phone gadgets. Whether you are looking for cell phone gift ideas or just want to add to your own device with a phone gadget, we have something for everyone:

iRoller Screen Cleaner (Buy on Amazon)

Modern smartphones are beautiful, especially at the high-end where customers expect handsets to look premium. This often means a manufacturer like Apple or Samsung will choose to use glass as the defining material on their products. Aside from being scary for those who drop their devices a lot, glass is also a fingerprint magnet. No-doubt you spend a lot of time cleaning your phone, especially the screen. The iRoller is an ingenious screen cleaner that allows you to clean the glass panels quickly and safely on your handset.

iRoller Screen Cleaner

OFIYAA Cellphone Cooler, Mobile Game Portable Cooler (Buy on Amazon)

Smartphones are essentially minicomputers that you carry in your hands. They do a lot of processing, such as browsing, playing media, taking photos, and simply running. On a PC, manufacturers can use a large fan to keep the device cool, but smartphones don’t have the size for that luxury. Smartphones run hot, even flagship modern ones, so one of the best phone gadgets is the Cellphone Cooler. This is a portable fan that clips to the device and runs through a USB connection, keeping the smartphone cool.

OFIYAA Cellphone Cooler

Pivo Pod (Buy on Amazon)

Smartphone cameras are good enough these days that movies have been shot on them. Certainly, they have sent the point and shoot camera to near extinction. While not DSLR quality, flagship smartphone cameras are amazing and for most people all the camera they will ever need. If you want to take your smartphone photography or videography to the next level, the Pivo Pod can help. It provides a hands-free 360-degree motorized viewing station for your smartphone.

Pivo Pod

Razer Kishi Game Controller (Buy on Amazon)

Mobile phones are a bona fide gaming platform these days. Near console-like quality and even console games (albeit classics) are now available. More importantly, for casual users, mobile is all the gaming they will ever do. Still, having the tactile feel of a controller beats the touchscreen controls every time. I like the separate controllers that connect to a smartphone, but they are not portable at all. That’s where the Razer Kishi excels. It sits on either side of the smartphone in landscape mode, is an excellent and responsive controller, and connects into a small package that is portable.

Razer Kishi Game Controller

PowerUp 4.0 (Buy on Amazon)

Sometimes the best phone accessories gifts are just fun toys that show the versatility of smartphone technology. PowerUp 4.0 falls nicely into this category as a cool cell phone gadget. It is a radio-controlled (RC) paper plane computer that you can attach to a paper or cardboard plane. The pack includes instructions for folding a paper plane and the computer has features such as autopilot. There is even a wind stabilization module to make it easier to control the plane remotely with your smartphone.

PowerUp 4.0